19 Home Remedies For Sun Poisoning Rash & Blisters On Lips & Face

Sun poisoning also has another name as sunburn. It does not really mean that you have been dangerously poisoned by the sun. However, if your sunburn symptoms are associated with secondary effects that seem more severe, such as a rash, blisters or fever, then you may suffer from sun poisoning. To put in simple words, sun poisoning is just a layman’s term used for cases with severe sunburn.

If you have trouble with sun poisoning, understanding sun poisoning is very crucial for knowing how to treat and prevent it. Fortunately, the following article will show you basic information about this condition and uncover natural home remedies for sun poisoning. Let’s check out!

What Is Sun Poisoning?

Sun poisoning is also called sunburn, which is an inflammation caused by ultraviolet radiation. Sunburn may be one of the conditions which most girls are so afraid in summer.

In fact, with sun poisoning, it may be not something that you will be diagnosed with if you visit a doctor’s office. Also known as polymorphic light eruption, sun poisoning can happen in various forms depending on your own sensitivity to the sun. This condition is not like a mild case of sunburn, it requires medical treatment in order to prevent any possible complications.

What Are Common Causes And Risk Factors Of Sun Poisoning?

As mentioned above, sun poisoning is caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays when you are exposed to sun light. Actually, the term “sun poisoning” could be somehow misleading because it presumes the sufferer are poisoned due to sun exposure. However, this condition could occur from being exposed to the sun for a too long period of time, not properly wearing sunscreen and even forgetting to use extra protective methods in case you are more likely to get sunburn than usual.

The causes as well as risk factors of sun poisoning include:

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  • Having fair skin
  • Taking antibiotics
  • Having family members or relatives with skin cancer
  • Taking oral contraceptives
  • Applying citrus oils before exposing to the sun
  • Using specific herbal treatments like St. John’s Wort
  • Residing in the high altitudes like mountainous regions
  • Regularly visiting the beach without protection
  • Taking part in regular activities related to snow during the winter
  • Using alpha hydroxyl acids like chemical peels

What Are Symptoms Of Sun Poisoning?

It is shown that with only 15 minutes under the sun, you may be sunburned. However, it usually does not appear instantly or even a few initial hours after exposure.

Here are some common symptoms of sun poisoning that you can easily realized.

If you are annoyed at your sun poisoning now, it is time for you to look through our article “19 Natural Home Remedies For Sun Poisoning Rash And Blisters On Lips And Face”. These simple home remedies for sun poisoning often do the trick. We are sure that it will be pretty useful for you. Take a look at TrueRemedies.com. However, keep in mind that you must go to see your doctor if your condition is severe.

Top 19 Effective Home Remedies For Sun Poisoning Rash & Blisters On Lips And Face

1. Moisturize The Skin

If you get sunburn, moisturizing your skin immediately is one of the first and simplest home remedies for sun poisoning that you should apply. After being exposed to sun light, you should have your skin moisturized right away. This method will help you to soothe itchy skin and other symptoms of sun poisoning. You can use Epsom salt for moisturizing your skin thanks to its magnesium. Magnesium possesses anti-inflammatory properties, helping you recover much faster by relieving sun poisoning’s symptoms [1].

We will provide you with some simple ways to moisturize your skin at home:

Method 1:

  • Prepare a bowl of cold water.
  • Dip a clean towel in the water.
  • Directly apply it on your affected skin area for about 20 minutes every day.

Method 2:

  • Take a clean towel.
  • Dip it in water.
  • Now, add a little bit Epsom salt on the towel.
  • Put it on your poisoned skin to cleanse the area.
2. Cold Milk

Applying cold milk is the next natural way for combating against severe sunburn. Why does it work? It is because milk works well to alleviate the discomfort caused by sunburn, such as soothing the burned areas, alleviating the inflammation. Your skin can be recovered, accordingly. According to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic as well as clinical research in dermatology at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York city, cold milk is an effective tip to relieve sun burn as cold temperature will pull away the heat from the affected site and ease inflammation by naturally shrinking swollen cells.

