18 Home Remedies For Hangnails Pain On Fingers & Toes

updated: 06/23/2019

If you are often troubled by small bits of torn skin surrounding your nails (or even toes), which cause pain when you run your fingers through the hair or snag on your clothes, then you are coping with hangnails. Every organ in our body has its own function. You may think that the nails, including the fingernails and toenails, are not important. Some people think that they just make our fingers and toes more beautiful. However, the nails play an important role in protecting sensitive tips of the fingers.

This article will show you how to get rid of this condition by using natural home remedies for hangnails pain on fingers and toes. These are powerful natural treatments which could both cure and prevent irritating, painful hangnails which also cause infections such as paronychia to the nail’s cuticle. Let’s take a look!

What Are Hangnails?

Hangnails are understood as pieces of torn skin which are separated from fingers’ skin. In other words, hangnails are defined as small threads of a tearing skin besides your nails. They occur around the fingernails and toenails. This problem is common on fingers, not on toes, though there can be one around a certain toenail.

Hangnails are not the same condition as an ingrown nail or infected nail. This condition mentions to the skin along the side of nails, not the nail itself.

Most people experience hangnails once their skin becomes dry, like after the exposure to water for a long time or in the winter. Apart from pain, hangnails could usually tear off and even bleed. Many pathogens could get into the tear and trigger infection. Hangnails may become infected once exposed to fungus or bacteria. Infected hangnails ought to be handled as soon as possible. This problem could be treated at home.

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What Are The Causes Of Hangnails?

Hangnails are resulted from the dryness of skin, being exposed to strong chemicals and having a bad manicure, including frequently biting the nails or lacking nutrients.

On the other hand, if you do not take precaution whilst clipping the nails with a clipper or excessively cut your cuticle, you will probably get hangnails. Sometimes, a trauma or injury could also lead to hangnails. Chlorine in swimming pools could also dry your complexion out and provoke hangnail formation.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hangnails?

Hangnails are just small pieces of torn skin around nails. They are rather asymptomatic unless they are infected.

There are some symptoms of hangnails that you can experience:

  • The hangnails are painful, infected.
  • The skin around the nails becomes red and swollen.
When To See A Doctor?

You ought to schedule a visit to your doctor if:

  • Your affected area gets worse or does not improve after about 1 week of treatment at home.
  • Your affected area blisters and is filled with pus
  • Other parts of the finger or nail get infected
  • The nail becomes separated from skin
  • There are unusual symptoms like a change in nail shape or color
  • You have diabetes and your nail is infected.

If you visit a doctor, he/she will examine any signs of infection in your hangnail (if any).

If you often suffer from hangnails, you can completely combat against as well as prevent this problem through applying some simple home remedies for hangnails that we will provide in this article. It is the reason why you had better look through our article “17 Home Remedies For Hangnails Pain On Fingers And Toes”. Please read through our article below. Take a look at TrueRemedies.com. However, if you see no improvement, it is time for you to go to see your doctor.

Top 18 Effective Home Remedies For Hangnails Pain On Fingers And Toes

1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the simplest and top home remedies for hangnails pain on fingers and toes. Being one of the essential vitamins for our body, vitamin E is well-known for its ability to soften as well as keep your nail beds moisturized. It also acts as a wonderful antioxidant. You can find its present in many kinds of skincare products. Regular application of vitamin E to skin, you can combat against a number of skin problems, such as reducing wrinkles, fading out brown spots, softening rough skin, etc. In addition, vitamin E can help the skin tear to be healed quickly [1].

There are a few ways of using vitamin E for combating against hangnails:

Method 1:

  • Take some vitamin E capsules.
  • Use a knife to cut them.
  • Extract the oil and directly apply it over your affected areas.
  • Allow it to remain on for 15 minutes.
  • Do the process a few times every day.

Method 2:

  • Take some vitamin E capsules.
  • Extract the oil.
  • Pour the oil in a cup.
  • Add a little amount of olive oil to the cup.
  • Mix them well.
  • Take a clean cotton ball.
  • Soak itself in the mixture.
  • Apply the mixture over your affected areas.
  • Do this application twice every day.

