20 Easy Tips On How To Reduce Breast Size Fast

Updated: 11/09/2019

Many people often feel a complex about their small breasts, while many people are always looking for ways or home remedies to reduce their breast size. Because breast size is larger than other parts of the body, their body is unbalanced. This condition may be related to hormones. Oversized breast is one of the reasons why many people lose confidence in communication. So how to reduce breast size and make them firmer? This article will give you an answer. First, let’s look at some of the information you need to know about breast size. Many of these will surprise you.

What Is Breast Size?

Breasts are parts on the chest of the body. They are made up of fatty tissues and mammary glands. Your breasts will begin to develop when you enter puberty, as the number of hormones in your body changes. Factors such as genetics, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, or chronic illness will determine when you start puberty and develop breast. Most girls will start to develop breasts at age 9 or 10, but some girls may develop breast early or later than these ages. For each person, the time to complete breast development will vary, the average is from 3 to 5 years. If you develop your breasts earlier than your friends, it does not mean you have bigger breasts. Your breast size may change if you are weight gain/loss, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Does breast size reach 90 cm is considered standard? Actually, it is only ideal for 1m70 tall people. In fact, your breast size needs to be balanced with your height. This creates a well-balanced body[1]. Therefore, breast size matching height will be determined as follows:

  • With a height of 150 cm, breast size is 76 – 80 cm.
  • With a height of 155 cm, breast size is 78 – 83 cm.
  • With a height of 160 cm, breast size is 83 – 86 cm.
  • With a height of 170 cm, breast size is 91 – 93 cm.

Besides, breast size should match the size of your abdomen and buttocks. The standard is determined by the following formulas:

  • Buttock size – Breast size = about 0-2 cm
  • (Buttock size + Breast size) : Abdomen size = 2.8

Thanks to the above definitions, you can completely answer the question, “Is my breasts too big?” If your answer is “Yes,” let’s find out the causes of this condition.

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What Are Common Reasons Of Large Breasts?

Here are some common causes of this condition:

  • Genetic Factors

Genetics play the biggest role in determining your breast size and shape. Genes affect the number of hormones, which affect your breast tissue. Genes also determine the thickness and the skin around your breasts. A study in the BMC Medical Genetics journal analyzed data from more than 16,000 women and found a total of seven genetic factors significantly related to breast size[2]. Your breasts may be influenced by both sides of the family. That’s why there are people who are thin, but their breasts are big.

  • Body Weight

Your breasts are made up of a large proportion of tissues. These tissues are made up of fat, so it’s no coincidence that your breasts are large or small. This means that when you gain weight, your breasts are more likely to grow. Likewise, when you lose weight, your breasts may change in size due to the amount of fat they lose[3]. Women with dense breast tissue will have more tissue and less fat. Therefore, when you lose weight, you may find it difficult to recognize breast change.

  • Hormonal Changes

Your breasts often increase in size during periods when your hormone levels fluctuate. For example, your breasts will grow bigger during your pregnancy and just before your monthly menstrual period[4] [5]. Changes in hormones during this period will make your breasts increase in size than before. Breastfeeding may also make your breasts bigger due to the development of the milk glands[6]. However, your breast size will return to normal after your hormone levels have returned to normal, or after your breasts stop producing milk.

  • Hormone Accumulation

Many premenopausal women have enlarged breasts naturally. This is due to the increased sex hormone estrogen in the blood.

  • Some Medicines

Some drugs that contain estrogen sex hormones such as birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy may lead to an increase in the size of the breasts[7]. This makes the breasts bigger than before. But when you stop using these drugs, your breast size will return to its original size.

What Are Common Symptoms Of This Condition?

Here are the common symptoms of this condition.

  • Appearing breast “buds”
  • Stretched breasts
  • The breast becomes very sensitive.
  • You feel your breasts are not as firm as before. They are sagging.
  • You may feel the breasts slightly stiff and painful.
  • You may have a feeling of back pain.
  • The bras that you usually use no longer fit you.

You may experience other symptoms not mentioned. If you have any questions about the signs of the disease, please consult your doctor.

Who Is At High Risk Of This Condition?

Almost all women may experience this condition at least once in their lives. However, girls who enter puberty, pregnant women, and obese women are at high risk for this condition. For puberty, increasing breast size is normal and essential. However, with the remaining objects, this causes them lots of inconvenience in their lives and work. Besides giving them unpleasant feelings, this situation makes them lose confidence in communication. You can control this disease by minimizing risk factors. Please see your doctor for more information.

