Problems During Sex Development Parents Should Know

From age 12-18, girls begin to enter an important stage, which is the development process of the reproductive system. In boys, this process occurs more slowly, starting at 15 years old. If there are any problems in the development process, parents need to recognize them early to solve, avoiding affecting their future lives. Today, Trueremedies will introduce to you some problems during sex development parents should know to take care of their children.

Problems During Sex Development Parents Should Know


Our ancestors have strong musculature in the scrotal wall. Thus, they can suck in the stomach and pull the testicle up to the abdomen very quickly. In our generation, this motor ability has so little. Some healthy young adults still retain that ability: They “hide” the testicles very fast as a natural reflex whenever they are in fear, cold, or stimulated in the groin.

But it should be said immediately that, if a 10-year-old boy has this ability, he must be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. At this age, the two testicles begin to grow fast. Such sucks in the abdomen will delay their natural development. When the baby was a fetus, the two testicles were located in the abdominal cavity. Near the date of birth, they descend into the scrotum. When the baby was a newborn, he may lack one, even two testicles. But okay, wait and see! A few months later, they will gradually drop to the right place. Of course, if they are not yet fully dropped to the scrotum by the age of 2, he may need medical help.

When a boy was two years old, parents should check if his foreskin was loose, able to pull back to reveal the glans of the penis. If so, from the age of three ever since, parents need to wash that skin when bathing him. Also from the age of three, parents must often remind him that washing the foreskin is a compulsory job he must be done throughout his life. Because he could have sperm when near puberty; if not washed regularly, the foreskin will be the area to decompose the discharged semen. This may cause him to become infected and painful. Therefore, even without semen, washing the foreskin is still a compulsory hygiene job for all future men.

There are some cases that the foreskin is not able to motor due to phimosis (a congenital phenomenon occurs when the lower part of the foreskin is too narrow), or penile adhesion (the inner skin of the penis shaft adheres or sticks to the penis head). This is nothing of big concern, as it is a slow or asynchronous development of reproductive organs in the developing fetus during pregnancy. Remember never try to squeeze the head of the penis; instead, gently caress it in water every time bathing.

Although phimosis and penile adhesion are nothing to worry about, the boy's foreskin needs to be dealt with before he goes to school. After a specific examination, the pediatrician will tell you the proper time to do. Normally, if phimosis-narrowing of the foreskin, it is only partially narrowed. When it is released from the penis head, it should be pulled in clean water. If it is painful, parents should ask a doctor for a suitable ointment. Many boys are 10 years old and they still do not know that the foreskin can move around at the penis head. It was their parents' fault; they did not know how to wash their son's foreskin. And because of that, they did not detect the son's birth defects.

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Although the girls' genital structure is somewhat safer than the boys', it also requires regular and early care. Female sexual organs develop quickly at puberty, but they can still be infected during childhood. The vaginal common disease is vaginal discharge. In fact, this is not a disease but an inflammatory symptom on the outside of the vulva. The causes of this issue include improper body hygiene, dirty underwear, worms, abnormal objects in the vagina, etc. Sometimes, girls get vaginal discharge after being sick (like a sore throat). If it is not cured, it will be difficult for a girl to become pregnant when she reaches adulthood.

If vaginitis grows chronic, the disease may spread to the ovaries. The main symptom of ovary inflammation is pain in the lower abdomen. Women who are experienced often think about ovary inflammation when having lower abdominal pain while younger girls rarely think about a problem related to their ovaries. They often presume it may be caused by other causes, such as menstrual cramps or urethritis. The disease may lead to infertility (loss of fertility). However, many mothers are afraid to take their daughters to a gynecologist because they don't want their girls to be embarrassed or to be curious about sex. As a result, these girls are often taken to the hospital quite late, when the disease tends to develop chronic. 

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Read more: 17 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor At Home. This article was medically reviewed/fact checked by Dr. Julie Freeman, MA, RD, LD, RYT.

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