Moreover, milk also has vitamin A and D, amino acid, fat, casein, proteins whey and lactic acid. Vitamins promote healing process whilst acetic acid can help remove dead skin cells, thereby improving the immunity and healing inflammation.

Here is the instruction for you:

  • Prepare a bowl of cold milk.
  • Dip a cotton towel in the milk.
  • Directly put it on your inflamed skin for 15 minutes.
  • Then, wash it off with clean water.
3. Aloe Vera
aloe vera

Aloe vera may be so familiar for treating skin problems, including inflammation, acnes, etc. It has such wonderful benefits because of its key gel which is called gooey translucent one. This gel consists of a great quantity of water, amino acids as well as vitamins, namely vitamin A, C, etc. All these help aloe vera to own a magic healing property.

Furthermore, this gel also owns an acemannan called carbohydrate, greatly contributing to remove toxics from your body. It is considered a magic ingredient for all problems related to the skin, hair and infection. That is the reason why it is commonly used to fight sun poisoning. It can soothe the inflamed skin thanks to its soothing power. In addition, the gel extracted from this plant is effective in alleviating the burning as well as itchy areas [2] [3].

The steps to use aloe vera for getting rid of sun poisoning are very easy:

Method 1:

  • Take an aloe vera leaf.
  • Use knife to let it open.
  • Extract its gel.
  • Then, apply the gel on your burned skin for half an hour.
  • Do this process before bedtime.

Method 2:

  • Take an aloe vera leaf.
  • Use knife to let it open.
  • Extract its gel.
  • Put the gel in a cup.
  • Add some mint extract to the cup.
  • Mix them well.
  • Apply the mixture on your affected skin for 15 minutes.
  • Apply this once every day.
4. Cucumber

Cucumber may be a delicious kind of fruits for most of us. It can be eaten without cooking, used in salads, which is very good for your health. It is not a favorite fruit among us but also an excellent solution to your sun poisoning now because it contains a high quantity of water which helps to make your inflamed skin hydrated and cool. Moreover, it owns its strong property to combat against inflammation, helping your skin to recover quickly. All the reasons above make cucumber become one of the other wonderful home remedies for sun poisoning that you can utilize. It can help to ease the rash as well as the redness due to sunburn thanks to its cooling power.

Here we suggest some of the ways to use cucumbers for eliminating sun poisoning:

Method 1:

  • Take an amount of sandalwood powder.
  • Pour it in a bowl.
  • Take a cucumber.
  • Wash it thoroughly.
  • Chop it in small pieces.
  • Put them in a blender.
  • Blend them.
  • Pour the grated one in the bowl.
  • Mix them well.
  • Apply the mixture on your inflamed skin.
  • Allow it to stay on for half an hour.
  • Do this once every day.

Method 2:

  • Take a cucumber.
  • Wash it carefully.
  • Then, chop it into small pieces.
  • Put them in a blender.
  • Mix the grated one with a cup of cold milk.
  • Apply the mixture on your burned areas.
5. Onion

Onion sounds too good to be true when it comes to home remedies for sun poisoning, but this common spice can do the trick to help you fight your sun poisoning because of their powerful effects on decreasing inflammation and keeping the skin cool.

Here is the guide for you to utilize this wonderful vegetable for sun poisoning:

  • Take some onions.
  • Cut them into slices.
  • Bruise them.
  • Put them on your inflamed areas.
6. Coconut

Do you know that coconut is proved to be one of the foods which are the best for our health on the world? This normal fruit brings excellent benefits for our health. Why I say so? It is because coconut contains the 3 best fats on the world, including capric acid, lauric acid and caprylic acid. It is the three fats that help coconut bring unique benefits to our health.

Firstly, it can be a good remedy for the persons suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Secondly, it can reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease. In addition, it can be a good ingredient for improving your digestive system as well as preventing from cancer. Another benefit is that it is so good for our skin. Unsurprisingly, it is a key and common ingredient in beauty industry. You may not be strange to cosmetics, shampoos and body washing cream made from coconut oil.

