Top 15 Time-Saving Tips For Busy Moms & Dads

Besides daily housework, such as washing dishes, guiding your children to do homework, bathing your children, cooking, etc., you also have to meet all tasks at the office. Every day it suddenly becomes a race that you are as the athlete who must complete that race. If you are a housewife and taking on social work, then this article on Trueremedies will bring the most effective saving-time tips for moms to enjoy the feeling of relaxation.


Top 15 Time-Saving Tips For Busy Moms

1. Record The TV Programs You Want To Watch

Each person takes 11 years of their lives to watch television unconsciously.

2. Shampoo Every 3 Days

Save 16 minutes. Models also shampoo every 5 days, but the hair is still shiny.

3. Stand On One Leg While Brushing Your Teeth

This is a simple way to combine oral hygiene and exercise.

4. Don't Wear Makeup

Each woman spends 136 days of her life standing in front of a mirror.

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5. Put Your Thumb In Your Mouth To Blow

This action helps you to focus on handling works faster.

6. Take Advantage Of Free Time 

According to research by Parenting Communicator Priscilla J. Dunstan, working mothers need to arrive 20 minutes early to pick up their children, and they can take advantage of this time to relax their minds, read books, send emails to friends, or enjoy a cup of coffee. With this method, you will forget the workload and fully focus your attention on your children. That will strengthen the relationship between parents and children[1].

7. Always Be Ready For Any Situation 

Working moms must be ready for the worst situation. According to Ms. Dunstan, you need to think about the fact that your children accidentally spilled their milk for breakfast and there were no longer any food replacements at home. Therefore, moms should always store powdered milk or formula in case of emergencies. The time to prepare for another breakfast will cause your child to be late for school, cause you to be late for work, which leads to lots of unhappy things throughout the day.

8. Hire A Helper For Time-Consuming Jobs 

If you cannot afford to pay for a helper for cooking and cleaning your home, you can search for other solutions to this problem. For example, you can share a maid with your neighbors and negotiate for a discount. Or, you can also hire a student who needs a part-time job. All of these methods help you to spend more time with your children.

9. Always Prepare Reserved Food When You Can

If you cook a stew, prepare two portions and store them in the fridge for storage. The time saved from cooking will give you the opportunity to review your child's lessons more carefully and read more good stories to help your child fall asleep[2].

10. Think Breakfast Recipes All Days Of The Week

In addition to a relaxed weekend, almost every morning in the week, you have to brainstorm to think about the breakfast menu. Instead, you should prepare a different breakfast menu from the end of the week for the whole new week. If a list of meals is available, you can just go to the market to buy food, or store it in the fridge and then cook it without thinking about what to eat or how to cook tomorrow.

11. Prepare Lunch For Your Child

According to Susan Lynn Perry, the author of the book Procrastination Elimination, you should warn your children that you have prepared their lunch, and remind them to take responsibility for their own meals. This will help you not to worry and be able to focus on work, so it will help you save a significant amount of time.

12. Choose Outfits For Work And School For You And Your Child All Week

Every Sunday, set out the outfits you and your child have chosen for the week. This will reduce the amount of time spent searching for clothes every morning.

13. Prepare Ingredients To Make Coffee From The Night Before 

This simple process will save a few minutes during the busy schedule of moms in the early morning. From there, you can start your day more relaxed with a delicious cup of coffee.

14. Prepare Books For Your Child After Dinner

When you finish the day's cleaning works, you can help your child prepare books for the next day. See the schedule to find out what your child will study tomorrow and whether he has prepared enough books, pencils, a ruler, etc. or not. If everything is well prepared from the previous day, the next day you and your child will have a much easier and more comfortable morning.

15. Have A Fixed Bedtime

Before you became a mother, you spent a lot of time reading parenting books, and many of them often had advice about setting a fixed bedtime for your child. Depending on the schedule of each family, fixed bedtime is different. But it is better to get your child to sleep as soon as possible, and before going to bed, do not forget to remind him to wear a nightgown and brush his teeth.

Raising a child is hard, but it is the greatest joy for parents to see their children grow up day by day. I hope that the above information will help you know more about useful time-saving tips for busy moms to balance your life but still ensure good care for your baby. Wish your family always happy, healthy and do not forget to join our Parenting cate for more new information!

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