When To See A Doctor?

Increasing breast size is not a dangerous issue. However, you should still see your doctor if you notice that your breast size increases rapidly and abnormally. Over the age of 35 or even younger, breast cancer may play an important role in causing large and disproportionate breasts[8]. You should see a doctor if one side of the breast is significantly larger. If you have any of these signs and symptoms or have any questions, please consult your doctor. Each person’s condition is different, so please consult your doctor to select the most suitable option.

Above is some information you need to know about breast size. Surely with this knowledge, you can determine your exact condition. Here are some tips that will help you reduce your breast size and get your breasts firm. They all need time to work. So, be patient to apply them to get the best results. It is time to find out the effective tips on how to reduce breast size fast and naturally. Take a look at TrueRemedies.com!

Top 20 Tips On How To Reduce Breast Size Fast And Naturally

1. Massage
how to reduce breast size - massage

To reduce the bust size, you could do breast massage to decrease excess fat tissue in your bust. Moreover, massage therapy is very beneficial for breast cancer patients[9].

  • After having a shower, use a towel to dry your body.
  • Then, use your middle finger and ring finger to lade some bust-reducing cream
  • Rub your hands to warm up that cream to help it penetrate into your skin more easily
  • Use the right hand to apply the cream to your left bust, avoid touching the nipples
  • Massage in circular motions from inside to outside of your boob
  • When moving your hand pass your boob basement, hold up your boobs about 15 times/side
  • Do the same with the right boob

Remember that you should massage one-by-one direction because it will be easier for you to remember the number of times of massage cycle. Massage both buds with the same cycle quantity to gain equal boob size. But, if you have unbalanced boob size, give more massage on the bigger boob.

2. Ginger

How to reduce breast size using ginger? Ginger may increase the metabolic rate[10], thereby burning more fat tissues within your body. Because breasts are made up of fatty tissues, it will reduce your breast size automatically.

You can make ginger tea to get its effects.

  • Grate some ginger to create a ginger paste
  • Add 1 teaspoon of ginger paste into a cup of water
  • Boil it for about 10 minutes before straining the water
  • Then, add ½ teaspoon of honey and drink it slowly
  • Have this tea 2-3 times every day
3. Flaxseed

Having a rich content of omega-3 fatty acids[11], flaxseed could decrease estrogen levels in your body[12]. The high estrogen level is one of the major causes of big boobs. Therefore, using flaxseed is an effective way to reduce your breast size. Also, flaxseed could eliminate harmful toxins from your body.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of ground flaxseed with a glass of water
  • Have this mixture every morning
  • Also, consume 1-2 teaspoon of flaxseed oil daily to get a smaller breast size.
4. Green Tea

Green tea is high in antioxidants[13] [14] [15] that may reduce your breast size. The “catechin” substance found in green tea is good for promoting weight loss through burning calories[16] [17]. The reduction in body fat will help decrease your breast size. Even, a study showed that regularly taking green tea will also reduce your potential risk of breast cancer[18] [19] [20].


  • Take 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves to add a cup of boiling water
  • Let it steep for about 5 minutes before straining it
  • Add ½ teaspoon of honey into it
  • Drink the tea for 3-4 times per day
  • Keep doing this process for several months
5. Egg Whites

Another way breast size reduction is through tightening the skin[21]. Breastfeeding, weight loss, and aging may be the causes of sagging breasts over time. Sometimes, this may make your breasts appear larger than before. Now, you can try egg whites to return elasticity to the breast skin[22]. As a result, your breasts will become smaller.


  • Beat the white of an egg smoothly to create a cream-like texture
  • Then, apply this paste under your breasts
  • Wait for 30 minutes
  • At the same time, extract the juice of an onion and mix it in a glass of water
  • Use the mixture to rinse the egg white applied under your breasts
  • Keep doing this treatment for several months
6. Turmeric And Neem

One of the most effective tips on how to reduce breast size is combining turmeric and neem. Oftentimes, this treatment is used to reduce breast inflammation happening during the breastfeeding process. Both of these ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties[23] [24], reducing swelling, inflammation, and breast size.


  • Take several neem leaves and add them to 4 cups of water
  • Allow it to steep for about 10 minutes before straining
  • Then, add 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder plus with 1 teaspoon of honey into it
  • Drink this water every day for several months
7. Guarana

Guarana is commonly used in pills for breast reduction. It could be used in the raw form to decrease breast size. In South America, women used this herb to get their breast size after lactation[25]. It is because of the caffeine and tannin compounds, which helps to boost the metabolic rate of your body[26], thereby reducing fatty tissues in the breasts. As a result, the breast size is reduced.

