Top 52 Ways on How To Tighten Belly Skin Fast & Naturally At Home

If you have recently lost a significant amount of excess weight, or if you have given birth, then you may have loose abdominal skin. In such cases, the skin that used to be stretched might not adapt as rapidly to your new body. Consequently, you might have sagging, loose skin hiding abdominal muscles. The human skin can slowly adapt to your new body shape with an exercise program and nutrient-rich diet, but it is still safe in the long term. So how do you get your tummy back in shape and get rid of the loose skin where you belly used to be? From, we are going to help you figure out how to tighten belly skin fast and naturally at home without surgeries by introducing to you 52 useful ways below. Just check them out!

How To Tighten Belly Skin Fast And Naturally At Home – 52 Must-Try Ways

1. Coconut Oil

Among tips on how to tighten belly skin, coconut oil works amazingly thanks to its antibacterial property that soothes your skin. Besides, coconut oil also acts a natural moisturizer. Despite it takes time for you to see the results, it will pay off in the end. Massaging your belly skin with coconut oil will moisturize it and increase the production of new collagen. This oil also improves blood circulation in the skin area where your skin is loose. As a result, the muscles and tissues underneath your skin will tighten.

2. How To Tighten Belly Skin – Sea Salt Scrubs

One of easy ways on how to tighten belly skin is using sea salt scrubs. It has been researched that rubbing your skin with sea salt will improve the blood supply to the affected area and provide you with a lot of minerals too. To take advantage of this ingredient, you should take a shower at first, then use a proper amount of sea salt scrub to rub onto your skin.

3. Almond Oil

Similar to coconut oil, almond oil is also a natural a moisturizer helping your skin stay moist because it allows new skin cells to grow. Also, moisturizing your skin can help minimize wrinkles.

What you need to do is:

  • Rub a small amount of almond oil onto your belly skin before your bed time
  • After waking up, rinse it off with warm water

That way, you will have silky smooth skin. Alternatively, you can also use almond milk

4. Massage At Least 4-5 Times Per Week

Massage is an effective and popular remedy for reducing overall body and preventing loose, sagging skin. Thus, getting a massage at least 4-5 times per week is considered one of proven ways to tighten belly skin after giving birth or weight loss. A lot of people claim that a massage therapy has helped them tone up their body skin, whilst others claim that it did not show positive results to them. However, it does not cost you a penny to try this method. Massage has many health benefits, so even when you will not tighten your belly skin, you will still improve your health and beauty as well.

5.  Eat Protein-Rich Foods

By increasing your intake of protein-rich foods, you will steadily tighten your skin. It is because protein can promote the production of new muscles and boost the skin firmness as well as strength. Chicken, eggs, turkey, nuts, fish, low fat milk and whey protein are some of the best protein-rich foods you can add to your daily diet.

6. Lemon

how to tighten belly skin

Thanks to the vitamin C in lemon, it helps boost natural collagen production. In turn, this helps restore your skin elasticity. Moreover, lemon possesses astringent properties, helping tighten your skin and reduce wrinkles as well as other signs of premature aging.

Take the steps here:

Method 1:

  • Extract fresh lemon juice and gently rub it over your affected skin
  • Wait for 10 minutes to rinse it with water
  • Repeat this routine 2-3 times per day and apply a good moisturizer after that

Method 2:

  • Add the juice of ½ a lemon juice to 1 cup of water
  • Apply this mixture over your belly skin and wait till it dries out naturally
  • Do this method 1-2 times per day for the best results

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7. How To Tighten Belly Skin – Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the best in regard to tightening and firming loose skin. It is because of the malic acid available in aloe vera gel that can improve your skin’s elasticity. Moreover, this plant is also a natural moisturizer for your skin [1].

