26 Best Home Remedies For Frequent Urination & Burning At Night

Updated: 11/09/2019

Have to go all the time? In technical terms, this condition is called frequent urination. Oftentimes, the human bladder may store urine until it is convenient to go to the toilet, from 4 to 8 times per day. If you need to go more than 8 times per day or wake up at night to go to the toilet, then it means that you are drinking too close to bedtime or too much. Or, it can signal a health issue. Before discovering the best home remedies for frequent urination, you need to acknowledge some basics about this condition. Take a look from TrueRemedies.com!


What Is Frequent Urination?

Frequent urination happens when a person needs to urinate more than he normally would. The urge could strike suddenly and could cause the sufferer to lose control of his bladder. It feels uncomfortable like the bladder is very full. Frequent urination is also referred to as an overactive bladder. Doctors say that urination every two hours or even more is frequent urination.

To treat frequent urination, addressing the root causes is very important.

What Are Causes Of Frequent Urination?

In essence, urination is a complicated process involving various muscle groups as well as types, and a nerve network settled in the human spine and brain, and both in and around the bladder.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that urinary frequency could be a symptom of many different diseases, disorders and conditions, both psychological and physiological. The main thing to remember is that frequent urination is persistent and unexplained, then it may be a symptom of a certain serious thing. Some types of drugs like diuretics could be associated with this symptom.

If you drink too much water or consume too much fluid before going to bed, particularly if it has alcohol or caffeine, it may cause frequent urination at night time. Sometimes, frequent urination may be a habit.

The most common frequent urination causes are diabetes mellitus, prostate problems and pregnancy.

Some other causes of frequent urination are:

  • Medication like diuretics
  • Anxiety
  • Stroke and other nervous system or brain conditions
  • Infection of prostate gland
  • Kidney infection
  • Tumor / mass in pelvic area
  • Bladder cancer
  • Bladder stones
  • Bladder dysfunction
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Diverticulitis

What Are Symptoms Of Frequent Urination?

If you experience frequent urination, you may feel the urge to go to the bathroom a lot, but that is not the single symptom accompanied with this problem. Symptoms of frequent urination will vary depending on the causes. Despite every person is not different, common symptoms of frequent urination include:

  • Urgency
  • Unexplained leakage
  • Burning and dribble when urinating
  • Blood in the urine
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Leakage upon coughing
  • Hesitancy – urge to urinate but nothing goes
  • Strong smelling urine

When the urinary frequency impacts your life in a generous way or you have unexplained signs and symptoms, such as a fever, back pain, bloody or cloudy urine, chills, or discharge from the penis or vagina, then you should visit a doctor instantly. Also, it is important to see a doctor if you see a sudden increase of thirsts.

When To See A Doctor?

There are some cases that you should visit a doctor instantly as mentioned earlier. But, you should also make an appointment with your doctor if you urinate much more frequently than normal or if:

  • There is not any apparent cause, like drinking caffeine, alcohol or too much fluid before bedtime
  • The condition disrupts your daily activities and sleep
  • You have some other urinary problems / worrisome symptoms

Besides, contact your doctor as soon as you may if you have frequent urination with the following signs:

  • Blood in urine
  • Dark brown / red urine
  • Pain when urinating
  • A huge urge to urinate
  • Trouble emptying the bladder or difficulty urinating
  • Inability to control bladder
  • Fever

Top 26 Home Remedies For Frequent Urination Infection And Burning

The recipes we've focused on are traditional home remedies, so always consult your doctor and check out your health condition regularly.

1. Baking Soda

The next one in this list of home remedies for frequent urination is soda. Remember it is not soda in the sugary soft drink, but in baking soda. This is a miraculous substance which may help you deal with different things from skin disorders like heat rash to health issues like heartburn and UTI’s. Baking soda has alkaline nature, which is the opposite of acidic, meaning that it could help in neutralizing and alleviating the acidity of your urine[1]. If you feel an urge of peeing due to a burning feeling, baking soda will help you relieve the discomfort.

Take the steps below:

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 8 ounces of plain water.
  • Stir them well till it dissolves entirely
  • Drink the solution in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Apply this method for over 1 week

Note: If you are trying to avoid salt, then this is an alternative for you because baking soda is rich in sodium.