You can follow the guide below to get rid of sun poisoning:

Method 1:

Directly apply a small amount of coconut oil to your affected skin areas.

Method 2:

Pour coconut water on your inflamed skin.

7. Carrots

Another sun-fighting food is carrot. It has beta-carotene, which will be converted to vitamin A in the human body and has been linked to reduction of sunburn symptoms.

According to a study, participants consumed carrot juice every day for 12 weeks reported a decline of about 50% in terms of reddening in compared with those who did not.

Thus, you should consume several carrots daily. Also, cut them in sticks and consume them with guacamole, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids and assists you in decreasing the risk of sunburn and giving an even skin tone.

The beta-carotene is a phytonutrient having antioxidant properties, which are similar to the effect of lycopene. Also, it helps the human body produce melanin, helping protect skin from sunburn by absorbing the sunlight penetrating the skin. You can also add carrots to your smoothie or juice and have it with some fat to increase its absorption.

Nevertheless, you should not consume too much carrot otherwise your skin might turn orange. But don’t worry because this problem is not harmful and it will go away after you lower the dose.

8. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is among great home remedies for sun poisoning thanks to its rich content of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and ellagic acid. This fruit is really powerful in resisting cell damaged resulted from UVA and UVB rays. In accordance with a study conducted by researchers from the Texas A&M University, pomegranate can protect cells from damage as well as death after the exposure to UV rays.

You are advised to eat 2-3 pomegranates per week, either in the form of juice or in combination with yogurt.

9. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is a great solution among home remedies for sun poisoning. It works against dehydration so effectively thanks to the salt, curd, water and spices included in this delicious drink. Also, there is a payload of vitamins found in buttermilk. In reality, this milk is sourer than the normal milk yet has a lower pH level, which could be beneficial after sun poisoning because it helps speed up the recovery.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is regarded as one of the best home remedies for sun poisoning as it has powerful anti-inflammatory action which can help soothe and cool down your itchy and inflamed skin, thereby accelerating your recovery from severe sunburn [4].

All you need to do is:

  • Take 2 tablespoons of vinegar.
  • Pour it in a cup.
  • Add the same amount of fresh water.
  • Apply the mixture on your burned skin area.
  • Use a clean towel to dry the area.
  • Do this process a few times every day.
11. Mustard Oil

mustard oil

Mustard oil is extracted from mustard seeds. The plant is called “Brassica juncea” in scientific name. The oil is rich in fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6 which are so good for our health. More specifically, it can prevent from stomach cancers, heart disease, save yourself from cough and cold. Plus, mustard oil is also good to treat sun burn because of its strong ability to combat against inflammation and swelling. This oil can be considered as a natural sunscreen, protecting you from ultraviolet rays. It has numerous benefits to our skin. More specifically, it can get rid of dark spots, fight infection. In addition, it helps to eliminate rash and redness due to sun burn.

  • Take an amount of mustard oil.
  • Apply it on your burned skin.
  • Slightly massage for 20 minutes.
  • Apply this remedy for a few times every day.
12. Chamomile

If you are so worried about the sunburn you are suffering, you should not miss out chamomile. It is very easy to find it. As you know, chamomile is a natural remedy for a number of health problems, such as stomachache, skin problems, sunburn, etc. As to sun poisoning, this can greatly contribute to fight it effectively.

The guide on how to prepare chamomile to treat sunburn as below:

  • Pour some water in a pot.
  • Boil the water.
  • Put some flowers of chamomile in the pot.
  • Allow it to steep for 10 minutes.
  • Then, strain the mixture.
  • Use the mixture to apply on your inflamed skin area.
13. Green Tea

Green tea is not only a common kind of drink but also a wonderful remedy for a number of health issues, such as stomachache, headaches, and sun poisoning. This kind of tea contains a number of antioxidants and nutrients which are healthy for our health.

It is shown that green tea can inhibit sunburn as well as protect your skin from UV rays thanks to its antioxidant property.

