Body Detox Or A Trick To Trade On The Detox Concept?

The methods of body detox transmitted by many people, such as drinking plenty of water, drinking lemonade/lime juice, drinking saltwater, removing liver stones with coconut oil, etc. not only does not remove toxins from the body but also brings disastrous consequences for your health. Today, TrueRemedies will show some basic information about body detox or a trick of switching the detox concept. Continue reading the article not to drop any useful information!

Detoxing The Body Improperly Causes Disastrous Consequences

Talking with the New Family newspaper about the reality of the body-detoxing methods transmitted by many people, Dr Ngo Duc Hung, Emergency Department A9, Bach Mai Hospital shared: “I have met a patient who had to go to the emergency room for shock and dehydration due to detox.

The days before, the patient had purchased a detox product on the market that was recommended a course of treatment. However, after the first day of using the product, the patient had severe diarrhea and needed to go to the emergency room in a state of hypovolemic shock.

The patient just wants to buy the product to detoxify the body, but it causes stomach irritation due to the sensitive gastrointestinal tract, leading to abdominal trauma and diarrhea.

The patient costs about 200 million VND for treatment and loses about 22 pounds from going to the hospital to leaving it.

Through this story, I want to advise people not to listen and follow the wrong ways on how to detoxify the body to avoid damage to the digestive system and harm on your health.

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Many people now believe that polluted living environment, unsafe food, etc. make the human body accidentally be infected with toxins, and they seek detox methods with the desire to remove these toxins. What is your view on this, Dr. Hung?

To talk about detoxification, people need to know that the history of detox has come from the time of Hippocrates[1].

And it is rooted in the humor theory[2]. According to this theory, the human body is made up of four essential substances, called humors. The balance of these four humors is the essential condition for a healthy person.

Having Illnesses is the result of an excess or deficiency of at least one of these four humors including blood, black bile, yellow bile and phlegm.

This was an ancient concept when science was not developed. Nowadays, as science evolves, people find that the old views of Hippocrates are no longer correct. It has only historical value without scientific value.

In medicine, “detox” is present in the medical nomenclature. However, it is not like what everyone is understanding.

In essence, detox is needed when the body is poisoned by a particular substance and doctors give some medicine and some chemicals to remove toxins from the body.

And the fact that we are wrongly equating the view of ancient medicine with the view of modern medicine has caused an incorrect interpretation of detox, leading to anti-scientific methods of detox.

Using medicines to clean the intestinal tract, drinking salt water and lemon water, eating coconut oil, starving, etc. to detox the body are bad for the body, which can cause damage to the intestinal mucosa. The trend of coffee enema detox (putting coffee into the colon) is the most frightening way to detox.

Could you please let me know more clearly about why detox methods people are transmitting are incorrect?

As I said, drinking a large amount of water, especially drinking lemonade in the morning, is not good for your health. When you wake up in the morning, your stomach is still empty. At that time, there were a lot of acids in your stomach. Therefore, drinking a large amount of acidic water will create great pressure on your stomach. If you do this for a long time, it will ruin your stomach.

Or, the trend of cleansing liver stones some people spread is to drink coconut oil. This method has absolutely no scientific basis. It originated from the humorism dating back to the time of Hippocrates, with four humors: blood, black bile, yellow bile, and phlegm. That is an old theory, now it no longer true.

According to the description of those who have performed the method of removing liver stones, after drinking coconut oil, they remove a lot of stones and thousands of stones floating in the water. This is completely absurd and illogical.

In fact, what they flush out is a bunch of cells and impurities mixed with coconut oil – lighter than water, thus floating in the water.

Drinking coconut oil will provide a large number of lipids for the digestive tract. The gastrointestinal tract, meanwhile, is made up of special cell layers to contain wastes like feces. And the intestinal cell layers are very vulnerable, and it will constantly flake if we affect it a lot. For example, if you pay attention to a child with diarrhea caused by cholera, then after 10 times of pooing, the intestinal mucosa cells will present in the feces, which causes intestinal damage. Moreover, there are always good intestinal bacteria in the digestive tract to help the digestive process and absorb nutrients better. The detox method that forces to flush everything out of the intestines increases the risk of gastrointestinal disorders because of the removal of beneficial bacteria. Another risk is to cause damage to the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. This, in the long run, it is not good for your health.

