20 Natural Home Remedies For Breast Tenderness During PMS

When breasts become tender, many women go to see a doctor because they are worried that they have breast cancer. In fact, breast tenderness is a fairly common phenomenon. It is the obsession of women, especially pregnant women. Breast tenderness in women can be caused by pathology or physiology, so finding out the cause of this condition is essential.

In the article below, we present basic information about breast tenderness as well as home remedies to treat it. They will help you determine your condition as well as treat it safely and quickly.

What Is Breast Tenderness?

Breast tenderness is a common unpleasant phenomenon in women, especially pregnant women and menopausal women. According to statistics, about 70% of women suffer from breast tenderness at some point in their lives. About 1/10 women have mild to severe breast tenderness more than 5 days in a month. Breast tenderness is a painful and uncomfortable condition in the breast and under the arm. At that time, the breasts are softer than usual. Some women experience severe breast tenderness throughout the menstrual cycle. This has a lot of negative impact on their lives. Therefore, this phenomenon is the obsession of women.

When breasts become tender, many women go to see a doctor because they are worried that they have breast cancer. However, if not accompanied by any other symptoms, breast tenderness is rarely a sign of breast cancer. In fact, this phenomenon does not increase the risk of breast cancer. Chest pain is not spread and passed down through generations in the family. There are a number of causes that cause this discomfort. However, if you are unable to determine the cause of this condition, i.e. it occurs inadvertently, you are most likely to have a breast related illness.

About 2-7% of women with breast tenderness face breast cancer. If there is no evidence of breast cancer, very few women with breast tenderness need special treatment. In many cases, this phenomenon disappears after a few months, after a change in bra type, or after taking regular painkillers.

What Are Common Causes Of Breast Tenderness?

Here are the common causes of this phenomenon:

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  • Breast Tenderness During Menstruation

When the menstrual cycle is about to begin, the breasts often become very sensitive. Their size can be bigger than normal. This usually lasts about five days. When menstruation occurs, this condition also disappears.Some women experience breast tenderness throughout the menstrual cycle. Although this phnomenon is uncomfortable, it is a “guarantee” of the endocrine and reproductive system as well as the possibility of pregnancy. When women enter the menopause, this phenomenon will no longer appear because the hormone reproduction is not much.

  • Breast Tenderness During Pregnancy

When the woman is pregnant, the mammary ducts begin to develop, and her breast becomes larger than normal. When the woman is pregnant, her mammary ducts begin to develop and her breast become larger than normal. The greater the pregnancy, the more breast tissue. At this point, the mother feels tender in her nipples. That is a normal phenomenon. However, if it is accompanied by lumps on one or both sides of the breast, mammary gland ultrasonography is needed.

  • Breast Tenderness Because Of Too Much Breast Milk

Without breastfeeding, your breasts will be very tender. To reduce this pain, mothers should breastfeed early and properly. In addition to the great benefits of breastfeeding, many studies have shown that breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer. Breast tenderness because of too much breast milk can cause mild fever. If breast tenderness comes with phenomena like mild fever and lumps, think of breast abscess.

  • Breast Tenderness During Premenopause And Menopause

Between the ages of 45 and 55, breast tenderness usually appears with signs, such as menstrual irregularities, shortened menstrual period, and reduced blood volume in each menstrual period. After a while, when the hormones become stable, the chest is no longer tender.

  • Breast Tenderness Due To Change Of Breast Lining

Change of breast liningis a physiological change or hormonal disorder in women between the ages of 35 and 40. This change can cause the breasts to become sensitive. Then, breast tenderness is unavoidable.

  • Breast Tenderness Because Of Fatty Acid Imbalance

The imbalance of fatty acids in the cells can affect the sensitivity of the breast tissue.

  • Breast Tenderness Because Of Drug Use

Some hormonal medications like birth control pills may be associated withbreast tenderness. In addition, breast tendernessmay be due to side effects of estrogen hormone therapy.

  • Breast Tenderness Because Of Large Breasts

Women with large breasts may have noncyclic breast tenderness. In addition, they may also have pain in the neck, shoulders and back. Then, weight adjustment is necessary.

What Are Common Symptoms Of Breast Tenderness?

