24 Effective Tips On How To Get A Tan Fast And Safely

While too much sun is bad, having a tanned skin is rather interesting for many of us. No one wants to wind up burnt, but there is gotta be a method to tan without crisping.

When it comes to tanning, many of you might wonder: Is it the same to tan outside or inside? Here we will answer your question. Despite ultraviolet radiation is rather similar in these situations, a person could never precisely foresee the intensity of a tan taken outside due to changing factors like season, time of the day, cloudiness, wind, pollution, proximity of the equator, etc. In the tanning salon, results are taken controlled, thus predictable.

Due to a more sophisticated technology which allows a good mixture of UVA and UVB, the sunbeds can stimulate the solar radiation whilst minimizing risks of erythema and sunstroke known as “sunburn”. The tanning beds which are made for clients are mostly producing UVA, which is safer than UVB. It is estimated that a session of 20 minutes in tanning beds roughly will corresponds to the result gotten from tanning in the sun for about 3 hours. Actually, natural sun exposure is more dangerous as UVB and infra-red are not filtered. Now, turn back to the main topic “how to get a tan”, if you are looking for ways on how to get a tan fast and safely, then you are the right place. Here, we from TrueRemedies.com are going to share our top tips on how to get a tan nicely. Check out below!

24 Simple Tips On How To Get A Tan Fast And Safely

1. Go Out In The Sun

Well, this might be too obvious when it comes to learning how to get a tan fast. But, to be honest, many people think that by lying in the shade all day, they will soon get a tan. No. You need to go lie in the sunshine, move around, and do watersports. This helps you get your desired tan rapidly.

2. Always Avoid Sunbeds

You should avoid falling for the myth peddled by some beauty salons that they could give you a healthy sun tan by using a sunbed. Actually, it is a wrong UV. Tanning beds just pump out lots of UVA and nearly no UVB (which can stimulate vitamin D), and could enhance the risk of skin cancer by about 75%, according to Dr. Nick Lowe.

3. How To Get A Tan – Use The Right Sunscreen

You should not just depend on SPF when choosing sunscreen for your skin. On the bottle of sunscreen cream or spray, you need to look for the term “broad spectrum: or the UVA logo along with the word “high”. Besides, choose the one with SPF 30 instead of SPF50. It will filter 97% of UVB rays, whilst the SPF50 filters about 98%. SPF50 type could give a wrong sense of security, and could be very chalky that you might not reapply it every a couple of hours like you had better. In case your skin is dark, then you just need a sunscreen with SPF15.
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4. Understand Your Time Of Tanning

Your complexion will reach a tanning cut-off spot as it could not physically manufacture any more melanin, which is the tanning pigment, so you will waste your time and effort if lounging by the pool all day long. Each person has their own melanin cut-off, which is about 2-3 hours or even much less if he/she has fair skin”. After that, that person is just subjecting his/her skin to the damage by UV rays.

5. Go For Some Shade

how to get a tan

You need to take breaks from the sun and decrease the intensity of UV as well as your sunburn risk [1]. It also means that your tan will be longer lasting and healthier as well.

6. Get Tan With Reflection

The technique of reflection despite does not give fast result when it comes to learning how to get a tan fast, but it works effectively. Here is how it works:

  • On the pool: because water reflects sunlight, so you can be in the water or sit on a floatable device on the water. If you want to get a dark tan, then dipping in the water will not just relaxing and cooling, but effective for your goal.
  • Reflective sheets and towels: despite this idea is old fashioned, they are still a great manner to boost your dark tan. It works by attracting the sunlight onto the skin, thereby creating a base tan. You need to take a reflective board, then turn it into an angle of 450. Or, you could also use a reflective blanket by placing it on the ground, then lie down, turn your body alternatively and take a rest in the shade.
7. Use Coconut Oil

It is said that coconut oil is the secret for a deep, nice sun tan. You may use coconut oil for moisturizing your skin, but maybe, you have not ever thought about this use of coconut oil. This ingredient can help you achieve a darker tan. In addition, it is also wonderful because it can replenish the lost moisture on your skin caused by the sun. But, be careful that it could get a little oily and messy. You should also never use it on your face in case your skin is sensitive and you are prone to acne [2].

8. How To Get A Tan – Avoid Scrubbing Your Skin

Assume that you have had a nice tan, now you want to last it for a long time. For this purpose, you should do two following things:

  • Avoid using any scrub on skin because they will remove the top layer of tanned skin cells, bringing the new “white” skin cells to the skin surface.
  • Moisturize your skin regularly
9. Use Some “Tan-Accelerating” Creams For Supplements

Dr Marko Lens, the skin cancer expert used to say that “tan-accelerating” creams are BS. Despite nothing applied to the skin could improve the melanin production, taking a daily 25g beta-carotene supplement could do some help. But, it does not mean that you need less sunscreen, but it will boost the natural defense of your skin of UV rays by boosting its capacity to tan.

10. Consume Sun-Friendly Foods

how to get a tan

In regard to learning how to get a tan safely and fast, it is important to know about nutrition for tanned skin. Specific foods are known to boost lycopene, which is the natural SPF of the human skin. You can found this substance in tomatoes, orange and red fruits as well as vegetables. Also, the antioxidants found in such foods can boost your sun protection by about 33%. Besides, green tea is another great food for your sun-tanned skin. It has antioxidants named polyphenols [3]. Or, go for dark chocolate because it is packed with flavonoids which could help protect against sunburn, whilst caffeine is claimed to help reduce the risk of skin cancer. It is great if you take an espresso shot before hitting the beach.