2. Parsley Water

In addition to the fact that parsley water may be a wonderfully refreshing drink, it could also help in relieving a urinary tract infection and frequent urination and boost the healing process by playing a role of a diuretic. In reality, diuretics are often used to treat many problems and may increase the sodium amount that your kidneys excrete in the urine. When diuretics create sodium, they will take water associated with it, and the fluid amount if your blood will reduce. Less fluid means that there will be less pressure on your arteries. It is the reason why it is commonly used to treat the condition of high blood pressure. For those with UIT’s, they should increase the amount of urine to flush out bacteria and relieve discomfort and parsley may help increase your output of urine[2]. Take the following steps:

  • Mix 1 cup of fresh parsley or 2 tablespoons of dried parsley with 1-2 cups of boiling water
  • Bring them to boil and reduce the heat to let it simmer gradually. Let the leaves in the mixture for 5-10 minutes.
  • Strain the leaves out before drinking the water

Pop the container of parsley tea in the fridge if it is a hot summer day, so you will get an “iced tea”. In case you use the dried parsley, place it into a cup of boiling water, cover it up and let it steep for 10 minutes, then strain and drink it.

3. Ginger Tea

Ginger is helpful for most conditions involved any type of inflammation. This spice helps black prostaglandin synthesis, which is a process creating little messengers. Prostaglandins may communicate a variety of biological processes, like inflammation. Also, they transmit the pain signals to the brain neurons. Therefore, it helps prevent inflammation, alleviate current inflammation and lessen pain. This process is similar to what OTC anti-inflammatory medications do without side effects. According to a 2009 study in the “Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences”, ethanol extracts of ginger contain antibacterial properties fighting against Escherichia coli, which cause bladder infections[3].

4. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice has acidic nature which makes it harder for the bacteria that causes UTI’s to stick to things, therefore decreasing the risk of infection as well as the chances for the bacteria to multiply. Many studies have shown that it is the most effective prevention for women having UTI’s before and now suffering from recurrent infections[4]. You need to consume a decent amount of cranberry juice to take advantage of it. However, some people said that they withdrew this juice as they have a stomachache. But, after all, it is worth your try to see if it may work for you or not.

What you need to do is to drink 8 glasses of the “real” cranberry juice 3 times per day. If you want to prevent the potential infections, drink 1-2 glasses per day.

5. Blueberries

home remedies for frequent urination-blueberries

Similar to cranberries, blueberries might help in warding off the potential frequent urination by impacting the fimbria of the bacteria which tries to attach itself to the human urinary tract[5]. However, blueberry juice is not as easy to take as cranberry juice. It is often mixed with a few things like apple juice or grape juice. Try to consume this tasty juice whole if possible.

  • Take 1-2 cups of fresh blueberries, enjoy them daily after washing.

They become a perfect addition to any breakfast, particularly in oatmeal.

6. Horseradish

Horseradish is derived from Europe, and a member of the cabbage family. This plant is well known for its pungent, spicy features. Using the white roots of horseradish may clear sinus. Allyl isothiocyanate (AITC) is a natural compound found in horseradish which possesses strong antimicrobial property. Whilst blueberries and cranberries might be bacteriostatic, which means that they could inhibit the bacteria reproduction, AITC has bactericidal nature, meaning that it may kill bacteria[6]. It may do it by attacking the cellular membrane of bacteria, thereby making it impossible to survive or viable.

Follow these steps:

  • Take ½ teaspoon of fresh horseradish root
  • Grate them and add to a glass of milk or water (optional)
  • Take 1 teaspoon of this ingredient 2 times per day. But, remember that do not take more than 1 1/1 teaspoon of horseradish thrice per day. Stop using it if you stomach is upset. In case you cannot take horseradish in nature form, add them to milk or water as mentioned above. Water or milk may help spread the spice around.
7. Aloe Vera Juice

Another great home treatment for frequent urination is aloe vera juice, which has natural cleansing properties that may remove the toxic within your body and reduce stress on kidneys[7]. As a result, it aids in improving the overall health. You may consume aloe vera juice every day to handle frequent urination.

8. Pomegranates

Being rich in nutrients, pomegranates could relieve frequent urination and improve the overall health of the urinary tract as well as gallbladder[8] (Strong antibacterial activity of ethanol [pomegranate] extract against E. coli [main bacterial cause of UTIs] has been shown). Thus, you should not skip this fruit if you really want to get rid of UTI’s as well as frequent urination.

Make a thick paste by grinding the pomegranate peel with some drops of water. Apply the paste to your bladder area and take rest for half an hour. Wash the area with water. Do it 2 times daily for one week.