Breast tenderness is usually divided into two types: cyclic breast tenderness and noncyclic breast tenderness. Here are the signs of them:

  • Cyclic Breast Tenderness

Cyclic breast tenderness usually occurs in both breasts. This phenomenon is often accompanied by severe pain or pain that spreads to the armpit and arm. The pain is most severe before the menstrual cycle and is reduced when the cycle ends. Cyclic breast tenderness is the most common phenomenon, accounting for about two thirds of breast problems. It is common in women between the ages of 30 and 40.

  • Noncyclic Breast Tenderness

Noncyclic breast tenderness tends to occur only on one side of the breast. The most prominent symptom of this type is severe pain in one area of the breast. It causes very severe pain.

You may experience other symptoms not mentioned. If you have any questions about the signs of the disease, please consult your doctor.

Who Is At High Risk Of This Phenonmenon?

Breast tenderness is a very common condition in women of all ages, backgrounds and living conditions. Women who have menstruation often have cyclic breast tenderness, while premenopausal and postmenopausal women may have noncyclic breast tenderness. You can control the disease by reducing your risk factors. Please talk to your doctor for more information.

When To See A Doctor?

You should see a doctor if your breast tenderness is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • There is a tumor on the breast
  • Nipple fluid
  • The breast or nipple appears an abnormal depression
  • Nausea, tiredness, fever
  • Breast tenderness has been going on for a long time

The condition of each person is different, so let’s consult your doctor to select the most suitable option.

Above is the basic information about breast tenderness that you need to know. Be sure that after learning about this information, you can clearly determine your problem. As we mentioned above, if not accompanied by other symptoms, breast tenderness isa non-dangerous phenomenon. You can completely treat it with the home remedies for breast tenderness that we present below. It is time to find out what the best natural home remedies for breast tenderness during PMS are. Take a look at TrueRemedies.com!

Top 20 Natural Home Remedies For Breast Tenderness During PMS

1. Home Remedies For Breast Tenderness – Wear Proper Bra
home remedies for breast tenderness - wear proper bra

This is the first remedy in this list of home remedies for breast tenderness during PMS. Wearing tight bras can also cause breast tenderness. This causes the breast muscles to contract and the blood flow to the breast is blocked. That is the main reason why you sometimes have pain in the breast when wearing tight bra. Besides, if your breasts grow in size and you do not increase the size of your bras, breast tenderness is unavoidable. Therefore, it is very necessary to wear a bra that gives you comfort.

Besides, the bra should have the ability to lift the chest. Choosing your bras will affect the feel of your breasts. Wearing a comfortable bra that can sustain your chest firmly will help reduce pain and help protect you from the effects of gravity. You should ask the surveyor to help you choose the best fit bra. The bra that does not fit the chest will cause pain. You can get help from the staff at the underwear store to find the right bras for you. Avoid using breast pads for a few days. Instead, you should wear a camisole which has a chest pad or sports bra to provide gentle support to your chest. If possible, you should not wear bras when sleeping. If you need support for your breasts, you can wear a bra made of breathable fabric.

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2. Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil originates from the seed of evening primrose plant. This oil is used for different skin issues, including psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Also, it is used for rheumatoid arthritis, Raynaud’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis (MS), high cholesterol, cancer, heart disease, leg pain caused by blocked blood vessels, alcoholism, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

People use evening primrose oil for chronic fatigue syndrome, nerve damage associated with diabetes, and asthma.

Women often use evening primrose oil during pregnancy for the prevention of high blood pressure, starting labor, shortening labor, and preventing late delivery. Besides, women also use this oil for PMS, endometriosis, breast tenderness and pain, hot flashes or symptoms of menopause.

Basically, in foods this oil is used as a source of essential fatty acids while in manufacturing, it is used in cosmetics and soaps. In fact, evening primrose oil has “fatty acids”. Some women having breast pain and tenderness may not have enough levels of specific “fatty acids”. Also, fatty acids seem to aid in reducing inflammation associated with conditions like eczema and arthritis.

You can use evening primrose oil for reducing breast tenderness by taking several drops of this oil to apply gently on your breasts. Massage in circular motions for good results [1].

3. Just Use Sports Bras When Exercising

Among home remedies for breast tenderness, this is one of the most effective. Many of you have the habit of not wearing bras when exercising at home. This means that the chest is not properly supported when you have strong exercises, especially when you perform dances, weight lifting or gymnastics with equipment.As a result, the breasts are not kept stable. They are constantly moving. In this case, breast tenderness is unavoidable.