There are some suggestions for you to utilize green tea for your sun poisoning effectively:

Method 1:

  • Take some fresh green tea leaves.
  • Wash them thoroughly.
  • Put them in a pot with some water.
  • Turn on the heat.
  • Boil the mixture for 5 minutes.
  • Strain the tea.
  • Allow the tea to cool down naturally.
  • Divide the tea into 2.
  • Sip the ½ tea step by step all day.
  • At the same time, use a clean cotton ball to dip in the remaining ½ tea.
  • Directly apply it in your burned skin areas.
  • Apply this remedy once every day.

Method 2:

  • Take a bag of green tea.
  • Put it in a bowl filled with boiling water.
  • Steep it for 10 minutes.
  • Strain the tea.
  • Add an amount of mint tea to it.
  • Divide the tea into 2.
  • Sip the ½ tea all day.
  • Use a cotton ball to apply the tea on your inflamed skin.
  • Do this process once every day.
14. Baking Soda

Baking soda is also listed as one of the excellent home remedies for sun poisoning rash and blisters. If your skin is affected by sun light, the balance of pH level of your skin will be lost. In such case, baking soda works so well to restore the level again. Furthermore, baking soda contains bicarbonate which is effective in soothing the inflammation of the skin, alleviating itchy skin areas. Plus, baking soda can reduce the burning for your skin [5].

Here are simple steps for you:

Method 1:

  • Take ½ cup of baking soda.
  • Pour it in a tub.
  • Add full of warm water in the tub.
  • Stir the mixture well.
  • Then, soak yourselves in the tub for half an hour.
  • Do this process once daily.

Method 2:

  • Add ½ cup of baking soda powder.
  • Put it in a bowl.
  • Then, add a sufficient amount of cool water.
  • Mix them well to form a thick paste.
  • Directly apply the paste on your affected areas.
  • Allow it to stay on for about 20 minutes.
  • Use cool water to wash it off.

Method 3:

  • Take a cup of baking soda powder.
  • Pour the powder in a tub.
  • Then, add 3 cups of ground oats to the tub.
  • Lastly, pour a cup of hot milk.
  • Stir them all well.
  • Soak yourselves in the mixture for 15 minutes.
  • Apply this process once every day.
15. Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most excellent and simplest home remedies for sun poisoning rash and blisters on lips and face because of its benefits and availability. It can be found at kitchen in most families easily. If you think that vinegar is sensitive to your burned skin because of its acidic and sour property, you are completely wrong. It will bring you surprising results after some days of using because it contains acetic acid which is a common component found in aspirins, helping to alleviate the painful and inflamed skin. As mentioned earlier, either white or apple cider vinegar is useful. More specifically, the acetic acid property in vinegar helps to alleviate as well as moisturize your inflamed skin, pushing up the healing process.

Vinegar can be used in some different ways of treating sunburn for you:

Method 1:

  • Pour vinegar in a spraying bottle.
  • Now, spay it on your affected skin 3 or 4 times every day.

Method 2:

  • Pour some vinegar in a bowl.
  • Use a clean cotton ball and dip it in the bowl.
  • Apply the ball on your affected skin.

Method 3:

  • Take a cup of white vinegar.
  • Pour the vinegar in a tub.
  • Fill the tub with cool water.
  • Soak yourselves in the water for half an hour.

Note: Avoid spraying vinegar to your eyes.

16. Lavender Oil

lavender oil

Lavender oil is not only a famous one for producing perfumes but also a key oil for reducing the discomfort caused by a number of health issues. This oil acts as a good solution to bug repellent, insomnia, anxiety and stress, annoying acnes on your face, etc. Besides, this oil is commonly used to treat sun poisoning because of its power to get rid of inflammation.

The way of using lavender oil for treating sun poisoning is very simple as below:

Method 1:

  • Take a teaspoon of lavender oil.
  • Prepare a bowl of some water.
  • Pour the oil in the bowl.
  • Mix them well.
  • Then, pour the mixture in the misting clean bottle.
  • Mist you inflamed skin.

