6 Tips On How To Raise Boys To Be Gentlemen You Should Remember

Giving birth is hard for humans, but raising children is much more difficult. Therefore, parents should question what we are doing to ensure our children are being raised in a manner that helps them become good people. In our article today on TrueRemedies, we would like to introduce you some tips on how to raise boys to be gentlemen.

6 Best Tips How To Raise Boys To Be Gentlemen

I. What Is A Gentleman?

According to the Oxford Learners’ Dictionaries, a gentleman is a polite and well-educated man who has excellent manners and always behaves well[1]. Simply, we can understand that a gentleman is a kind man who is always well-behaved. It is easy to be a man, but it is very difficult to become a gentleman. Therefore, let’s continue reading to discover the ways to raise boys to be gentlemen.

II. How To Raise Boys To Be Gentlemen

1. Respect

It is important to teach your boys respect. Firstly, you should tell your boys to have self-respect because they have to be responsible for themselves, not nobody else. A person will respect others when he/she respect himself/herself[2]. Therefore, the boys have to learn how to respect themselves. They should take care of health, recognize strength, accept weakness and try to fix it. If the boys respect themselves, they will feel more confident. Besides, remember to teach your boys to show respect to others[3]. If you want others to treat you respectfully, you should treat them in the same way. As a result, gentlemen always use polite words to others, especially older people, women, and children. Moreover, tell the boys to have good manners such as

  • Say hello
  • Avoid laughing out loud and staring at others
  • Instead of using the speaker, take headphones when watching movies or listening to music if they are in public areas
  • If they smoke, they should choose an open, well-ventilated area to not affect women, children and the people around them
  • Say thank you when receiving something and sorry when having mistakes
2. Help People

If you want your boys will become gentlemen in the future, you have to ask them to be kind. Just start from small work: ask them to help mothers with housework, ask them to carry things bought in the supermarket, or ask them to hold older people/children’s hand when crossing the street, etc. Furthermore, studies concluded that helping people is a way to help ourselves because this action may have benefits for both physical and mental health[4] such as reducing pain, lowering depression, feeling happier, and living longer. Therefore, remember to teach the future gentlemen to support others anytime they can.

3. Express Feelings

We all know that many men do not show their emotions. According to Samaritans CEO Ruth Sutherland, 19% of men say that they can share with others their problems[5]. The reason is that almost all parents tell their sons to be strong, confident and stoic. Parents tend to ask their daughters more often than boys, and when their children get hurt, they comfort their daughters more. As a result, many boys who grow up always feel ashamed of their emotions and become people who do not know how to communicate with others. Therefore, parents should encourage their boys to be who they are, show his true feelings, and seek support when they are upset, or fear. After that, they will be more sympathetic when people around them fall into the same situation.

4. Be Sympathetic

A boy cannot become a gentleman without having empathy. Empathy appears when you put yourself in someone else's position and feel what they must feel[6]. There are many benefits of empathy such as building social connections with others, regulating your own emotions, and promoting helping behaviors. As a result, parents should teach your boys empathy.

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  • “If” situation: Encourage your children to put themselves in the shoes of others by using examples from their interests. For example, you and your boys are watching a music program which has their favorite singers. You can ask them: “That singer looks too much pressure and tired because he/she had to work hard for this program. If you were him/her, what would you do?”
  • Encourage your children to read books. Thanks to the books, they can understand the emotions of fictional characters, resulting in understanding the feelings of real people.
5. Be Correctly Dressed

A gentleman cannot have untidy clothes. Therefore, parents should tell boys to care about their appearance. It does not mean that parents must buy branded clothes for their children, just educate them to dress neatly and tidily. Furthermore, remember to teach them to have clothes which are suitable for each occasion. When children grow up, they will know how to shape their style, dress more tastefully according to the characteristics of the individual. Having correctly dress not only makes children more beautiful and confident but also shows respect for others[7]

6. Be Confident

Your boys cannot become gentlemen if they do not have self-confidence. Being confident helps your boys reduce fear and anxiety, improve relationships, motivation, and resilience[8]. As a result, remember to encourage your children to believe in themselves and be confident in any situation.

III. The Important Role Of Daddy

Fathers play an important role in raising children. For example, a study at the University of Illinois said that children whose fathers spend time asking them about what they learned in school, their daily social activities and their relationships do better in school than children who are not asked[9]. Especially for the sons, fathers have great impacts on their development. The experts concluded that a good dad can be a positive model for boys. Moreover, they can help them to adopt a healthy gender identity and have a better awareness of their feelings and emotions[9]. In addition, boys tend to imitate their father's behaviors such as the way to treat others, so if their fathers are good men, they can become gentlemen.

We hope that this article gives you interesting and useful information to help you raise your boys. If you want your sons to become gentlemen, you have to have good behavior first because they will teach many things from you.

Raising children requires a lot of time, so be patient! Children are like white papers and parents are among important people who will write on these papers. Therefore, parents should prepare everything including physical health and mental health to accompany children. However, all content provided is for informational & educational purposes. We all know that each child has different characteristics, so you should have a suitable teaching method for your children. If you have difficulties in raising children, please consult psycho doctors.

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Read more: 9 Science-Backed Secrets On How To Be A Happier Mom At Home. This article was medically reviewed/ fact checked by Dr. Robi Ludwig.

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