If you exercise regularly, you should choose a sports bra that will support your breasts. They are specially designed to support the chest against the effects of sport and reduce chest discomfort. Sports bras have different styles, sizes, and breast support ability. You should consult the help of staff at the underwear store to find the type that suits your breasts size and needs. People with big breasts should choose a sporty and solid bodice. If you own a small chest, you will need less support.

4. Soya

home remedies for breast tenderness - soya

Soya in the form of soybeans, soy milk, or soy burgers is highly beneficial for breast health. They have a rich content of isoflavone compounds which decrease tenderness of breasts. Also known as phytoestrogens, soy is currently used for menopausal symptoms and hot flashes [2].

Therefore, it is recommended to enhance the consumption of soy products for those who want to get rid of breast tenderness. Or, you could also take about 68 mg of soy isoflavones every day, which is about the amount taken from a glass of soy milk and ½ cup of tofu.

5. Aim For Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation causes swelling and pain. Decreasing the amount of inflammatory hormones in your system will help you alleviate breast tenderness. To do it, you should follow these guidelines:

Reduce animal protein intake: Vegetarian sources of protein are proven to be less pro-inflammatory than protein from animals, including meat. Fish is low inflammatory, but you had better choose the types with low mercury level.

Consume good quality fats: The oils with poor quality and the oils which are rancid may worsen your inflammation. Thus, you had better stick to walnut oil, olive oil, coconut oil and use them along with flaxseed oil raw for dressing grains, vegetables and salads.

Reduce sugar intake: sugar creates inflammation. Inflammation may weaken your system. Despite it is tough to eat less sugar for most of us recent days, it will help you feel much better once you could.

6. Home Remedies For Breast Tenderness – Cold Compress

This is another must-try home treatment in this list of home remedies for breast tenderness during PMS. If you are suffering from breast tenderness, apply cold compress. This remedy will help you reduce swelling and soothe the pain. You can apply this remedy as often as you like, each time for 20 minutes. You can freeze a paper cup filled with water to gently massage the affected area.

Also, you can use a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a dish towel. The shape of the bag of frozen vegetables will fit in your chest and will make you feel more comfortable than the ice pack. If it is too cold or numb, you should insert a towel between your ice pack and your skin to prevent cold burns.

7. Heat Therapy

This remedy is one of little – known home remedies for breast tenderness during PMS. Applying heat to your breasts not only helps to reduce the pain caused by breast tenderness. There are plenty of heat therapies that can help with your condition such as using a warm pack or dipping the body in warm water. Bathing or soaking in a hot tub will help you relax and relieve chest pain.

You can refill hot water in a bottle or use hot packets available at pharmacies. Let’s put them on your breast to gradually treat your problem. Some creams used for hot massage may also be used in this case. They are over-the-counter creams. Their effectiveness in relieving breast tenderness will surprise you. However, you should be careful when using these creams on the nipple. You should not use them if you are in the breastfeeding period.

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8. Home Remedies For Breast Tenderness – Limit Or Stay Away From Caffeine

Caffeine can also be a culprit causing breast tenderness. The study of the relationship between caffeine and breast tenderness remains controversial, but some physicians suggest that you should minimize or stay away from caffeine completely to get rid of this condition. This remedy helps you prevent or minimize the appearance of symptoms of breast tenderness. Caffeine is good for your health only if it is consumed in a limited way. Excessive consumption of caffeine can cause dehydration and endocrine disorders in the body. This can cause breast pain. If you're a coffee drinker, instead of drinking five cups of coffee a day, try just one or two cups to keep your breasts healthy.

Drinks such as carbonated water and tea also contain caffeine. Foods including chocolate and some coffee creams may also contain caffeine. If you need to stay awake by taking caffeine, you should avoid using them at the time you are experiencing breast tenderness.

9. Adjust The Nutrition

home remedies for breast tenderness - adjust the nutrition

The next treatment in this list of home remedies for breast tenderness treatment is adjusting the nutrition. Some evidence has suggested that dietary changes will help to minimize chest pain caused by this condition. Women experiencing PMS symptoms do not get enough B vitamins, calcium, vitamin E and vitamin E among other nutrients from their current diet. For example, the magnesium deficiency plays a basic role in regard to PMS triggers. If you do not take enough these essential nutrients, your own body will demand urgent attention by intensifying PMS symptoms [3]. Some foods that should be added to your diet to reduce PMS symptoms include plant foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and seeds; calcium-rich foods like raw milk, broccoli, cooked kale, yogurt and sardines; high-fiber foods, flaxseed, leafy green veggies, wheat germ, wild-caught fish and avocado.