Method 1:

  • Extract aloe vera gel to smear it over your belly skin
  • Wait for 15 minutes to rinse it off with tepid water
  • Apply this method a few times per week

Method 2:

  • Mix 1 teaspoon each of aloe vera gel, honey and mayonnaise
  • Apply it over your skin and rinse it off with warm water after 15 minutes
  • Do this method once per week
8. Cucumber

In order to know how to tighten belly skin naturally without surgery, think of using cucumber. It is among the best natural skin tightening ingredients which can also refresh and rejuvenate your skin effectively [2].

Method 1:

  • Take a cucumber to cut into halves
  • Squeeze a half of it to extract the juice by using a strainer
  • Apply the juice over your skin and let it dry naturally
  • Wash it with cold water
  • Do this remedy once per day

Method 2:

  • Combine grate cucumber and plain yogurt with the ratio of 1:1
  • Apply it over your face, wait for 15 minutes to let it dry in its own
  • Wash it off with tepid water
  • Repeat this routine a few times per week

Method 3:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of cucumber juice, 3-5 drops of vitamin E oil, and an egg white together
  • Apply the paste over your belly skin
  • Wait for 15 minutes to wash it off with cool water
  • Use this method once per week
9. Honey

Due to antioxidant, hydrating, and anti-aging properties, honey is one of the best solutions for those looking for tips on how to tighten belly skin. What you need to do is:

Method 1:

  • Mix 2-3 teaspoons of raw organic honey with several drops of lemon juice as well as olive oil
  • Apply it over your belly skin
  • Wait till it dries and wash off with warm water
  • Repeat this routine 1-2 times per day for noticeable results

Method 2:

  • Mix honey and sour cream together with the ratio of 1:1
  • Add a little turmeric powder into that mixture to create a good paste
  • Apply the paste over your belly skin and wait for 15 minutes to rinse it off
  • Follow by some cold water
  • Use this face mask once per week
10. Rose Water

Being a natural astringent, rose water is a good toner that can help tighten your loose, sagging skin naturally. Furthermore, it can also keep your skin glowing and clear.

There are two ways you can make use of rose water for loose skin:

Method 1:

  • Apple some rose water on your belly skin before hitting the hay
  • The next morning, you will notice firmer and tighter skin

Method 2:

  • Mix the same amount of lemon juice and witch hazel together
  • Add a few drops of almond oil to that mixture, and add all of them to a cup of rose water
  • Apply the final solution to your skin
  • Wait for 20 minutes to rinse it off with cool water
  • Repeat this routine a few times per week
11. How To Tighten Belly Skin – Cinnamon

This is an alternate decent treatment for sagging, loose skin. It can increase collagen production, which is important for tight, firm skin.

Take the steps here:

  • Blend 1 teaspoon each of turmeric powder and cinnamon powder with a little bit olive oil
  • Then, add ½ teaspoon of salt or sugar into the mixture above
  • Scour your belly skin with this paste and wait for 5 minutes to wash it off
  • Repeat this routine twice per week
12. Fuller’s Earth

how to tighten belly skin

Also known as Multani mitti, Fuller’s earth can animate blood course and boost skin elasticity.

You just need to follow these steps:

Method 1:

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of fuller’s earth powder with a proper amount of rose water or plain water
  • Apply the paste over your skin and let it dry naturally
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water after that

Method 2:

  • Blend glycerin, fuller’s earth, and honey together with the ratio of 1:1:1
  • Mix them with a beaten egg white
  • Apply the paste over your skin and let it dry
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water
  • Repeat this routine once per week to get energetic and firm skin
13. Strawberry

Working like astringents on the human skin, strawberries are a decent solution for those with loose, sagging skin. Due to vitamin C content, which is an intense antioxidant, this fruit can support the creation of collagen fibers. As a result, it keeps the skin firm and smooth. Besides, the alpha hydroxyl acids can limit the presence of aging skin.

Follow these instructions:

  • Squash 2-3 strawberries
  • Blend it with 2 teaspoons each of honey and yogurt
  • Apply the paste over your belly skin
  • Wait for 5 minutes to rinse it off with lukewarm water
  • Do this once per day

To get better results, you should add strawberries to your daily diet.