Moreover, the method of coffee enema detox is definitely not good. This is because when we put the fluid from the outside into the colon, it will go upward. This will cause an increased risk of infection because we insert outside bacteria into the intestines. This is very dangerous!

In fact, many people who perform coffee enema detox find their body more comfortable, which causes them to believe in the methods. So, can you explain this?

This is related to the sensation of the body after detox. The reason why some people love the coffee enema detox method after doing a few times is that our quality of life is more and more increasing; our diet fulfils all of a person's nutritional needs. Moreover, the unscientific diet leads to the body having too much energy. The excess energy intake after meals makes us feel full and uncomfortable. Therefore, when many people detox the body by drinking lemonade, leaving the body to starve, etc. which causes the body to use up excess energy and feel more comfortable. This causes many people to believe that they feel the body more comfortable and calm, and they show very interested after detox.

But this light feeling is not the removal of toxins in the body, but rather the removal of excess energy.

The Best Way To Detox Is To Eat Clean, Drink Clean, Stay Clean, …

So does a normal person need to detox?

The human body has a very good self-balancing mechanism. If the body is gradually poisoned over many years, the toxins will seep into the organ tissues, and it will be toxic to the body. At this time, detox methods such as drinking water and enema do not work. This is because when the toxins have absorbed deeply into the body, the detox methods that people still transmit each other cannot work.

The best way to detox is to have a balanced diet, eat clean, to stay clean, to drink clean, to exercise for the better immune system. When the body is poisoned, the body will find a way to detox itself. It is a natural reflex to protect the body. It means that when the body accidentally gets poison, the body's immune system will work to find a way to push that toxin out.

For example, when we have a cold due to a virus, the virus produces toxins to attack the body, making the body tired. In a sense, this is also a sign that the body is poisoned. And then, the immune system will launch to find a way to fight off the cold-causing virus and fight the toxins caused by the virus. The symptoms such as fever and fatigue are the result of the process when the immune system fights off the toxins caused by the virus, and it is gone after a week. That is the detox way of the body thanks to the immune system. Therefore, the healthier the body gets, the healthier the immune system is. That causes the body to detox in the best way.

It Seems To Be A Misunderstanding Of The Detox Concept Here?

We are using the word “detox” improperly and should redefine how to use the word. All the methods that people are believing in and sharing with each other, as I said above, are not actually detoxing. This is a fraudulent concept.

For example, people still say that detox the brain by leaving it to rest. But the essence of the problem is that stress is also the poison that attacks the brain to make us tired. And trips, rest, etc. are easy ways to detox the brain, which helps brain cells to rest and reduce stress and fatigue to function properly again. Similarly, liver clean detox tea products on the market are oriental medicine that works to improve liver function. In a certain aspect, it acts as a functional food, which supports and stimulates the cell to operate more efficiently, without causing harm.

These products enhance the activity of liver function, help the liver work better, and make the body healthier rather than flush toxins out of the body. Counterfeiting this concept is an advertising trick to hit consumers' minds that is the desire to cleanse and promote health.

For a healthy body, people need to remember that diet and life needs are always balanced with each other. Especially, diet needs to balance among protein, lipid, and carbohydrates. When we eat too much protein, leading to accumulating too much protein, we can stop eating meat and switch to vegetarianism for a while. It means that you should eat more vegetables and fruits, reduce the amount of protein, which helps the body use up the extra energy for better health. That's why you feel a heavy stomach after a banquet with protein-rich foods. The next day, you could eat vegans or fast offerings to make the body lighter and more comfortable. It is a true detox method that helps the body to use up excess energy, helping the body to have enough time to eliminate toxins obtained during the daily diet.

This is called body detox, a way that the cells have the opportunity to recover and rest properly rather than forcing the body detox in ways that are widely shared today. It needs to balance the absorption and elimination in the body, so too much of something is not good for the body. For reading other useful and informative articles on our site, visit our main News And Facts to read more. Do you think about the article “body detox or a trick to trade on the detox concept?”? Share your thoughts with us!

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