22 Easy Tips How To Stop Blushing So Much For No Reason Fast

It seems like you have no way to get rid of your blushing cheeks when facing you’re your crush, when someone tells a comedy story that is “banning children,” or when you make a mistake. It sounds like that, but it's not quite right either. Some people blush in social situations when they feel embarrassed. Someone blushes for unknown reasons, which leads to feelings of shame. There are even some people who are extremely afraid of blushing, also known as erythrophobia. If you feel blushed in normal social situations for no reason and want to find a solution for the problem, read our tips below. But to understand more clearly about your condition, don’t skip some helpful basics about it. .

What Is Blush?

Blush is a phenomenon in which the blood is concentrated on the face. Usually, this condition is caused due to anxiety in social communication. It causes the skin to become red and sometimes perspire. The face has more capillaries and blood vessels than other areas of the skin, so the phenomenon of blushing on the face is apparent. Blushing may not be due to any “social” cause. People often blush when they feel uncomfortable in social situations. However, some people blush not due to social causes. This type of blush is called idiopathic craniofacial erythema. There are even some people who are extremely afraid of blushing, also known as erythrophobia. People with this condition may need expert counseling to overcome the fear.

The mechanism of the blush is as follows: The blood vessels on the face diminished wide, causing the blood to flow to the cheeks more, thus creating a rosy. However, scientists still do not understand the purpose of this function. In fact, only teens are often blushed. Children who are too young and older people do not experience this condition.

“Blushing is the most extraordinary of all our emotional expressions,” said Charles Darwin, a well-known British naturalist. According to Ray Crozier, a professor at Cardiff University, the blush is a non-verbal apology in social communication. If you do something embarrassing or violate a social norm, a flushed face indicates that you have realized your mistake. The sympathetic nervous system works outside of human consciousness, so you cannot control it. Even people who can make themselves cry cannot make themselves blush [1] [2].

What Are Common Causes Of Blush?

Blush is a product of the sympathetic nervous system. It is related to adrenaline – emotional hormones. When you are in a state of stress or when you feel nervous, your body releases adrenaline. Adrenaline makes the blood vessels in your body relax, blood and oxygen are transported faster inside the body. More blood flowing through the veins on the face will cause your face to flush. Some people are more likely to blush than others.

Besides, some of the following factors may trigger a blush:

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  • Sunlight

This is the most common effect. Although everyone will has “red face” when exposed to sunlight, for people with blushes, this condition will be worse. Sunlight causes the body temperature to rise. Then, the blood vessels expand and blood flow to the face more, causing blush.

  • Spicy Foods

Spicy food may be the cause of your blush. Capsaicin, the key ingredient in spicy chili peppers, also makes your body react like it is in a hot environment. Then, blush is unavoidable.

  • Drinks Containing Caffeine

These drinks include tea, coffee and carbonated drinks. The caffeine in these drinks causes blush.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol, especially red wine, can make your skin flush.

  • Shame

For many, the most common reason for them to blush is that they become the center of attention. Being at the center of unwanted attention can cause a lot of people to blush.

  • Too Much Anxiety About This Situation

If you worry too much about your blushing, you will be more likely to blush. This is one of the common causes of blushing. You should try to focus on something – anything – rather than your own blush. The less you think about it, the less it will happen.

  • Stress

Stress is the main cause of blushing. Stress can cause a negative physical and mental response, and blushing is one of the most common reactions. Blush can also be a symptom of a bigger problem such as a form of general anxiety disorder, social phobia, or unreasonable fear of blushing.

  • Some Diseases

Blush can be caused by health problems. One of the most common examples is rosacea [3]. This is a type of skin disorder that causes redness and inflammation. Your doctor may provide specific treatments for this condition. Another common form of physical illness that causes blushing is menopause.

What Are Common Symptoms Of Blush?

Here are common symptoms of this condition:

  • The face can be pink or red
  • Ear can also experience the same situation
  • Having an itchy head
  • The body secretes a lot of sweat
  • Feeling very hot and tight
  • Want to get out of the current situation immediately
  • Feeling thirsty

You may experience other symptoms not mentioned. If you have any questions about the signs of the disease, please consult your doctor.

Who Is At High Risk Of Blush?