14. Exercises

Another way on how to tighten belly skin is toning your belly with exercises. Those belly toning exercises will help strengthen the muscles under your skin while firming up the entire area. You can practice some popular exercises, such as sit-ups, crunches, pelvic thrusts. Once you can build firm muscles in the abdomen area, you will notice a reduction in the appearance of loose, sagging skin. Some instructions for common belly toning exercises are:

Exercise 1: Legs Up Straight Arm Crunch

This exercise will tone your upper abs effectively. You could perform it by using a dumbbell to make it much more challenging.

  • Lie flat on your back, legs up at the 90 degree angle
  • Arms straight, then curl the shoulders along with upper back off the floor by using your abs
  • At the same time, pull the arms up straight ahead
  • Maintain this pose for a second before lowering the shoulders and back down the floor

Remember to keep your legs up and arms straight while practicing this exercise.

Exercise 2: Lying leg raise

This exercise will tighten and tone the skin around lower abdominal muscles.

  • Lie flat on the floor with your chest up, legs straight and raise up at the angle of 90 degree from the floor
  • Maintain legs straight, lower them slowly down till they are nearly touching the floor
  • Repeat this routine a few times again

Exercise 3: Pelvic thrusts

The exercise will tone your lower abs.

  • Lie on your back with your legs raised up in the air of 90 degree from the ground
  • Keep your legs up and lift your pelvis off the ground and raise upwards by using your lower abdominal muscles
  • Lower the body back down to the ground
  • Repeat this routine a few times again
15. Weight Resistance Training

According to the chief science officer of the American Council on Exercise, Cedric Bryant, strength training can strengthen the muscles because it creates a layer of firm muscle underneath the skin. That case, your skin will get tighter. It is highly recommended performing strength training a few times per week every other day to reap the benefits from this tip for your skin and muscles. Weight training is particularly important if you have just reduced your caloric intake significantly. It is because when you lose fat, you usually lose muscles as well.  By rebuilding your muscles, it also helps tighten your skin.

16. How To Tighten Belly Skin – Limit Your Sun Expose

It is said that over-exposure to the sun will have negative effects on your skin, especially its elasticity. Thus, you should limit your time of sun bathing. This advice also goes for tanning beds because the rays could dry out your skin while damaging your skin cells. Besides, reduce your time of swimming in chlorinated water because this substance may dry out and damage your skin cells. Make sure that you shower after sunbathing or swimming. Then, apply a good-quality moisturizer which has vitamins included.

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17. Drink More Water

Increasing your intake of water is very important if you are looking for natural ways on how to tighten belly skin. Drink plenty of water every day. If you are dehydrated, your skin will be affected directly, which is shown through loose, sagging skin, and even premature aging skin.

18. Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

Exfoliation will remove your dead skin cells, thereby leaving a new skin layer which is radiant and smooth. Also, it helps tighten sagging, loose skin after weight loss. You can take advantage of mineral scrubs three times per week to increase your blood circulation, revealing elastic and healthy skin.

19. Add Protein To Your Diet

how to tighten belly skin

Lean protein can keep your weight under control and also improve skin after giving birth or weight loss. In fact, lean protein is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals, and collagen that your skin requires to stay elastic and healthy. If combined properly with exercise, a lean protein-rich diet could help you build lean muscles, helping you look more toned. If you want to build lean muscle fast, then take lean protein after workouts. Some good sources of lean protein are beans, cottage cheese, legumes, chicken, and eggs.

20. Visualization

When it comes to tips on how to tighten belly skin, this sounds strange, but it is an interesting tool to get your dream to come true. It is no like magic but the power of envisioning your wish manifesting. Some professional athletes also use this method to help improve their performances and games. Here is the mechanism of this tip. When you mentally imagine or see something, you will take more actions to make your dream come true. Thus, when you see your skin tight mentally, you will be likely to do more things like eating healthy, exercising, or following with other useful tips.