Method 3:

  • Clip your nails.
  • Apply some drops of vitamin E on your nail beds.
  • Do this process frequently.
2. Honey

Honey is the next ingredient that you can utilize to fight hangnails. Hangnails can be prevented and cured effectively thanks to moisturizing your nail beds. As we all know, honey is an excellent agent to moisturize your hangnails. More specifically, acting as the natural humectant, honey gives a hand in attracting as well as keeping your nail moisturized. Another effectiveness of honey in treating hangnails is that honey can deal with infection and ease inflammation thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial power. Among different types of honey, manuka honey is suggested on treating hangnails because of its wonderful power to combat against microbes.

Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Take a small amount of Manuka honey or raw honey.
  • Pour the honey on a clean cotton ball. Dab the cotton ball over your inflamed area.
  • Allow it to sit on for a few hours.
  • Do this process twice every day.
3. Avocado

Avocado is one of the healthy fruits for us. Applying avocado is also listed as one of the powerful home remedies for hangnails on fingers and toes that you should apply. This kind of fruit is rich in vitamin E, fats as well as essential minerals. It is surprising to know that there are more than 20 essential minerals and vitamins in each avocado. They are vitamin E, vitamin C, folate, potassium, iron, etc.  Whereas, this fruit is cholesterol and sodium –free as well as it is low in fat. So, avocado is one of the fruits which not only provide your body with numerous nutrients but also prevent you from being obesity. As a result, it is useful for nourishing and pushing up the healing process of your skin. Furthermore, it plays the roles of a humectant, keeping the skin moisturized.

Here is all what you need to do to use avocado as one of home remedies for hangnails:

  • Take a ripe avocado.
  • Cut it into half.
  • Use a spoon to get the pulp of one of the halves.
  • Use the spoon to mash it.
  • Put the paste in a cup.
  • Pour 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil in.
  • Directly apply the mixture on your nails.
  • Allow it to stay on overnight.
  • Rinse it off with clean water in the next morning.
  • Do the remedy thrice every week.
4. Cuticle Softener

Preparing a cuticle softener is another option for treating your hangnails. The softener is effective in moisturizing and softening your nails. If you have a lot of money, it is very easy for you to own the most cuticle softener creams. However, in this tip we will show you one of the simplest way of preparing cuticle softener by yourselves with some cheap ingredients, including olive oil, coconut oil, eucalyptus essential oil and glycerin. We have to admit the great power of olive oil in moisturizing the skin. Whereas coconut oil owns its wonderful anti-bacterial and healing power, glycerin plays a role of a good humectant for the skin. Lastly, eucalyptus essential oil is a good solution to inflamed and painful areas. That is the reason explaining why cuticle softener is regarded as one of the best home remedies for hangnails.

You can follow the guide below on how to create the cuticle softener:

Method 1:

  • Firstly, pour 2 drops of jojoba essential oil in a cup.
  • Add the same amount of eucalyptus oil to it.
  • Then pour a drop of tea tree oil in.
  • Mix with 2 tablespoons of olive oil which is warm.
  • Mix all ingredients well.
  • Directly apply the mixture over your nails.
  • Allow it to stay on overnight.
  • Do this process once every day.

Method 2:

  • Prepare 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Pour the oil in a cup.
  • Put the cup in an oven for a few minutes for warming it.
  • Remove it out of the oven.
  • Pour a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil in the cup.
  • Put the cup in the oven again for several minutes.
  • Then, add about 2 drops of lavender essential oil in.
  • Stir the mixture well.
  • Next, prepare a basin of warm water.
  • Wash you hands.
  • Then, apply the mixture on your nails.
  • Do this application once every day.
5. Almonds

If you are often suffering from hangnails, almonds are the wonderful solution to save you from this problem. Almonds are known as one of the favorite nuts around the world. Having low quantity in fatty acids, you can use almonds as snack, as a kind of milk, etc. Certainly, rich in vitamin E, fatty acids, this natural ingredient contributes to alleviate the swelling as well as inflammation due to hangnails.

