5 Women Share Their Hair Care Secrets While Maintaining The Work

Balancing your private existence and work can take its toll on your tresses. Keeping hair fitness can prove to be a big challenge due to the hectic routine you follow. So, what is the solution? In this article, TrueRemedies will list out five women share their hair care secrets while maintaining the work.  Their mystery? You will realize when you read the testimonies of these inspiring women.

Discover Hair Care Secrets Of Superwomen

1. Kamiya Jani, Entrepreneur

The business of Kamiya rarely leaves her with any time to keep her difficult curly locks. It is only Dove that can assist her in keeping her curls tamed. “The primary issue everyone notices about me is my Curly Hair, and it was natural for me to indicate my company after them. Thanks to Dove for helping me. It can care for my passion and Dove cares for my hair”.

2. Rukmini Vijaykumar, Dancer

Maintaining Rukmini’s gorgeous curls isn’t a problem anymore. Her hair and scalp have often looked after through her rigorous dance schedule. Thanks to Dove that is not sticky and gives her hair a hearty bounce.

“So many people ask me how I keep my curls. I often opt for a conditioner and then brush it only when it is wet. I do not brush once it is dry because that will make it frizzy. For many women, this is a paid campaign. But did you know that I have barely bombarded you with random products? I have tried many conditioners on the market, and the only one I use is Dove. I find that Dove is not sticky that leaves my hair with bounce”.

3. Devlina, Lawyer

Pending cases seem to take all the time of Devlina. She doesn’t have time to take care of her hair. But there is a product that helps her a lot. It is Dove.

“Dust, smoke, grime, sun-that is my daily grind. I’m a lawyer, and I often get my home at the end of a hectic day. I hardly have the time to grease, treat or rub down my chemically rebounded and colored hair. All I do is entering my shower with Dove. It makes my life smoother!”

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4. Prashasti Singh, Stand-up Comedian

Prashasti is a brilliant stand-up comedian. She always dreamt of perfect hair days and took everybody on a laugh riot. Her hair is taken care of with Dove.

“Mujhe hamesha lagta thha ki khoobsurat to main bhi kaafi hoti bas agar mere baal aise na hote. The first time I started to make money, maine saare experiments kar daale – straightening, smoothening, keratin…something that could disguise the natural waves and texture of my hair yet was never satisfied. I should never discover me in the mirror. Luckily I discovered Dove that can make my imperfect, wild hair easier to control.  I can easily nourish my hair with Dove’s simple shampoo & conditioner routine. Thanks to Dove!

5. Shraddha Bhalla, Orthodontist And Fashion Blogger

For Shraddha Bhalla, the orthodontist and fashion blogger preserving healthful hair is a way from impossible as long as she has Dove.

“Juggling two careers is difficult. Being a Fashion Blogger, my hair are regularly treated with styling and heat products to capture the Perfect Photograph whereas, being an Orthodontist, I am constantly exposed to unwanted elements. So, I am so enthusiastic about Dove Nutritive Solutions Shampoo & Conditioner! It’s full of Keratin Repair Actives which help to take care of my hair after a simple hair wash.”

To conclude, lots of real Superwomen opt for Dove to care for their hair. Don’t be because it is hair care secret of many women around the world. If you have any questions related to this post, feel free to share with us. For more other informative articles, go to our News & Fact page.




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