21. Castor Oil

In essence, castor oil is beneficial for the purpose of learning how to tighten belly skin. Working as an emollient, castor oil will quickly be absorbed by the skin. Moreover, it also works as a lubricant that inhibits the dry skin. Follow these steps to take advantage of castor oil for tight belly skin:

  • Mix castor oil with fresh lemon juice with the ratio of 2:1
  • Rub that mixture over your belly skin before your bedtime
  • The next morning, have a shower with warm water
  • Repeat this routine daily for the best result
22. Tamarind And Dry Plum

Containing hydroxy citric acid (HCA), tamarind could decrease fat production. HCA, on the othe hand, will prevent the enzymes within your body boosting fat storage. In addition, it also suppresses your appetite by increasing serotonin neurotransmitter levels. If you take it during long exercises, it accelerates fat burning process. Some instructions to get tight belly skin with tamarind are:

  • Take 2 tablespoons of tamarind and 8-10 dry plum to soak in 3-4 glasses of water overnight
  • Strain the tamarind and plum in the next morning and blend it using a blender
  • Put salt and sugar into after that, use ice cubes to cool down the mixture
  • Have 2-3 glasses of this mixture before having a breakfast in the morning
  • Do this method 15-20 days for the best results
23. Green Tea

If you want to know how to tighten belly skin at home without surgeries, just simply make use o green tea. Having just 4 cups of this tea has helped a lot of people lose over 6 pounds in 8 weeks, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It is because green tea contains a kind of catechin called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) – a natural antioxidant with different therapeutic applications. EGCG can improve your metabolism when you take it [3]. Follow these instructions:

  • Add a tea bag and 4-5 basil/mint leaves into 1 cup of hot water
  • After covering it, let it steep for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Then, strain it and add ½-1 teaspoon of lemon juice along with 1-2 teaspoons of honey for taste
  • Have from 3 to 4 cups of green tea daily, after meals
24. How To Tighten Belly Skin – Ginger

Not to mention being good for digestion, ginger is a thermogenic agent which could increase your own body temperature, thereby helping burn the fat easily in a short period of time. Oftentimes, stress, overeating, lack of regular exercise are common reasons for belly fat. Thus, using ginger could solve these issues somehow. After weight loss or pregnancy, in order to get tight belly skin, you had better take ginger tea daily.

Prepare your homemade ginger tea by following these steps:

Method 1:

  • Pour 4 cups of water in a teapot, boil it up for a few minutes
  • Add 1-2 inches of ginger to the water and let it simmer for 5-10 minutes
  • After taking out that teapot off the stove, add the juice of a lemon and 1 tablespoon of honey into it
  • Stir well, take the tea daily in the morning

For stimulating your digestion, you should drink this tea from 2-3 cups daily during the day.

Method 2:

  • Wash 500g of ginger, then blend it smoothly
  • Roast ginger with 500g of salt
  • Put them in a bag
  • Use the bag to compress around your belly skin till the mixture gets cooling down
  • Massage your belly skin gently
  • Repeat this routine daily to get tight abdominal skin

Method 3: Ginger with wine

  • Wash 1kg of ginger thoroughly, do not peel its skin
  • Blend smoothly, and mix them with a proper amount of wine
  • Put them in a glass bottle and leave it there for 2-3 months
  • Massage your belly skin with this solution daily
25. Cranberry Juice

how to tighten belly skin

With the rich content of organic acids such as malic acid, citric acid, and quinic acid which naturally work as digestive enzymes, cranberries can defeat stubborn fat in your belly effectively. In fact, these acids operate as emulsifying agents which could deposit in the lymphatic system. There are some types of waste products that the liver could not process will be effectively transported by this system. Furthermore, cranberry juice could also help digest the lymphatic waste and lose fat, and tighten belly skin. But, to get the best results, you should make use of pour cranberry juice which is unsweetened.