We will show you a simple way of preparing almonds in fighting hangnails:

  • Take a small amount of almonds.
  • Pour them in a bowl of water.
  • Allow it to sit on overnight.
  • Remove their skin.
  • Next, put them in a grinder.
  • Grind them.
  • Take an egg.
  • Extract the yolk.
  • Beat it well.
  • Pour the beaten yolk, ground almonds and some raw honey in a cup.
  • Mix all ingredients well.
  • Take a clean cotton ball.
  • Dip it in the mixture.
  • Then, apply the mixture on your nails and hands.
  • Get your cotton gloves on.
  • Let it remain on overnight.
  • Use some cool water to wash it off.
  • Do the repetition several times a week.
6. Beeswax Balm

Beeswax balm is also listed as one of the excellent home remedies for hangnails pain thanks to its strong ability to moisturize as well as soften your nails. It is not surprising that beeswax balm is used in creating natural products for the skin. For example, you can prepare your own deodorant, lotion bar sticks, soaps, etc. If you combine with some oils, it acts as a protective agent and a good way of soothing the inflammation due to hangnails.

The steps you need to do are very simple as below:

  • Take 2 teaspoons of coconut oil.
  • Pour the oil in a cup.
  • Pour the same amount of olive oil and almond oil in it.
  • Next, add about 3 teaspoon of raw honey to the cup.
  • Also mix with 3 tablespoons of beeswax balm.
  • Place the mixture to your hands and nails.
  • Let it sit on overnight.
  • Do the application twice every day.
7. Aloe Vera

Actually, there is no miracle cure in regard to skin care, yet aloe vera seems to come rather close. Its regenerative and healing properties could do a trick in even hopeless conditions. Containing the power to soothe the inflammation and moisturize the skin, aloe vera is a really good solution to your hangnails. The gel extracted from this plant is useful in healing and repairing the affected skin area as well as encouraging the process of skin regeneration. In addition, if it is combined with some turmeric, this combination can also be a wonderful treatment and prevention for hangnails. Whilst fresh aloe vera gel is recommended, you could also take advantage of packaged aloe vera gel as an alternative. However, look for the type which does not have too much additives [1].

Here are the steps you need to follow to use aloe vera in treating hangnails:

Method 1:

  • Take an aloe vera.
  • Use a knife to let it open.
  • Then, extract its gel and apply it to your nails.
  • Let it stay on for at least half an hour.
  • Wash it off with some cool water.
  • Do this application twice every day.

Method 2:

  • Take a handful of turmeric powder.
  • Put the powder in a cup.
  • Add a teaspoons of aloe vera gel.
  • Mix them thoroughly.
  • Then, apply the mixture to your affected areas.
  • Let it remain for half an hour.
  • Then, wash it off with some water.
  • Apply the remedy 2 times every day.
  • Do this remedy for several days.
8. Yogurt

Yogurt will also help you a lot in treating your hangnails. It is effective in easing the pain as well as the inflammation due to hangnails. Plus, yogurt has probiotics with strong anti-inflammatory power and the ability to moisturize the nails’ skin. It is the lactic acid contained in yogurt that helps to get rid of dead skin cells and cleanse skin naturally. As a result, the skin is regenerated quickly.

Here is all you need to follow:

  • Take some plain yogurt.
  • Apply it to your hangnails.
  • Let it to sit on for several hours.
  • Then, wash it off with some water.
  • Do this process twice every day.
9. Argan Oil

argan oil

When it comes to home remedies for hangnails on fingers or toes, argan oil is worth mentioning due to its amazing effectiveness. Argan oil can moisturize your skin without leaving greasy. Thus, it is an ideal treatment for nails and cuticles. You should remove all the polish from toenails and fingernails and wash thoroughly.

Pour a drop of argan oil on your affected site and rub it gently on your nail bed plus with cuticle. Wait till your nails have been treated. Then, rinse it off before applying polish if you want. This oil will help to condition the nails while keep the cuticles moisturized. As a result, you will not suffer from painful hangnails.

10. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a good ingredient for fighting your hangnails. The salt, in general, is commonly used to disinfect infected areas. Therefore, washing your affected hangnails with the salt solution can eliminate bacteria, toxins. As a result, the inflamed and swollen nails are soothed quickly.