8. Fish Oil

how to reduce breast size - fish oil

Fish oil contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids[27] that are helpful for women to reduce their breast size. Such fatty acids may decrease estrogen levels, which is one of the reasons for large breasts. Also, fish oil may assist in reducing body weight.

You should add cold-water fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel to your daily diet, as they are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Besides, take fish oil supplements to get faster results. 2-3 capsules every day for several months are recommended. Fish oil is more effective in decreasing the overall body fat if combined with aerobic or cardiovascular exercises.

9. Eat More Fiber

If your breast size is too big because you are obese, then this tip is for you. If there are no major health problems that cause large breasts, the most appropriate solution is to lose weight. If your body is slim, you should not consider weight loss. On the other hand, if you are overweight, losing weight not only reduces your breast size, but it also improves your overall health[28].

The fact is that eating more fiber will help you to have a balanced body. Fiber is an ingredient found in some foods. The human body cannot digest fiber, so it passes through your intestines quickly. The fiber that they eat every day is dietary fiber. Dietary fiber increases the volume of your diet. It makes you feel full faster. Fiber causes you to chew and feel full for long, thus limiting your appetite. In addition, this type of food contains very little energy, making the fat accumulation layer under the skin drastically reduced[29].

According to a study by Tufts University School of Medicine in Massachusetts, if an average woman consumes 14g of fiber a day, she can lose 2kg in 4 months. Due to the weight of the body being controlled, you can reduce your breast size. You can add fiber to your diet with foods such as corn, red beans, garbanzo beans, soybeans, avocados, etc. Besides, let’s drink plenty of fluids because fiber absorbs water in the intestines. When you eat more fiber, you also need to drink more water. If you do not do this, you are more likely to have constipation.

Note: If you have bloating or flatulence, you need to reduce the amount of fiber you consume for a few days.

10. Reduce Calorie Intake

Among tips on how to reduce breast size fast, calorie deficiency is one of the most effective. To lose weight, you need to make “calorie deficiency.” Calories are the energies of the body, and when you eat fewer calories, your body is forced to burn fat[30]. Energy needs vary from person to person, depending on weight, age, sex, health and illness, work characteristics, etc. In general, an average person needs about 1,200 – 2,200 Kcal/day[31]. Every day, when the number of calories your body receives is equal to the number of calories your body consumes, you will achieve calorie balance. When the number of calories your body receives is greater than the number of calories your body consumes, you will have excess calories, which may result in overweight or obesity due to fat accumulation.

You can make calorie deficiencies by adjusting the level of activity according to the diet and vice versa, or adjusting them bit by bit (this is the best option for health). You should limit your intake of some calorie foods such as sugar, whole grains, meats, processed foods, and fast foods. In addition, there are many low-calorie foods that you should eat daily, such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, sweet peppers, carrots, and blueberries.

Note: You should only temporarily reduce calories. Once you reach your target weight, you need to balance your intake of calories with activity levels.

11. Reduce Consumption Of Salt, Fat And Sugar

The best start in your breast size reduction plan is to limit the amount of salt, fat, and sugar in your diet. Salt makes the body retain more water[32]. Sugar contains ineffective calories, which makes you feel hungry. As for fat, surely all of us know about its harmful effects[33]. Overeating them makes you gain weight uncontrollably. As a result, your breasts are bigger, causing you to have a lot of inconvenience.

Foods such as prepared foods, sausages, smoked meats, pizza, and potato chips contain a lot of salt. Limit salt intake to less than 2300 mg per day. However, do not cut down on salt consumption completely because salt is needed for the proper functioning of the body, especially when you start exercising.

Sugar is found abundantly in sweets, cakes, coffee, carbonated drinks, and fruit juices. Even eating too much fruit also provides excess sugar for the body. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), men should eat 37.5 grams of sugar, and women should eat 25 grams of sugar a day[34]. This is the best intake for your health.

Unhealthy fats are trans fats and saturated fats. They are abundant in red meat, butter, mayo sauce, and fried foods. Healthy fats like polyunsaturated fats are found in foods such as fish or nuts. Experts recommend that every day, you should get no more than 30% calories from fat.