11. Faux Your Glow

You should keep in mind that fake tan does not offer sun protection; however, it could help you stop burning. You can choose a spray tan before wearing your bikini or find a good product to use at home.

12. How To Get A Tan – Be Lucid About Sun Hours

In regard to learning how to get a tan safely, it is worth knowing that sun exposure before 10 am and after 4 pm is not as damaging your complexion. Thus, think of steady and slow acquisition of your tan during the rich-vitamin D hours.

13. Protect Your Lips

Chapped, dry lips [4] can be the consequence of getting tanned skin without caring for other body parts. Thus, keep your lips soft and smooth with a lip balm having SPF. Burned lips look not only bad but also hurt.

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14. Protect Your Hair

If your complexion is sensitive to sun, your hair and scalp are too. Thus, you should find a floppy, fun hat and use a conditioner with UV protecting features.

15. Steadily Get A Tan

You should not try to get a tan right on the first day of the season. To get a nice tan, the key is doing it steadily. The first few weeks, you just need to spend a few hours outside, wear sunscreen particularly on your nose and shoulders, which tend to always receive the most sun. However, by using sunscreen during the early weeks in the sun, you will build a steady tan without burning. Set yourself up for long summer days in the sun if possible.

16. As Soon As You Feel Like You Get Too Much Sun, Go In The Shade

This tip on how to get a tan applies for all of us, regardless of the skin color. Even when you really want to get a tan and it is a nice day, you should still get out of the sun once feeling a little overheated or pink. Put on your hat, get in shade. Let yourself cool down. You should do so because spending too much time in the sun can result in a heat rash.

17. How To Get A Tan – Exfoliate Lightly If You Get Too Much Sun

If you got a little too much sun, then you can take a tepid shower and use a shower gel along with a washcloth, pat soap on your skin to lightly exfoliate your skin. But, do not scrub.

18. Slap, Not Scratch

If you get an itch, then avoid scratching it, just slap it. It is a serious advice on how to get a tan safely.

19. Short And Frequent

You should spend time in the sun as often as you could, but for shorter time periods. This will keep a tan for a longer period of time. Also, you should get some sun daily. It will help you get a better sleep by keeping your own circadian rhythm in check.

20. Cheat A Little

how to get a tan

Using a sun tan accelerate containing bronzer can give your complexion an extra little tan-colored hue – a tint – which will make you look tanned before you really get tanned. In fact, it is not like fake tan, but it will not streak.

21. Fake It

If all tips on how to get a tan above fail, you could always fake it. There are many tanning products out there these days, from tanning mousse to spray bottles. If you are not confident with applying an all-over tanning lotion by yourself, then you could have a friend to help you do it. As an alternative, you could treat yourself to a spray tan at the salon before leaving.

22. Avoid Wearing Makeup, Perfume, And Deodorant Upon Tanning

If possible, you had better avoid applying some products upon tanning your body. In reality, perfumes and makeup have some ingredients causing skin sensitivity. If applying them, they might result in a skin rash or burn. In addition to perfumes and makeup, wearing deodorant whilst tanning might also lead to problems in the areas using such deodorant. You should eliminate it completely prior to tanning your skin.

23. How To Get A Tan – Combine Cocoa Butter And Unscented White Lotion

If you combine unscented white lotion and cocoa butter, it is a fast and effective way on how to get a tan fast. To do it, you need to choose cocoa powder which is made from 100% pure powder.


  • 1/3 cup of 100% pure cocoa powder
  • ½ cup of unscented white lotion


  • Use a fork to combine these ingredients together. Remember to break up all clumps and blend them well.
  • Adjust the cocoa powder amount so you can get your expected skin color
  • Dab the solution all over your body
  • Apply it daily and you will get a deep tan

While doing so, you should apply a mild moisturizer to get better benefits. Also, exfoliating yours kin prior to applying this lotion is a good thing. The lotion will look very dark when you make it, but after applied on the skin, it will not be as dark as being put in the bowl.

24. Combine Coffee Or Tea

We all know that coffee or tea can stain our teeth, so why don’t you make use of them to get tanned skin? These drinks will “stain” your skin, giving you a perfect tan color. Regardless of the drinks you choose, you just need to make sure that you use the ones having caffeine, not the decaf as caffeine is really capable of tightening and firming your skin for easing wrinkles and fine lines. Some steps to take are:

  • Prepare caffeinated coffee grounds or tea bags, and unscented white lotion
  • Brew tea or coffee as normal. If you choose coffee, then take an enough amount of grounds to add in a cup, add enough water to fill the cup. If you choose tea, then take 3-4 family sized tea bags to dip in 1 cup of boiled water.
  • Mix the unscented white lotion with the prepared tea or coffee.
  • Put the mixture in a spray bottle, and apply it over your skin


  • Remember to shake it before using
  • Apply it weekly or bi-weekly to get good results

After reading this article of 24 tips on how to get a tan fast and safely, hope that you can figure out the detailed plan to get your skin tanned effectively. Choose some of them to apply and share your experience with us then. We appreciate your contribution and will reply as soon as we could.

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