24 Beauty And Health Benefits Of Eucalyptus Oil – Its Uses & Side Effects

Eucalyptus oil is also called Blue Mallee, Fever Tree, and Blue Gum Tree. It comes from the leaves of the Eucalyptus Tree and is native to Australia and cultivated worldwide. Eucalyptus oil blends well with a lot of other essential oils including Thyme, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Lavender, Marjoram and Frankincense. Dried eucalyptus leaves have been used for centuries as a flavoring agent in food and teas. The oil, on the other hand, has been used for its health and medicinal benefits. Discover the wonderful benefits of eucalyptus oil for health and beauty on TrueRemedies.

Top 24 Impressive Uses And Benefits Of Eucalyptus Oil You Should Know Today

I. What Are The Benefits Of Eucalyptus Oil & Its Uses?

Being packed with Eucalyptol and Cineole, the leaves and oil of the Eucalyptus tree have multiple medicinal benefits. A recent study suggests that eucalyptus oil is loaded with antimicrobial[1], antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic, decongestant, expectorant, deodorant, and stimulating properties. For this reason, this oil is used widely in many commercial products such as rash creams, toothpaste, mouthwash, decongestant rubs and inhalers, cough drops, lozenges, and even perfumes, cosmetics, and aromatherapy products. It’s also used in dental products, including root canal sealers and fillers because of its antiseptic and antibacterial activities. Along with that, eucalyptus oil can treat several specific conditions such as asthma, pneumonia, upset stomach, sore muscles, tuberculosis, wounds, acne, measles, ringworm, toothache, cavities, dental plaque, head lice, fever, genital herpes, etc.

1. Treat Staph Infection

Eucalyptus oil can fight antibiotic-resistant disease and is also effective against S. aureus. The mild, fragrant oil of eucalyptus is also beneficial for infections. Plus, it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and immune support abilities.

2. Relieve Muscles And Joint Pain

Eucalyptus oil can help with sprained tendons or ligaments, stiff muscles, over-exercised muscles, rheumatoid arthritis, and general aches and pains. According to a 1991 study, eucalyptus oil produced remarkable physiologic responses that may help give pain relief.[2]

For this purpose, take some diluted Eucalyptus Oil and massage it onto your affected areas in a circular motion. 

3. Alleviate Knee Pain

Eucalyptus oil may help treat knee pain thanks to its pain-relieving agents[3]. Its cooling sensation can also soothe the pain in the knee that is caused due to arthritis. To enjoy its pain-relieving effects, you can inhale eucalyptus essential oil or apply it to the skin topically. When applied topically, it is often diluted in a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or olive oil. 

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4. Treat Fever

Eucalyptus oil provides a refreshing and cooling sensation, thus helping bring a fever down. Eucalyptus oil may help remove germs that contribute to illness in people[4]. These are bacteria that cause E. coli stomach infections and strep throat, and fungi that lead to yeast infections and other bacteria and fungi. For this remedy, you mix eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil in equal parts and spray onto your body. 

5. Treat Asthma

Eucalyptus oil consists of some components like anti-inflammatory properties, which help to eliminate the pain and inflammation[5]. Also, it can block the chemicals that lead to asthma. For this treatment, take several drops of eucalyptus essential oil and add it to a small tub of hot water. Use a towel to make a tent over the head and then inhale the steam for a couple of minutes. Follow this process a few times a day.

6. Combat Depression And Fatigue

Eucalyptus oil is a vasodilator and stimulant[6]. Thus, it aids in relaxing the blood vessels and stimulating and increasing the flow of blood to the brain. You can diffuse eucalyptus oil 10 to 15 minutes every day to help with stress, depression, fatigue, confusion, sluggishness and cognitive disorders.

7. Deal With Sleep Apnea

Eucalyptus oil is a wonderful remedy for sleep apnea caused due to congestion. According to some preliminary research, eucalyptus oil might effectively break up mucus in your nasal area that can help limit blockages, causing sleep apnea[7]. You can apply some eucalyptus oil topically before sleeping or diffuse it. Alternatively, you can add several drops to a hot shower or bath and then inhale it through the steam.