  • Take 1 8 ounces of pure cranberry juice to mix with 5-6 ounces of water
  • Have 1 cup of this mixture in the morning and thorough out the day for better results
  • Or, you can also take fresh cranberry water by mixing 2 tbsp of cranberry juice with about 7 ounces of plain water
26. Avoid Smoking

One of the worst steps you can do to tighten your belly skin is smoking. It is known as a major irritant affecting the development of skin cells. Moreover, it also inhibits the collagen production in your body. Thus, stop smoking to improve your overall health, including your beauty. It also helps you prevent some problems like metabolic, neoplastic, and other medical disorders.

27. Dandelion Tea

Dandelion is one of good herbs for those looking for ways on how to tighten belly skin. It can improve the functioning capacity of the human liver. Also, it helps flush out the retained water and other toxins from your body, particularly abdominal bloating. You can also combine it with other spices to decrease the belly fat caused by water rentention.

What you have to do is:

  • Mix 1 tbsp of dandelion root, ½ piece of minced fresh ginger, ½ piece of cinnamon bark, 1 cardamom seeds, 4-6 mint leaves together
  • Put them in a saucepan and boil it up
  • After 5-10 minutes of boiling, strain the tea and add 2 tbsp of honey into
  • Drink this tea 2-4 times per day to get better results

Caution: Avoid this tea if you are suffering from blocked bile ducts or other problems related to gall bladder. Consult your doctor before using this tea.

28. How To Tighten Belly Skin – Hot Peppers

Having capsaicin, which have thermogenic properties, hot peppers are another effective tip on how to tighten belly skin. It could boost the heat production of your body, thereby consuming more calories and energy. If you take capsinoids every day, you will reduce abdominal fat and improve fat oxidation. You can take advantage of dried, raw, cooked and powdered forms of peppers by adding it to your soups, gravies, eggs and meats. Include cayenne pepper, red pepper, or habanero pepper to your diet to increase fat burning.

29. Salt

This is very easy-to-find ingredient for tightening belly fat. It can be taken advantage through these recipes:

Method 1: Hot compress with salt

  • Roast 500g of salt and put them in a clean cloth
  • Compress it until the salt gets cooling down a little bit
  • Massage it to your belly skin
  • Repeat this routine twice per week

This method works amazing for those women who want to tighten belly skin after pregnancy.

Method 2: Saltwater bath

  • Put 2 teaspoons of salt to your bathing water
  • Soak your body in this solution and do it regularly for good results

The salt also helps eradicate the toxins and impurities from your skin.

30. Mustard Oil

how to tighten belly skin

Using mustard oil, you will not only get healthy skin, but also develop muscles and get tight belly skin naturally.

  • Put a little mustard oil onto your hand
  • Use it to massage thoroughly your belly skin
  • Follow this regularly to get best results
31. Fresh Milk

Fresh milk is famous for its utilities of smoothing skin and lightening skin, but not many of you know that it is one of good solutions for how to tighten belly skin at home. It can recover and prevent the development of skin which has been cracked.

Spend about 30 minutes each day to massage your belly skin with fresh milk to help tighten, smooth and brighten your belly skin.

32. Potatoes

Containing a large amount of vitamins, particularly vitamin C, potatoes can not only whiten but also restore the affected skin efficiently.

You just need to boil 1-2 potatoes and ground them finely. Then, mix it with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to create a thick paste. Apply the paste over your belly skin for 15 minutes before rinsing it off with water. Do it regularly to help tighten your skin naturally.

33. How To Tighten Belly Skin – Eggs

Eggs are considered a special food that can help people restore and regenerate the collagen for cracked skin. Thus, using eggs is one of the safest tips on how to tighten belly skin that you can carry out at home.

Method 1:

  • Take a proper amount of egg white to apply directly on your belly skin
  • Leave it there for 15 minutes and wash it off with cool water
  • Follow this method daily to get youthful belly skin

Method 2: Egg white and lemon juice

Lemon juice, as mentioned earlier, contains a large amount of vitamin C which could increase the production of collagen in your skin, helping restore skin elasticity naturally. Additionally, it has astringent properties that can tighten skin and alleviate wrinkles and fine lines effectively.