9. Yogurt

One of the simplest home remedies for frequent urination is yogurt. It helps treat urinary tract infection and improve kidney health as well as digestion at the same time. In yogurt, there are healthy bacteria which may improve your overall body system, thereby preventing frequent urination. According to a study in the Drugs in 2006, probiotics could help to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections[9]. Consume yogurt daily to make use of it. Avoid consuming flavored yogurt because they contain artificial agents and sweeteners. In addition to yogurt, you may eat other fermented foods such as kimchi, sour pickles, sauerkraut, etc.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Last but not least when it comes to home remedies for frequent urination, consumption of apple cider vinegar will relieve the pain associated with infections in the digestive system. Also, it provides you with a relief from frequent urination effectively. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties that aid in fight any infection that results in frequent urination[10].

Furthermore, it is rich in potassium, enzymes, and other minerals, and it helps restore the natural pH balance of the body.

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 teaspoon of honey in 1 glass of lukewarm water. Drink it two times daily.
  • Or, add 1-2 cups of vinegar to your bathwater. Then, soak in it for 20 minutes. Do this process once daily.
11. Kegel Exercises

Regularly exercises will strengthen the muscles of your urethra and pelvis, thereby supporting the bladder. According to a study in 2017, pelvic floor muscle training helps to reduce the symptoms of pelvic floor muscles, improve its function,  and raise the quality of life of patients with overactive bladder[11] But, remember that you should learn the right techniques and practice exercises at the recommended frequency. What you need to do is:

  • Squeeze your pelvic muscles for about three seconds, and then relax for another three seconds.
  • Repeat 10 – 15 times each session, and practice this at least thrice per day.

Kegel exercises will just be effective if done regularly.

12. Biofeedback

You may use this with Kegel exercises to improve the awareness as well as control of muscles in pelvic area.

Biofeedback may give relief from uncontrolled urination and overactive bladder. Biofeedback is a way that helps to make subtle changes in the body by electrical sensors. This way once you start to have feelings of urgency, you may suppress them.

According to a study published in Urology in 2000, biofeedback may be used as a useful adjunct to other treatments and it is particularly beneficial in children[12].

Another study in 2016 noted that biofeedback may be the first-line treatment choice once standard urotherapy fails in children who suffer from overactive bladder[13].

Remember that you must consult an expert before choosing this treatment.

13. Drinking Water

When it comes to home remedies for frequent urination, this sounds like a ridiculous remedy, but it does work. This is one of the most crucial things you should do when having a UTI. It could help in removing bacteria and gives you something to really push out upon peeing. Many home remedies for frequent urination are drinks as flushing fluid through the system will help you get rid of nasty bacteria[14]. What you need to do is:

  • Take an ice cold glass of water and drink it
  • Drink 8 such glasses or more to keep your urinary tract cleared out
14. (Perhaps) Avoid the 4 C’s

Citrus, chocolate, carbonation, caffeine are there things you had better avoid if you are suffering from frequent urination. They could irritate your bladder lining and make it easier for bacteria to get in. Consuming a large amount of citrus will increase your urine’s acidity, making it much more painful to pee. If possible, stay away from them. It is not easy at all but it may make your life more bearable. However, some people report that citrus helps them reduce symptoms of frequent urination, so that is why we add “perhaps” in the title of the tip[15] [15’].

15. Diet Changes

You had better avoid the foods irritating your bladder or acting as a diuretic, such as alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods, chocolate and artificial sweeteners. In details, you should restrict your intake of salt to the minimum; avoid junk food, oily or fried food, packaged and processed food, yeast and bread foods, tobacco,

Consume high-fiber foods to reduce constipation which worsens the overactive bladder.

Also, monitor your fluid intake. Drink enough water to prevent over-concentration of urine and constipation as well. Drink water at least 4-5 hours before your bedtime to help decrease or eradicate nighttime urination[16].

There is no evidence for the below information and homemade recipes. So, they have not yet been confirmed or reviewed by any expert. These additional home remedies are collected from some highly appreciated sources. Give them a try.

16. Pee

In regard to home remedies for frequent urination, this sounds obvious, but once you need to pee, just do it. If you keep it inside, you will boost the risk that bacteria will quickly develop and multiply, causing an infection. Those people having a UTI, every time they pee they will remove some of those bacteria. Even if it is not comfortable, peeing whenever you feel an urge is an important step of recovering.

17. Horse Gram

This plant provides you with helpful nutrients, helping improve kidneys’ health. Besides, horse gram also aids in treating bladder infection, so you may relieve symptoms of frequent urination.

18. Celery Seeds

home remedies for frequent urination - celery seeds

This is another effective option among many home remedies for frequent urination introduced here. Celery seeds may act as a diuretic. It is because of celery oil’s constituents – butylphthalide. If you do not like parsley water, then celery seeds could be alternated for them. Chewing a small amount of celery seeds could increase urine production. To get more fluid, you may make celery seed water.

