11 Ways How To Protect Babies From Mosquito Bites Naturally

Your baby’s skin is sensitive; therefore, they can easily get mosquito bites especially in the summer. Mosquito bites not only cause itchiness and irritation but also lead to some sorts of illnesses including chikungunya, dengue, and malaria. This article on True Remedies is going to introduce to you several useful ways on how to protect babies from mosquito bites naturally. Let’s get started!

11 Ways How To Protect Babies From Mosquito Bites Naturally

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1. Let Your Baby Sleep Under Mosquito Nets

One of the useful tips to protect babies from mosquito bites is to hang a mosquito net over the baby cots. This net can keep the mosquitoes away and avoid the insect bites when your baby is sleeping. They are often affordable and you can find good quality and eye-catching ones at most baby stores.

2. Dress Your Baby In The Protective Clothing

This way is the simplest but most important method to protect your baby when you take him outside or go to the place where are loaded with mosquitoes. Make sure that you cover your baby’s skin with loose-fitting clothing including long sleeved top, a hat, socks, and long pants. By dressing your baby in the protective clothing, you make your baby less likely to get bites from mosquitoes.

The protective clothing should cover as much as the baby’s skin as possible. If your baby wears a two-piece set, make sure that you cover her or his tummy with an inner vest.

The color of protective clothing also plays an important role. It is said that light-colored clothing seems less attractive to mosquitoes and other insects. Do not dress your baby in dark-colored clothing or clothes with flowery prints because it attracts more insects and mosquitoes.

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3. Avoid Scented Products

Not many people know that things with heavy scents like floral-scented perfume attract mosquitoes. It is the reason why mosquitoes seem to hover around you and your baby when you use perfume. Although it is not proven scientifically, we should not take the risk. To protect your child from getting mosquito bites, avoid using any scented products both at home and in public places.

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4. Apply Repellent

how to protect babies from mosquito bites - apply repellent

There are numerous effective insect repellent products that help deter mosquitoes; however, not all of them are recommended for children and babies who are less than two months of age. Therefore, it is important for you to find suitable repellents that are safe for your baby. For newborns, my recommendation is to use the natural repellent ones that have the essential oil based on recipes.

If you doubt about the safety, you can apply the repellent to the child’s clothing instead of their skin.

For baby and children who are over two months of age, it is recommended choosing repellent with the lowest concentration of the chemical. Never use the product containing more than 30 percent DEET, IR3535 or picaridin on your baby. Therefore, read the label carefully before buying any products.

5. Make Your Home Safe

The next thing to protect your baby from mosquitoes is to make your home safe and mosquito-proof. You can do it by closing windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes from entering your house and keeping your home in a good condition.

However, if you want to enjoy the fresh air and the view outside through the windows but still keep mosquitoes away, you can consider installing some screens on windows and doors. The nylon insect screens are a common choice. Make sure that mosquitoes, bugs, and insect cannot find any ways in by closing any gaps in the door and window frames.

6. Cover The Pram With A Mosquito Net

Once again, the mosquito net proves its effectiveness in fighting against mosquitoes and any insects that can harm your baby. When you are out, you should make sure that you cover your baby’s pram with a elasticized mosquito net that is designed like a fitted sheet to cover the child’s pram.

7. Let Your Child Play In A Safe Playing Space

Every child loves playing outside. Your responsibility is to create a safe playing space for them. If your child plays in an area loaded with mosquitoes, you can hang a net between trees using pegs to ensure your kid’s safety.

8. Make Your Garden Mosquito-Proof

An indoor garden is good but it can cause some problems to your kids.Some people think that a garden will attract mosquitoes but the truth is that the stagnant water is the culprit. It is alright for you to have a garden but you need to remove any water to make your garden mosquito-proof. Cover the water drums, tanks, and buckets well to prevent mosquitoes from getting in. Do not forget to remove water in plant pots, coolers, indoor plants, flower vases, and pet dishes.

The time for mosquito eggs to hatch into a mature mosquito is from 7 to 10 days. Therefore, it is recommended to make the water changes in containers once a week. Remember to scrub the sides of containers as well.

If your garden has water drains, stagnant water, and small ponds, you should put a couple of drops of kerosene oil into this place. This oil prevents the mosquitoes from breeding by forming a thin film over the water.

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9. Avoid The Places And Times That Attract Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are active at dawn and dusk and it breeds in near water. Therefore, to prevent your baby from getting mosquito bites, you should avoid taking your baby out at those times and places.

10. Set Up Fans

how to protect babies from mosquito bites - set up fans

If your home has a lot of mosquitoes, you can plug in some fans and let the air flow. When the mosquitoes meet breezes, they will find it hard to fly and sense the meal. Keep cool and prevent mosquito bites.

11. Apply Natural Home Remedies

Many mums tell that a number of homes remedies are also useful on how to protect babies from mosquito bites. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Garlic: The smell of garlic can keep mosquitoes away. Therefore, you just need to place a few garlic cloves near the place your baby is sleeping.
  • Peppermint: To avoid mosquito bites, you just need to extract the oil from the peppermint leaves and then apply it to your baby’s cloth and the mosquito net.
  • Basil: The basil oil extracted from basil leaves is also known as a useful home remedy for mosquitoes and an effective way to drive mosquitoes away. The interesting thing is that basil plant can be grown easily at your garden.
  • Neem: Like other home remedies and natural repellents, the neem oil can keep mosquitoes away if applied to baby’s clothes and mosquito net
  • Lavender sachets: Lavender sachets can boost the effectiveness of clothing, netting and other ways on how to protect babies from mosquito bites. You just need to put lavender sachets in baby’s room. Remember to keep them out of baby’s reach, for example, the chests, closets, and others.

Babies and children are more sensitive than adult. Therefore, when they get mosquito bites, they will scratch excessively, which results in skin infections, itchiness, and irritation. Now, you have known various useful ways on how to protect the babies from mosquito bites naturally. We hope that you will find the best measures in this article on our Home Remedies page. Any questions can be left in the comment section and we will answer them as soon as we can.

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