12. Eat More Nutrient-Rich Foods

Eating nutritious foods helps you feel full even when you eat less. This will improve your weight as well as your breast size significantly. However, switching to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is not enough; for example, celery has nutritional value, unlike broccoli. You need to know more about the nutritional content of the foods you eat every day. Here are some suggestions to help you feel better about choosing foods.

  • Nutritional grains include oats, barley, and brown rice[35]. If you buy bread, you should buy bread made from whole grains, not from multi-grain. Whole grain cereals are better for health. Breads made from many types of grains have no superior nutritional value compared to white bread.
  • Vegetables and fruits rich in nutrients are lemons, cranberries, bananas, kale, spinach, broccoli, asparagus and Brussel sprouts.
  • The best source of protein is chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, and beans. These foods contain less fat that is not good for health, and they still have the protein needed to provide energy for daily exercise.
  • Healthy animal dairy products include low-fat white yogurt (can add a few fruits), fresh cheese, and nonfat milk.

Not only should you eat healthy foods, but you should also eat the right amount. Let’s take a balanced diet. The body needs a lot of carbohydrates from grains and vitamins, fiber from vegetables, a certain amount of protein, low-sugar fruits, and dairy products. You should read the official recommendations on how to balance your diet while avoiding fast-food diets (i.e., eating only one food group). The body needs all these food groups to stay healthy.

13. Eat Small Portions

how to reduce breast size - eat small portions

Most of us eat too much at every meal. Eating too much will cause your stomach to expand and make you hungry, even if your body does not need more food. This makes weight gain and increased breast size unavoidable. Therefore, one piece of advice for you is to eat small portions[36]. The way to do this is very simple. Let’s eat the first serving. If after 15 minutes you still feel hungry, you can eat another serving, which equals half the previous serving.

Knowing how to “communicate” with the body is very important. You have to know how to analyze the feelings to see whether you are hungry or not. Eating too much will make it difficult for you to determine your feelings accurately. Besides, during this time, you should also limit eating at the restaurant. Most restaurants serve too much food for one person.

14. Eat Regularly

This sounds strange when it comes to tips on how to reduce breast size fast, but it works. You may be thinking that this tip is ridiculous. But do you know that eating regularly helps you feel less hungry? Eating regularly also benefits metabolism because this is how the human body is set up to eat. Eat small meals regularly throughout the day to help keep your daily caloric intake low, leading to weight loss[37]. For example, eat a small bowl of oats in the morning, a banana at 10am, chicken sandwiches for lunch, a bowl of fresh cheese and a slice of bread for a light lunch and salad for dinner. This is really good for your health. It also helps to reduce your breast size over time.

15. Drink Coffee Every Day

Not only limiting fat absorption of the body, but coffee also plays a very important role in preventing the formation of fat in the breast[38]. Because caffeine interferes with the absorption of nutrients, fat in the breast will gradually disappear, causing your breasts to become firm. So if you want to reduce breast size, drink coffee every day. However, do not overdo this tip because it may make your breasts too small.

16. Exercise

You need to know that some diets, training programs, and exercises may promise to reduce fat in one part of the body, but that’s only a lie or a lack of understanding. You cannot eliminate fat in a part of the body through exercise[39]. Instead, you have to reduce overall body fat, even if you want to lose belly fat or reduce your breast size. Therefore, you have to perform exercises for the whole body if you want to achieve a reduction in breast size. This is why exercise and dieting do not reduce your breast size because your body burns fat as much as possible.

Many people feel tired when they exercise because they choose difficult exercises such as Squat, Plank, and Burpees. These exercises make them take longer to see the results. You should only do these exercises for about 5 minutes each day. This makes it easier for you to exercise regularly and still achieve impressive results. This is reckoned one of the best tips on how to reduce breast size fast.

17. Specific Exercises

Daily exercise not only helps you have good health, but it also helps you to strengthen your muscles and eliminate excess fat[40] [41]. However, to achieve the desired results, you need to exercise properly. Besides doing the exercises for the whole body, you should focus on some exercises for the breast area to reduce their size. Here are some specific exercises that you should take:

Exercise 1: Weight Lifting

To perform this exercise, please follow these steps below:

  • Lie back in a chair with a pushing position
  • Grasp the weights, and then straight up to the perpendicular to the ground, the hands slightly loosen
  • Two elbows folded down, causing the chest muscles to stretch
  • Stop for a few seconds, breathe in and slowly push back to the original position

When performed regularly, this exercise will reduce the fat in your breasts.