19. Cucumbers

Among home remedies for frequent urination, this is an easy method. Cucumbers are useful in both health and beauty issues thanks to its high content of water. It is a good way to get more fluid through your body system when you cannot drink enough water on a regular basis.

  • Take a fresh cucumber
  • Rinse it and cut into many slices before consuming.
20. Indian Gooseberry Juice

Indian gooseberries are high in vitamin C which may improve your overall health and treat gallbladder infection. Also, it alleviates UTI’s symptoms and boosts the kidney functions, which in turn will reduce the urinating frequency to normal levels. Add Indian gooseberry juice to your daily diet to get its benefits.

  • Add 1 tsp. honey to 1 glass of Indian gooseberry juice and stir it well. Drink this solution along with a ripe banana 3 to 4 times per day.
  • Add 1 tsp. each of turmeric powder and Indian gooseberry to one cup of water and then boil the solution until it reduces half the water. Cool it for a few minutes. Drink the solution three times per day for 3 to 4 days.
21. Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds have a natural content which may improve the digestive system of your body, therefore decreasing the stress on your kidneys. Ultimately, it relieves the symptoms of frequent urination.

  • Boil 1 tsp. cumin seeds in 1 glass of water. Then, steep it for about 5 minutes and cool the concoction. Add 1 tsp. honey and drink it.
  • Do it twice daily for one week. Continue the process daily even after the frequent urination issue is solved.
22. Spinach

home remedies for frequent urination-spinach

Having a large amount of antioxidants and minerals, spinach may improve kidney functions and decrease the waste from your body effectively. Do not skip this plant that may help to get rid of frequent urination symptoms in all-natural ways.

23. Cinnamon Powder

You may mix cinnamon powder with water to create a natural solution for frequent urination. This ingredient is useful in treating pain and inflammation in the human abdominal area. It is advised to use this remedy regularly that may help to get a natural relief from gallbladder problems as well.

24. Heat

When suffering from frequent urination, irritation and inflammation could lead to a nagging, constant discomfort making you feel cramped up painfully. In such case, applying some heat may bring relief to your bladder. Thanks to the gentle warmth, it relaxes your muscles, thereby melting away the pain associated with inflammation and spasms.

  • Take a bottle of hot water
  • Wrap it in a towel, lie down and place it over your bladder.
  • Rest your hands on it to enhance the contact, but avoid pressing it if you feel uncomfortable
  • Leave it there as long as possible

If there is not a hot water bottle, you may choose something similar. The water should be toasty, not too hot.

25. Cream Of Lemon And Tartar

This is an ancient remedy among home remedies for frequent urination mentioned here. Many people say that this old gems may work better than anything else you could use, but sometimes they do not give any change in the condition of frequent urination. Cream of tartar might work as it may change the pH level of your urine, thereby making it less-friendly environment for the bacteria to thrive in.

By adding a little bit of lemon juice to the solution, you will have a powerful concoction that may kill bacteria and dry a UTI instantly.

  • Stir 1 ½ teaspoon of cream of tartar in ½-1 cup of warm water
  • After that, add lemon juice into the mixture
  • Drink the concoction once or twice per day to prevent UTIs.
26. Bladder Training

This treatment is very beneficial for those with overactive bladder syndrome.

Bladder training aims to train your bladder in order to hold the urine longer, therefore urinating less often. Bladder training also involves enhancing the amount of time between visits to the bathroom to empty your bladder. This should be done steadily for 2-3 months.

Extra Self-Care Tips For Treating Frequent Urination At Home

In case you do not find out any underlying medical conditions requiring treatment by a doctor, then you may do some things to alleviate the frequency of urination. Some of them are:

  • Do not wear tight clothes, particularly undergarments
  • Choose loose cotton clothing
  • Exercise for no less than 30 minutes per day to improve overall health
  • Avoid getting out in the summer days
  • Avoid controlling the urge to urinate for too long
  • Avoid tomatoes, and sugary products
  • Maintain good personal hygiene, limit using public toilets.

These home remedies for frequent urination are generally safe and effective for most people. Nonetheless, it is always better to consult a medical practitioner or a physician to identify and get your problem treated if none of the home remedies for frequent urination introduced above are working effectively for you.

If you have any comments about any of these 26 best home remedies for frequent urination, do not hesitate to leave your ideas below this post. We welcome any contributing ideas and feedback.

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