As we said above, blush is a very common condition. Young people who do not have much life experience often face this situation.You can control this problem by minimizing risk factors. Please see your doctor for more information.

When To See A Doctor?

In fact, blush does not endanger your life. You can see a doctor if the blush has serious effects on your life, work and social relationships. Besides, if you have any questions, please consult your doctor. Each person's condition is different, so please consult your doctor to select the most suitable option.

Above is the information you should know about blush. To overcome this, especially in some important situations, you can apply the tips on how to stop blushing for no reason naturally. Take a look at TrueRemedies.com!

Top 22 Effective Tips On How To Stop Blushing For No Reason Naturally

1. Relax


Relaxing is the easiest but most important tip on how to stop blushing for no reason naturally. You can quickly improve your blushing by loosening your muscles, especially the muscles in your neck and shoulders. Try to relieve unexpected tension. One useful way is to count the fingers, then rub your hands together to create friction to relieve stress. Do not let yourself be obsessed with blushing. When blushing, many people are thinking about it, and so their social anxiety increases. Research has shown that the more we think about blushing, the more we blush. If you can find a way to avoid thinking about it, your chances of flushing will be less! Maintain a straight posture and keep your balance. To relax, you can try:

  • Remember to inhale and exhale (take deep breaths if possible).
  • Remind yourself that this is not the first time you blush, and probably not the last time. This has a strange comforting effect.
  • Smile can help when your cheeks suddenly flush. Smiles will make you feel better, so your anxiety will be dissipated.
2. How To Stop Blushing – Try To Talk About It

To know how to stop blushing for no apparent reason, you should not be afraid of talking about it. When a person makes a clumsy mistake during a date, there is a way for them to save the situation. Take immediate comments on that, such as “Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so clumsy.” By doing so, they can reduce the sense of shame about their clumsiness. Embarrassment usually dissipates at that moment. You can also do the same with your blush. Of course you cannot apply this tip at all times and in all situations, but consider it as a useful solution. When you are afraid that people will discover your suspense, you will blush more. So if you relieve anxiety before people realize it, there is no reason for you to blush.

3. Practice Thinking Exercises

In order to “cool” (both physically and mentally) and to distract the mind from the blushing, you can try to apply a variety of thinking exercises:

  • Imagine that you dive into a frozen lake. You are diving deep into the lake and feeling the cold water on the skin. This image will help you “cool down” and feel relaxed.
  • Imagine that everyone wears only one set of underwear. It sounds weird, but this is a really effective public speaking tip. It will help you realize that everyone is human, and not just you make mistakes. That image usually makes you giggle.
  • Compare your situation with everyone in this world. You may feel anxious to stand up and speak in front of the class. But your task is so easy compared to having to fight with illness or to be tough to make money. Tell yourself that you are so lucky with what you have.

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4. How To Stop Blushing – Prevent Blush From The Beginning If Possible

Perhaps, the best tip on how to stop blushing for no reason naturally is to avoid it in advance. Find out which situations often make you blush. When are you angry or nervous? When you see or think of someone? Or when you become the focus of attention? You do not have to try to avoid these situations at all costs; just try to make your body believe that there is no reason to blush. This is the first step to combat blushing. List recent situations that make you blushed, especially social situations. Record what happened next. Do you become a joke? Do people recognize it? Almost everyone does not think that blushing is a big deal and they will not talk about it. There is no reason for them to do so. That is something you cannot control. Understand that blushing is not as important as you might think.

5. Do Not Assume That Blush Is Due To Your Fault

The next tip on how to stop blushing for no reason is not to assume that blush is due to your fault. Whatever you do, do not think that you are responsible for this. Train your brain to understand that your thoughts do not affect the body's natural response. You have no faults and do not have to worry about that. If you can eliminate the thought that blushing is your fault, you will be less blushed.

Be kind to yourself. Coping with the blush is likely to be a long process. The important thing to remember is to try to avoid putting pressure on your own. You should remember that blushing is an extremely common condition. You are not the only one who is facing this situation. The less stress you feel about this, the less likely it will be.