Exercise 2: Push-ups

To perform this push-up exercise, please follow these simple steps below:

  • Place two hands wide on the bench
  • Balance hands and feet to make the body a straight line
  • Bend your elbows and lower your body about 15-20 cm from the bench
  • Hold for 30 seconds, then push the body back to its original position

You can do this exercise 5-10 times daily.

18. Walk More

You do not have to be in the gym 10 hours a week to lose weight and reduce the size of the breast. Instead, you can increase the number of calories that the body consumes by boosting activity in general[42]. Walking is the simplest and most wonderful way to do this[43]. Walk for at least 30 minutes a day (you can walk 15 minutes, rest and then continue walking for 15 minutes) may help significantly reduce weight. To be able to walk more, you should stop taking the elevator or escalator and should walk by stairs.

19. Burning Calories Through Daily Activities

This is another must-try treatment in this list of tips on how to reduce breast size fast. You can easily burn extra calories by exercising while doing daily activities[44]. When working, instead of sitting in a chair, you can sit on the ball used for exercise. You can also incorporate some exercises into your daily activities, such as Squatting, while waiting for food in the microwave or before going to sleep. Every little exercise is helpful.

20. Yoga

Yoga is perfect coordination of synchronized breathing, bodily postures, and physical stretching, which helps to tone up your body and the breast as well. Physical exercises of yoga help to improve the metabolism[45], heart rate[46] [47], and burning excess cholesterol in the human body. In turn, this decreases the fat content of your breast area. Some asanas in yoga may help you decrease breast fat and make your boobs firmer. It is considered as one of the safest ways to tone down the breasts size. Also, yoga will relax your mind naturally.

Some of the most recommended yoga poses for breast size reduction are:

Snapping Back

Snapping back is similar to the martial arts workout that helps to trigger the lymph and breast tissues.

Steps to take:

  • Sit down and take the weight off the knee joint by putting a firm pillow in between the buttocks and legs
  • Create a fist of the hands by tucking your thumb indoor
  • Bring your hand parallel to your chest level by pulling the elbows back
  • Expand the arm entirely in a forward direction while inhaling deeply
  • Open the fingers as if you are trying to grasp something
  • Lock them by creating a fist of hands and snap your arm to the body surface when blowing up
  • Alternate this with the other arm
  • Do it for 2-3 minutes

Surya Namaskar

This pose is well-known for toning the body, including your breasts.  It is similar to most asanas that need the practitioner to create a backward twisting position. Simply do this exercise for 10 minutes every day to help open up your chest muscles, squeeze them, and firm your breasts.


Sirshasana requires a practitioner to perform a head-stand attitude. It may decrease your breast size and help to consolidate their firmness and shape. Simply stand on your head upside down. When doing so, the blood will flow towards the head and heart as a result of gravity. This pose is considered an extremely advanced posture. Perform it with the guidance of a trained yoga instructor. Include this practice in any yoga asanas set to decrease breast size.


This is also called palm tree pose. Take these steps:

  • Stand straight with your feet together, arms on your sides
  • Connect your fingers, then left the arms above your head, keep the elbows straight
  • Touch your upper arms to your ears
  • Breathe in and come up onto your toes
  • After drawing out the body upwards, clasp the stretch for sometime
  • Return to the initial position
  • Repeat this routine for a few rounds

Wall Press Pose

This is reckoned one of the simplest yoga exercises for decreasing your breast size. In this process, you need to press the wall using your hands.

Steps to take:

  • Stand straight and face to the wall
  • Press your wall using your hands
  • Do this exercise regularly to strengthen your pectoral muscles to decrease your breast size fast


Also called a frog posture, Mandukasana is helpful in toning your breasts. This asana will open your chest and shoulders.

  • Stand with heels together, bring them to go down slowly to create a squat position
  • Raise the heels while keeping your palm on the ground
  • Stretch your spine as much as possible
  • While breathing in, straighten so that you create a bent posture with the head near to the knees and fingers touching the ground.
  • Breathe out when standing out
  • Repeat this routine 2-3 times per day to reduce breasts

Do these yoga poses regularly and plan a proper diet to get the best results.

Above are tips that we would like to introduce to you to help you reduce your breast size. Their safety and effectiveness are proven by many people. Choose some of them and alternate them in your treating to see how effective they are. If you have any contributing ideas about our article of “Top 20 Tips On How To Reduce Breast Size Fast” introduced in How To Category, do not hesitate to drop your words below this post. We will answer as soon as we could.

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