The instruction below shows you how to utilize Epsom salt for curing this problem:

  • Prepare a teaspoon of Epsom salt.
  • Put them in a bowl.
  • Pour in with a cup of lukewarm water.
  • Stir them well to dissolve the salt.
  • Then, put your affected nails in the mixture.
  • Keep it stay on for 20 minutes.
  • Then, use a clean towel to dry them.
  • Apply some ointment which is against bacteria.
  • Use a bandage to cover it.
  • Remove the bandage after an hour.
  • Do the application thrice every day.
11. White Clay

If you are so annoyed at your hangnails, you should try white clay as a one of natural remedies for hangnails. White clay is appropriate for using on sensitive and dry skin area. More specifically, it helps to remove the dead skin cells as well as push up the healing process thanks to some essential minerals. Using white clay also prevents hangnails from recurring again.

Here is the guide for you:

  • Take a teaspoon of white clay.
  • Put it in a cup.
  • Add the same amount of olive oil to the cup.
  • Pour in with several drops of lavender oil.
  • Mix them all well.
  • Apply the mixture on your nails.
  • Gently massage it.
  • Allow it to leave on for half an hour.
  • Rinse it with some water.
  • Do the repletion twice every day.
12. Bentonite Clay

As mentioned above, you know how effective white clay is in curing your hangnails. In this tip, we will find out another kind of clay for contributing to combating against this problem, that is bentonite clay. A similar characteristic of healing clay is its ability to flush out toxic things out of your body, thereby alleviating inflammation and making the skin become softer. Known as Montmorillonite, bentonite clay is weathered volcanic ash which possesses healing property used in battlefield wound dressings. According to studies, bentonite clay has been proven to stop bleeding in the cut arteries and prevent potential infection in wound sites.

Besides, bentonite clay also helps oxygen reach to the cells in body. Using bentonite clay on your hangnails will guard the affected site from any further infection, draw out current infection, decrease swelling and soothe sore skin. In case your skin is dry or sensitive, you could still use bentonite clay since it will not dry your skin out and is totally non-irritant.

The steps you need to do to use bentonite clay as one of home remedies for hangnails are very simple as below:

  • Take a handful of bentonite clay.
  • Put it in a cup.
  • Add a sufficient amount of water to.
  • Mix them thoroughly to form a paste.
  • Then, apply the paste over your nails.
  • Use a clean bandage to cover it.
  • Let it sit on for several hours.
  • Do this repetition a few times every day.
13. Oatmeal Scrub

Oatmeal scrub is another option for you. Oatmeal is so useful for exfoliating dead skin cells due to gentle exfoliating effects, and softening the skin thanks to its natural humectant power, not to mention the anti-inflammation property.

The instructions on how to prepare oatmeal for curing your hangnails are shown below:

  • Take a cup of rolled oatmeal.
  • Pour the oatmeal in a grinder.
  • Grind them.
  • Then, pour the ground oatmeal in a bowl.
  • Add some lukewarm water to it.
  • Mix them thoroughly.
  • Now, apply the paste to your nails.
  • Allow it to remain on for several minutes.
  • Wash it off with cold water.
  • Do the repetition twice every day.
14. Olive Oil

Using warm olive oil is also considered as one of cheap but effective home remedies for hangnails.

Simply following the steps here, you own one of the best home remedies for your hangnails:

  • Firstly, prepare a small bottle.
  • Drop 2 teaspoon of olive oil in the bottle.
  • Also pour in about 25 drops of lavender essential oil.
  • Then, take a capsule of vitamin E.
  • Cut it to get its extract.
  • Pour the extract in the bottle.
  • Next, put the bottle in a basin of hot water for 5 minutes to warm the oil.
  • Pour the warm oils in your affected nails.
  • Allow it to stay on overnight.
  • Wear your cotton gloves in.
  • Do this remedy once every day.
15. Turmeric

Turmeric is the next ingredient you should think about when you suffer from hangnails. Turmeric is well-known for its anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammation powers which are so effective in reducing the redness and inflammation associated with hangnails.