6. How To Stop Blushing – Do Not Worry Too Much

Remember that the blush does not manifest as clearly as you think, and most people think that the blush is lovely and lovable. People who often blush also have many benefits, such as:

  • Many people think that blushers are more sympathetic, more flexible in judging others. So, this feature can help you build better social relationships.
  • According to researchers, the level of confidence in people who usually blush is higher, so they believe that people who blush often have better relationships.
  • Instead of trying to avoid it, you can see it as a positive thing. Many people find that other people are attractive when they blush! Quite a lot of people say they feel easy to trust people who blush often. People are also less likely to argue with people who are blushing. Blushing can actually help you get rid of an unhappy argument!
7. Find Effective Relaxation Methods
find effective relaxation methods

This sounds strange when it comes to tips on how to stop blushing naturally, but it is very effective. Make your mind and body relaxed before you engage in a situation that can cause you to blush by doing some meditation or light exercise. Feeling comfortable and self-controlled can help you stop blushing from the beginning.

  • Try yoga. Yoga is a perfect body and brain training that helps you focus your mind and stimulate the body to keep blood flowing throughout. You can experiment with different types of yoga. You can try the all the exercises to find the most suitable one.
  • Try meditation. Meditation consists of many different forms. A simple form of meditation that you can try is to be aware of your body and then gradually spread that awareness to all parts of your body until you feel your body is united.
8. How To Stop Blushing – Prepare In Advance

In order to know how to stop blushing naturally, you need to prepare yourself for it in advance. Blush can happen in the most inconvenient time, such as when you are presenting a presentation or having an important conversation.

If you feel confident and ready, the chance that you will be able to stutter with your words – and this can cause blush – will be significantly reduced. You should make sure that you are ready for the big event and that you are prepared to face any possible situation. For example, if you are preparing for an important presentation, there are quite a few ways you can be sure that you will accomplish well.

Organizing is the key to success. Make sure you have all the documents you need (notes, helpdesks, etc.). Practice presentations several times so you can feel completely comfortable with your document. You can practice in front of an audience, and do not forget to use good posture!

9. Become More Confident

No wonder, gaining confidence is very crucial for those people who want to know how to stop blushing naturally. The important moment is not just in the company. Our social life is also filled with so many elements that are capable of giving us awkward moments. They can make us blush! If you feel more confident in social situations, you will be able to significantly reduce dilemma. Make sure you feel good about your appearance before leaving home, and let’s encourage yourself. If you convince yourself that you look good and feel great, people will be aware of it. Self-confidence can help prevent embarrassing situations.

Dating is a great example of a social situation that has the potential to make you blush. For good luck smiling at you, you should relax before the appointment. Call friends to find support. Listen to some songs that make you feel better. Prepare some interesting topics to talk to in case you do not know what to say. Now you are ready! Get out of the house with confidence, and know that you can completely deal with the blush.

10. How To Stop Blushing – Control Tension Levels

Rather similar to the 1st tip on how to stop blushing naturally, but this tip is more specific in terms of mental health. Managing tension levels can help you minimize the tendency to blush. The more anxiety we feel, the more blushed our face is. So, the best way is to try to relax, especially if you are in a situation where you know that avoiding blush is very important. For example, if you are meeting with your boss to request a raise, you need to be as confident as possible. And this means you have to try to avoid blushing. Then you need to control your tension level. For this technique to be effective, it is important that you practice it regularly.

11. Let The Body Cool

One of surprising but effective trick on how to stop blushing for no reason is to cooling down your body temperature. Besides cooling your body by imagining, you can also do this literally. Body temperature is associated with blushing. If your body is too warm, your face will be red. Before entering the situation that can cause stress, take a few minutes to “cool down”. You can drink some sips of cool water, or even stand in front of the fan.

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12. How To Stop Blushing – Re-Train The Mind

Blushing is often the result of feeling anxious. Normally, the nerve that affects the blush will be activated when you think about it. You can try the simple self-hypnosis method to change your way of thinking about blushing. When you relax, imagine that you are blushing. And accept this image. Practice this technique until you can easily accept the blush. You may find that you will be less blushed! If you regularly practice yoga or any other kind of meditation, this is a great time for you to self-hypnosis.