You also need to reduce the amount of fat and increase the amount of complex carbohydrates in your diet if you want to prevent or treat breast tenderness. Complex carbohydrates are found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Besides, you should also eat more protein foods like fish, eggs, cauliflowers, and bananas. Getting away from greasy foods like fried foods and fast food is essential.

You may be surprised by the following information: Reducing salt intake per day can improve breast tenderness during pregnancy. Salt causes the body to accumulate water, which in turn makes the breast heavier. This is the cause why women suffering from breast pain during pregnancy. Consequently, reducing salt intake is essential for pregnant women. Consuming 3-6mg of salt per day is sufficient. In addition, you should also drink plenty of water to help the body enhance the excretion of excess fluid, while helping you feel more relaxed and always full of vitality.

Eating high acidic foods can also be a major reason for breast tenderness. If your body is excessively acidic, reduce consumption of acidic foods or try acid-based drugs.

Besides, reduce your intake of alcohol because it makes your PMS symptoms worse and might boost the potential risk of cramping during menstruation [4].

10. Home Remedies For Breast Tenderness – Supplements Of Functional Foods

This sounds strange when it comes to home remedies for breast tenderness treatment, but it works. Many studies have shown that functional foods can help improve breast tenderness. You can easily buy functional foods and vitamins at most pharmacies and nutritional stores. Adding vitamins and minerals like vitamin E will reduce any pain that you are experiencing. You should take 600 IU of vitamin E, 50 mg of vitamin B6, and 300 mg of magnesium per day. Besides, evening primrose oil which contains linoleic acid helps the breasts become less sensitive to hormonal changes. Therefore, you should use 3 grams of evening primrose oil each day.

11. Breast Massage

This is one of easy but effective home remedies for breast tenderness treatment during PMS. Gently massage the breast and tissues around the breast can help reduce the pain caused by breast tenderness. This also helps you relax. Some studies have shown that the massage will remove stress and stretch the muscles that are strained. Therefore, breast massage is really a remedy that you should try at least once. Remember to massage gently if you do not want to damage your sensitive breast tissue. You can use some natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil to massage your breast. It is recommended to massage the breast gently from outside to inside (in an upward motion). This will keep your breasts firm and not sagging.

Besides, you can try relaxing therapy. If breast tenderness is causing you tension, you should think about applying a relaxing massage. Although there is no definitive conclusion to this therapy, some evidence suggests that it can help reduce breast tenderness by controlling the serious anxiety associated with this problem.

12. Home Remedies For Breast Tenderness – Vitamin E

Many studies have shown that daily use of vitamin E could decrease breast tenderness and pain greatly. Some rich sources of vitamin E are tofu, almonds, spinach and sunflower seeds. Or, you could also take advantage of vitamin E in the form of D-alpha tocopherol. About 600 units every day will help women with breast pain. Experts recommend using this dose for about 3 months.

13. Chasteberry Extract

Women have used chasteberry extract for a long time to deal with menstrual issues. There were more than 30 European trials carried out over the past 50 years and they concluded that this substance could improve menstrual symptoms, including tenderness. Some studies suggest using 4 mg each day for good results.

14. Home Remedies For Breast Tenderness – Cabbage Leaves

If you are looking for easy-to-find home remedies for breast tenderness, think of cabbage leaves. Indeed, cabbage is an extraordinary thing. It not only makes up delicious recipes, but it also comes with a number of amazing health benefits. This plant has been used for years to deal with some conditions like stomach ulcers, constipation, arthritis, eczema, and scurvy. Hence, including cabbage into your daily diet is considered one of the best things to do for your whole body.

Cabbage is a great solution for breast tenderness because it is rich in antibiotics and possesses anti-irritant property. Like broccoli and brussel sprouts, cabbage has sinigrin, a glucosinolate –a natural component in a lot of pungent plants like horseradish and mustard. When the leaves or tissues of a plant are broken, it will release antioxidants including sinigrin. As a result, they heal wounds and problematic area faster.