  • Take an egg to get its white and mix with 2 tbsp of lemon juice
  • Apply the mixture over your belly skin for 20 minutes and rinse it off with water
  • Repeat this method 4 times per week for good results

Method 3: Egg white and yogurt

Yogurt is helpful in fighting skin blemishes while egg white can increase collagen production of your skin. Mix them with sugar, a natural exfoliator, will help you remove dead skin cells and tone up sagging skin at the same time.

  • Mix the egg white of an egg with 1 tablespoon of yogurt and ½ teaspoon of sugar
  • Apply the paste over your belly skin and leave it there till it dries
  • Rinse it off with plain water
  • Do this method daily to get rid of loosen skin steadily

Combining egg white and coffee powder also gives you a solution for sagging skin.

34. Alum Powder

Alum is a chemical compound made from the combination of many elements such as ammonium or potassium with other metals such as chromium and aluminum. Alum is often used in anti-aging products because it is a wonderful crystal in regard to skin tightening. In India, women often use this ingredient for facial skin tightening and lifting since many ages before the western world went into Indian market with cosmetics. To make use of alum powder for sagging skin, follow these methods:

Method 1:

  • Wash your face with clean water
  • Take a big piece of alum and wet it with water
  • Rub it over your belly skin gently
  • Let it dry and leave it there for as long as you could
  • Wash it off with cool water

Method 2:

  • Take a small amount of alum powder to put in a container with a lid
  • Pour water in that container to create a smooth paste
  • Wet a clean cotton ball with this mixture and apply it to your belly skin
  • Let it dry and leave it there before washing it off

Method 3:

  • Mix 4 egg whites, 100g of each of rose water, alum powder, and almond oil, plus with 50g of lemon water together
  • Put the mixture in a pot and place it on the low flame till it gets viscous and thick
  • After letting the mixture cool down, apply it to your belly skin before your bedtime and wash it off in the next morning
35. How To Tighten Belly Skin – Pumpkin Seed Oil

how to tighten belly skin

The next one in this list of tips on how to tighten belly skin is pumpkin seed oil. This is a little known remedy for sagging, loose skin but it works effective to lift your abdominal skin. Both pumpkin seeds and pumpkin paste can assist you in handling this issue.

  • Cut a pumpkin into many slices
  • Boil 3-4 small pieces of pumpkin with 1 glass water for 8-10 minutes
  • Let it cool down somehow and mix it with 1-2 teaspoons of honey and 1 glass of milk
  • Have it twice per day to get the best results
36. Changes In Diet Plan And Lifestyle

To tighten your belly skin, in addition to the methods introduced above, it is also necessary for you to have a healthy diet plan and lifestyle. Some changes you can make towards your current diet and lifestyle are:

  • Make a diet plan that contains omega fatty acids, amino acids, essential proteins for remodeling or rejuvenating your skin.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables to take vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for bright and younger skin
  • Eat raw foods like veggies and fruits. They are good for your skin health. Also, make fruit and vegetable smoothies for breakfast.
  • Massage regularly on your stomach
  • Avoid harsh soaps
  • Practice yoga and calisthenics regularly
  • Follow weight training

The 52 mentioned-above tips and tricks on how to tighten belly skin aim to help you make a suitable diet and lifestyle plan to achieve toner, firm skin without having to undergo surgeries. But, above all, you need to understand that elasticity reacts differently at different stages and ages. For younger people, it might just take a little bit of attempt to tighten up skin and maintaining it. For older ones, it might take a bit longer for achieving the same goals. It is important to acknowledge this and accept it unconditionally.

If you want to know more about some other topics of how to do something, feel free to visit our main How To page. Leave your comments below this post if you have any contributing ideas about this topic. We thank you and will reply as soon as possible.

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