13. Stay Away From Triggering

Know what triggers your blushing is an important way to stop blushing naturally. The next time you blush, pay attention to the situation and the surroundings. Are you feeling stressed? Or are you simply feeling too hot? You should understand the triggers, and learn how to stay away from them. For many people, stress is the most obvious. But for some people, triggers may be factors such as sunshine or overly spicy food.

14. Tell Yourself That This Situation Is Not Too Embarrassing

In fact, you may be too strict with yourself. Psychologists have found that in situations of anxiety or shame, people tend to be overly anxious about their own so that they overestimate the attention of others to them. You need to face the fact that something bad has just happened to you. However, it only gets worse once you tell yourself so. If you cross it and tell yourself it's not too bad, you will not feel ashamed. As a result, you will not blush.

15. How To Stop Blushing – Give Up The Pursuit Of Perfection

Trying to be perfect in any aspect of life is an unrealistic expectation and it makes us feel lowered and even embarrassed. Then, the blush is unavoidable. You need to remember that nobody is perfect. The idea of perfection is produced by the media and society. It shows that we can be perfect if we look, act and think in a certain way. However, this does not accurately reflect the real life.

16. Make Up
make up

When it comes to learning how to stop blushing naturally, not many people think about make-up. This is a pretty good reason to go to the mall. Using cosmetics is one of the simplest ways to mask the blush. You can use a primer to make sure your makeup looks smooth. Then, choose the right foundation for you. Stay away from the product which is too thick, or you will look older than the real age. Instead, you should choose a gentle product that will help to evenly tone the skin. This measure will give you the coverage you are looking for. You can go to the supermarket in your area and walk around the cosmetics counter. Take advantage of the salesman's help in trying out different products until you find the right foundation or concealer.

17. Do Not Attract The Attention Of Others

This sounds strange in regard to tips on how to stop blushing naturally, but it works.  The worst thing you want to do when you are in a shameful moment is to do something weird. When the moment of shame arises, you should avoid screaming, running away with tears in your eyes, or crying in public. If you do something weird, this situation will be deeply embedded in the minds of others. You should remember that this moment will soon be over. If your reaction is normal, people will quickly forget what happened.

18. How To Stop Blushing – Close Your Eyes For A Few Minutes

To stop blushing for no apparent reason, you can pretend for a moment that the ones around you who might be judging you for blushing are not there. As a result, you can relax and blushing will probably fade.

19. Avoid Eye Contact Temporarily

If you feel like you are judged about blushing, you can try to stop making eye contact with the person causing your discomfort. This will help you relax and blushing will have no reason to happen.

20. Consult Your Doctor About The Use Of The Medical Method

If your blushing is related to social anxiety, your doctor can help you. Some specific medications can reduce mild anxiety and, in turn, reduce redness. Typically, they are beta blockers or SSRIs (a new form of antidepressant). You should consult your doctor whether this method is right for you.

21. How To Stop Blushing – Consider Using Therapies

The next tip on how to stop blushing naturally is using therapies. Visiting a therapist can be a great way to deal with anxiety. If you know that blushing is caused by stress, you should consider taking the therapy so you can learn how to cope with your condition. Your therapist will help you identify the triggering agent and help you take every precaution to avoid or deal with blushing more confidently. Taking medication only relieves symptoms and does not resolve the problem at its root. Therapy will help you solve the root problem.

22. Learn About Surgical Procedures

Although it is not a natural remedy, we still want to mention it in this article because it is very useful for serious conditions. Surgery seems to be the last resort and should only be used in severe cases. However, surgery has been successful in helping people to minimize the tendency to blush. Usually, surgery is called endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. This includes the removal of the nerve that causes the blood vessels on the face to expand. And like any other surgical procedure, there is always a risk, so you should consult with your doctor about any possible consequences before making a decision.

In general, most people have to deal with blushing now and then in their lives. It is the natural reactions of the human body towards stress. Nonetheless, some people tend to experience more blushing than others. If you are among them, there are a lot of things you could do to pinpoint and handle it. The aforementioned are useful tips on how to stop blushing for no reason naturally. As you can see, they are all very practical and useful. Apply them regularly to get positive results.

If you have any contributing ideas about our article of “Top 22 Easy Tips On How To Stop Blushing For No Reason Naturally” introduced in How To Category, do not hesitate to drop your words below this post. We will answer as soon as we could.

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