Method 2:

  • Prepare a teaspoon of lavender oil.
  • Pour the oil in a cup.
  • Add the same amount of apple cider vinegar to the cup.
  • Then, mix with 4 tablespoon of the gel extracted from aloe vera leaves.
  • Cut 2 capsules of vitamin E in the mixture.
  • Mix them well.
  • Apply the mixture directly on your burning skin for reducing the inflammation.
17. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is suggested to be consumed every day. It is because oatmeal is one of the cereals containing a high quantity of nutrients and minerals. More specifically, it consists of beta-glucan called fiber, protein as well as fat. It also contains a number of minerals, including iron, magnesium, folate, etc. These are the reasons why eating this kind of grain helps to prevent a number of health issues, such as keeping cholesterol levels at a lower level, controlling blood sugar. Additionally, this cereal also works effectively in reducing your affected skin due to its strong soothing power [6].

Simply apply the process here, and you can get rid of your sunburn quickly:

Method 1:

  • Prepare some plain oatmeal.
  • Pour them in a pot filled with water.
  • Turn on the heat.
  • Cook to soften the grain.
  • Then, remove the heat.
  • Allow the soft grains to cool down naturally.
  • Now, apply the grains on your inflamed skin.
  • Allow it to stay on for 5 minutes.
  • Use cool water to wash it off.
  • Do this remedy once every day.

Method 2:

  • Take ½ cup of oatmeal.
  • Pour them in a blender.
  • Blend them to get the powder.
  • Put the powder in a pot.
  • Pour ¼ cup of milk.
  • At the same time, add some raw honey to the mixture.
  • Mix them well.
  • Directly apply the mixture on your affected skin.
  • Leave it to sit on for half an hour.
  • Wash it off with water.
18. Potatoes

If you find some potatoes available in your home, it is a good idea for you to utilize them for curing your sun poisoning. Using potatoes for sunburn and sun poisoning is very common around the world.

The steps to prepare them as a good remedy for sun poisoning is also simple:

Method 1:

  • Firstly, wash a potato thoroughly.
  • Remove their peel.
  • Grate it and get its extract.
  • Next, apply the extract to your inflamed skin area.
  • Allow it to sit on for 5 minutes.
  • Then, wash it off with clean water.
  • Do this method once every day.

Method 2:

  • Wash some potatoes.
  • Put them in a pot.
  • Add some water to the pot.
  • Boil it until it is soft.
  • Now, mash them.
  • Allow it to cool down naturally.
  • Directly apply it to your affected skin area.
  • Let it sit on for a few minutes.
  • Use clean water to wash it off.
  • Do this remedy once every day.
19. Honey

Honey is one of key ingredients in natural ways for skin care among women. It is considered as a good solution to all skin issues, such as wounds, infections, and sun poisoning thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory power as well as antioxidant. These property will give a hand in soothing the infected skin area [7].  As a bonus, the wound healing effect of honey also helps with treating blisters associated with sun poisoning [8].

Here are some ways of utilizing honey for treating your sun poisoning:

  • Take an amount of Manuka honey.
  • Directly apply the honey to your infected skin area.
  • Let it stay on for half an hour.
  • Then, wash it off with water.

Home Remedies For Sun Poisoning – Preventative Measures

It cannot be denying that prevention is much better than treatment in any case.

In this section, we will provide you some of the useful tips to avoid the effect of sun light, especially in summer.

  • Always remember to wear your heat and apply sun protective cream having the high SPF factor whenever you go out.
  • Get on the clothes having light color and having long-sleeves. This will help you to cover your body from the sun light better.
  • Drink sufficient amount of water every day.
  • Wear your sunglasses.
  • Try not to go outside at peak hours from 10 o’clock to 4 in the afternoon because you can get the higher risk of sun poisoning at that time.

So, this article above summarizes some of the most effective home remedies for sun poisoning. Have you chosen the suitable remedy for your affected skin among the remedies in our checklist of 19 home remedies for sun poisoning? You can easily apply these at home because of their simple steps. If there are any concerns about the remedies mentioned in our article of “19 Natural Home Remedies For Sun Poisoning Rash And Blisters On Lips And Face” presented in Home Remedies Category. Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments and ideas. We will try to give the feedback to you as soon as possible.

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