What you need to do is:

  • Place a head of cabbage in the fridge
  • Take it out and peel off the outer layer of its leaves
  • Pull off 2-3 inner leaf layers and place the head of cabbage back into the fridge
  • Rinse off the leaves removed and cut out so that the leaves nicely fit over your breasts without covering the nipple
  • Place cold, clean cabbage leaves on breast with nipple exposed
  • Wear bras to keep them in place and wait for 20 minutes
  • Remove them off
  • Repeat this routine a few times per day
15. Dandelion

home remedies for breast tenderness - dandelion

Also known as Taraxacus officinale, dandelion is a yellow flower which originates in Eurasia. Some people think they are weeds, but they are a traditional medicinal plant in fact. The diuretic properties of dandelion make it one of great home remedies for breast tenderness during PMS. It helps remove excess water from your body as well as breasts, relieving soreness and heaviness. Besides, it could alleviate inflammation and gives a calming effect on your body.

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16. Home Remedies For Breast Tenderness – Take Painkillers

The next one in this list of home remedies for breast tenderness is taking painkiller. You can take painkillers when you feel severe discomfort and / or when you feel really needed. These medications will help relieve soreness and reduce swelling. You can take over-the-counter pain relievers such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium or acetaminophen. Ibuprofen and naproxen sodium will reduce some swelling.

17. Use Anti-Inflammatory Creams

Using anti-inflammatory creams is also an effective way to treat breast tenderness. You can ask your doctor to prescribe steroid-free anti-inflammatory creams or buy other over-the-counter creams at the pharmacy. These are topical creams. They can help relieve pain and swelling associated with breast tenderness. Apply this cream directly to the affected area to gradually improve this condition. This is reckoned one of the best home remedies for breast tenderness treatment.

18. Adjust The Use Of Birth Control Pills

This is another must-try home treatment in this list of home remedies for breast tenderness treatment. Because birth control pills contain hormones, they can cause breast tenderness. Therefore, you should consult your doctor about adjusting the medication or the dose of birth control pills you are taking. If the use of birth control pills is not really necessary, you can stop using them for a period of time.  Non-medicated contraceptives will help you in this situation.

Breast tenderness may also be a consequence of the contraceptive effect. Birth control pills have the effect of producing estrogen in your body. Effects on the hormone estrogen in the body can be the cause of breast tenderness. If you want to avoid breast pain at the end of the day, take birth control pills with no side effects, or birth control pills which do not cause allergies to the body according to your doctor's advice.

19. Minimize The Use Of Hormone Supplements

Among home remedies for breast tenderness, this is one of the most effective. If you are taking hormone supplements during menopause or for other conditions, you should consult your doctor about minimizing or stopping the medication. Although this remedy can help relieve pain caused by breast tenderness, it can also have side effects. Please consult your doctor about the dose of drug you are taking, stopping using it, or trying other hormone treatments.

20. Home Remedies For Breast Tenderness – Weight Loss

It has been said that a reduction in body weight could lessen breast tenderness to some extent. This sounds irrelevant but it is real. The reason can be that because you consume less animal fat, the estrogen will be excreted less within your body. Furthermore, most of fat accumulates in your breasts, showing an increased sensitivity to body hormones. Therefore, it is always good to reduce weight to prevent tenderness and pain in breasts. Do it by practicing exercise and following a healthy diet. Exercise also helps to balance hormones and decrease stress, thereby reducing PMS symptoms. According to research, it was shown that PMS is much more likely once you are overweight or obese, meaning that having a body mass index of more than 30, and once you do not exercise adequate [5].

The above-mentioned home remedies for breast tenderness are claimed to be able to reduce the symptoms of heavy or prolonged periods. Choose some of them and alternate them in your treating to see how effective they are. In addition to the home remedies for breast tenderness during PMS mentioned above, you should make sure that you decrease stress and anxiety in your daily life because stress worsen PMS symptoms. In accordance with a recent study, it was proven that when being stressed, the levels of stress hormones cortisol increase. As a result, it caused negative effects on the balance of hormones. To put in simple words: the more stress you have, the more PMS symptoms you will be prone to experience each month [6]

If you have any contributing ideas about our article of “Top 20 Natural Home Remedies For Breast Tenderness During PMS” introduced in Home Remedies Category, do not hesitate to drop your words below this post. We will answer as soon as we could.

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