I Was Shocked When Doctors Concluded That My Twins Were Autistic

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I was shocked when doctors concluded that my babies were autistic, not one but both! I panicked, overwhelmed; I felt like my heart was squeezed by someone! Before that, my twin angels were healthy…

Happiness And Pain

My little twin angels were born on the first day of June. The children are adorable and chubby; one 3kg and the other one 3kg. No wonder I got so big pregnancy, I felt like falling forwards ahead every time I went; I looked like a great mother bear.

My angles grew up healthy, developed normally like their older brother. The joy of my family kept growing with the days and with the pure laughing of three cute kids.

At 2 years of age, my children gained weight and developed normally. Only a little strange thing was that they still aren't beginning to babble, maybe saying mama and dada. Due to my busy schedule, I didn't pay much attention to this and thought that my children would only be slow to speak. However, my worries grew day by day when my children's language skills did not improve even after 30 months of age.

My hunch is real. My husband and I were very shocked when the doctor concluded that my children showed signs of autism[1], not one but both. I panicked, overwhelmed; I felt like my heart was squeezed by someone! Before that, my twin angels were healthy. For a mom, having an autistic child was so painful; I had to suffer from double pain. The road from the clinic to my home becomes too far. Tears mixed with late afternoon rain made my heart frostbitten and choked.

But then, looking at my children, I gradually calmed my heart and tried to overcome it. I love them painfully! I researched on the Internet about autism and asked for treatment methods.

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Overcome Challenges With My Autistic Twins

Honestly, in the beginning, I dare not confide my babies' illness to anyone. This is partly because I was afraid of my children facing the stigma, and partly my husband and I worked together in the medical industry; we were guilt about not knowing how to raise our children. But then nothing can be compared to my love for my children. The worries about the health and the future of my babies helped me overcome the feelings of guilt and worthlessness, open my heart and find ways to treat my children issue.

I decided to take unpaid leave. I used all the money my husband and I had been saving for years to treat the illness of my children. I took the two children to the cognitive behavioral therapy of the Nhi Dong 1 Hospital.

Monitoring my children's activities at school by the phone, I could not hold back my tears when I saw that they were obedient to teachers, except that they were not active and talking and laughing like other children. They just quietly crouched in the corner of the room and pointed at their friends in the helplessness of the language.

As the school year has passed, my children showed some improvement, such as listening to and obeying adults, knowing how to express their emotions through posture and gesture. The joy has given me wings, so I continued to try and hope.

Apart from sending my children to school, my husband and I hired two teachers to teach them at home with the expectation that their condition would improve quickly. I also signed up for a skills training course for parents with autistic children to become a companion of my children in the treatment and learning.

At that time, I gently comforted each of them, wiped the sweat, and changed clothes for my children. I find myself exhausted and overwhelmed. But, despite stress and fatigue, I'm still resilient, because I know if I get discouraged and give it up; the future of my children will be extremely gloomy.

No Pains, No Gains

Nothing is easily achieved. The moment my twins called out “mom” was the moment my husband and I burst into tears. “They can say it!” Happiness comes with my family after 12 months of our expectations. I hugged my children into my heart in tremendous emotion. It is the result of a series of hard days for both my children and I. That is the result of infinite love.

Now my four-year-old children are improving a lot. They can dress themselves, self-feed, go to the toilet, read and remember numbers, etc. Even though their pronunciation is not full, it is the result of the dedication of the teachers and the tireless perseverance of my family.

The journey to integrate normal life of autistic children is very arduous. Each journey will have a lot of challenges. Maybe you have success in this stage but you do not know how the next stage will progress? I have not dared to assert anything but often say to myself: just try in whatever way.

I monitor the day-by-day development of my children when they are at school, as well as at home. And every developmental expression of my children was filmed by me to remember how they overcome their memorable milestones.

These words not only pour out the heart of a mother who used to drop into the end of the pain but also share with mothers in the same situation. I know many parents who have children like me and are afraid to share with the community. Some people are not patient enough to overcome it, because autism treatment is not only money but also time, in addition to patience and infinite love of parents.

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Be patient to overcome the illness with the child, moms. Enough sunshine, the tree will bloom. Enough love, it is always full of happiness. This is the process that I overcome challenges with my autistic twins. If you have a similar situation with me, share with me; maybe we can help each other!

To sum up, remember “Spend time with your child – everyone's busy, but simply stopping doing something that's important to you and spending time with your child instead can do wonders for your child's confidence and self-worth. And guess what? It's good for yours too!”[2] (Medically reviewed by Dr. Sarah Brewer MSc , MA (Cantab), MB, BChir, RNutr, MBANT, CNHC.)

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