The guide below shows you how to fight your hangnails quickly by using this very simple kitchen spice:

  • Take a small amount of mustard oil.
  • Put it in a pan.
  • Turn on the heat.
  • Heat the mustard oil to melt it.
  • Then add some turmeric powder in.
  • Heat the mixture for several minutes.
  • Then, apply the mixture to your affected nails.
  • Let it remain on for 60 minutes.
  • Do this process twice every day for a week.
16. Petroleum Jelly

petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly can help you a lot in treating your hangnails. As we know, dryness is one of the causes of hangnails. Therefore, it is clear that if the dryness is reduced, your hangnails can be soothed significantly. Petroleum jelly is a wonderful solution to moisturizing your nails and hands.

Here is a very simple instruction for you:

  • Take a teaspoon of petroleum jelly.
  • Put the jelly in a cup.
  • Add ½ teaspoon of sesame oil.
  • Mix them thoroughly.
  • Then, directly apply the mixture to your inflamed hangnails.
  • Allow it to sit on overnight.
  • Rinse it off with some water in the next morning.
  • Do this process every night before going to sleep.
17. Glycerin

You can also utilize glycerin as a good option for curing your hangnails. It is because glycerine can soften your skin through attracting moisture. If you mix with a handful of coconut or just some drops of vitamin E, this can be one of the best solutions to your hangnails now.

Here is all what you need to do:

  • Firstly, take some glycerine to pour in a cup.
  • Add a small quantity of coconut oil to the cup.
  • Mix them well.
  • Directly apply the mixture to your affected areas.
  • Let it remain for 15 minutes.
  • Wash it off with your regular soap.
  • Use some warm water to wash your hands again.
  • Do this remedy twice every day.
18. Calendula

Calendula is the next natural remedy for your hangnails that you should not miss out. It owns the powerful healing properties. Therefore, it is so effective in treating injury, dryness and inflammation.

The steps you need to do is very simple:

Method 1:

  • Prepare a handful of calendula blossoms.
  • Wash them thoroughly.
  • Put them in a pot.
  • Add an amount of almond oil provided that the oil is as thrice as that of calendula.
  • Next, cover it.
  • Keep it in the place out of direct sunlight.
  • Let it sit on for 2 weeks.
  • Stir the mixture occasionally.
  • Strain the liquid.
  • Directly apply the liquid to your affected nails.

Method 2:

  • Take some calendula blossoms.
  • Wash them carefully.
  • Put them in a pot.
  • Add a sufficient amount of water.
  • Turn on the heat.
  • Boil the mixture.
  • Remove the heat.
  • Let it steep for 10 minutes.
  • Strain the mixture.
  • Let it cool down naturally.
  • Pour the mixture in a cup.
  • Take an aloe vera leaf.
  • Wash it thoroughly.
  • Cut it to get its gel.
  • Add a small amount of aloe vera gel to the cup.
  • Mix them well.
  • Apply the mixture to your affected nails.
  • Gently massage it for several minutes.
  • Do this remedy once every day.

Home Remedies For Hangnails – Tips To Prevent Hangnails

If you often suffer from hangnails, it is better for you to apply some tips below to control this problem:

  • Let your nail bed be moisturized. It is very easy to do this prevention. You should apply some cuticle oil to your nail beds regularly. Keeping your nail bed away from dryness is one of the best ways to prevent hangnails.
  • Get rid of your nail biting habit. This is a bad habit that you should stop. Regularly biting your nails brings you a higher risk of suffering from hangnails.
  • A good habit after clipping your nails is another way to prevent you from hangnails. You should apply several drops of vitamin E on your nail bed soon after you finish clipping.
  • Next, remember to wear gloves when you wash dishes or touch chemicals.
  • Have your nails manicured frequently.
  • Consume the foods containing the high quantity of vitamin B, iron and calcium.

So, you have provided with some home remedies for your hangnails. Have you chosen your suitable ones in our article about home remedies for hangnails”? It is because in generally these remedies are very easy to follow, you can completely apply them at home. However, it is advisable for you to see a specialized doctor for a better solution if your condition doesn’t improve at all. If there are any concerns about the remedies mentioned in our article of “18 Home Remedies For Hangnails Pain On Fingers And Toes” presented in Home Remedies Category, do not hesitate to leave your comments below this post. Your ideas are always welcomed. We will try to give the feedback to you as soon as possible.

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