8. Treat Colds and Coughs

According to several studies, eucalyptus oil contains the Eucalyptol component, which assists in breaking up and clearing mucus from the lungs. Using this oil for respiratory issues such as whooping cough, sinusitis, nasal congestion, and colds may help accelerate the healing process. For a sore throat, you mix eucalyptus oil (3 to 4 drops) into one warm cup of water. Then, gargle with this mixture 4 to 5 times until relieved. For respiratory conditions, you simply massage eucalyptus oil (several drops) onto your back, chest, and throat 2-3 times every day. For sensitive skin, you dilute eucalyptus oil (3 to 4 drops) in olive oil (1/2 teaspoon) before application. 

9. Soothe Headaches

Eucalyptus oil can help relax tense muscles contributing to your headache owing to anti-inflammatory properties. It is effective at opening the blocked sinuses, thus relieving the headache. It is also an extremely effective pain-relieving or analgesic agent. As stated by a 2013 study, inhaling eucalyptus oil contains an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect[8]. Mix several drops of eucalyptus oil and coconut oil and massage your head with this mixture to reduce a headache.

10. Treat Tuberculosis

Eucalyptus oil can fight bacterial infection, reduce inflammation and clear the lungs. For better results, you massage 2 drops of eucalyptus oil onto the chest and on the back.

11. Relieve Nasal Congestion

Eucalyptus oil can be used to deal with sinus inflammation and nasal congestion. Especially, the oil contains a compound known as cineole. A 2009 study showed that cineole might be an effective and safe treatment for sinus issues[10]. You can mix a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil with mild carrier oils such as almond or olive oil. After mixing these oils, you can apply it topically to the throat and chest.

12. Alleviate Toothache And Other Dental Problems

Eucalyptus oil is often used in treating dental infections, cavities, toothaches, gingivitis, and dental plaque. For this remedy, take a cotton swab and dip it in some eucalyptus oil. Apply it directly to your affected tooth every few hours. To improve overall dental health and hygiene, you add eucalyptus oil (1 drop) onto your toothbrush before brushing or add one drop into your regular mouthwash. 

13. Combat Allergies

The piney aroma found in eucalyptus oil can supercharge steam inhalation, helping to open your nasal passages and sinuses further[11]. To treat allergies, you pick up a few drops of eucalyptus oil and put it in an aromatherapy diffuser. Then, breathe in the healing particles. 

14. Treat Bronchitis

Eucalyptus oil can be beneficial for reducing inflammation in the airways and treating symptoms associated with bronchitis and cold and flu symptoms[12]. Besides, it has expectorant properties, which make it easier to expel mucus. To get immediate relief from symptoms related to bronchitis, you massage eucalyptus oil on your back, throat, and chest or inhale from 1 bottle. Alternatively, drop this oil on the shirt collar. 

15. Prevent Diabetes

Using eucalyptus oil every day can help to increase circulation in people who have diabetes thanks to its vasodilation[13]. For this purpose, massage eucalyptus oil onto your body with a little lotion after each bath because the massage will aid in increasing the blood circulation.

16. Help With Kidney Stones

To get relief from kidney stones, simply massage eucalyptus oil (1 to 2 drops) over your afflicted area. Consult your doctor if the pain persists. 

17. Fight Dysentery

Take some drops of eucalyptus oil and massage it in a counter-clockwise direction over your abdomen. This will help to ease inflammation, diarrhea and fight infection.

18. Treat Measles

For this remedy, you massage eucalyptus oil (several drops) into the reflex points of your feet. Try this method twice to thrice daily to get good results.

19. Treat Shingles

Due to its anti-inflammatory, antiviral and analgesic activity, eucalyptus oil can aid in relieving the discomfort caused due to shingles. For this treatment, take the diluted eucalyptus oil and massage it onto your problem areas once per day. Another option is to add eucalyptus oil (10-15 drops) into a warm bath. Then, soak in the water for fifteen minutes to help reduce discomfort. 

20. Remove Acne And Other Skin Problems

Due to its antiseptic and antimicrobial abilities, eucalyptus oil can be effective for combating skin infections. It soothes irritated skin and prevents further growth of infections and microbes in the affected region. A simple remedy to treat abrasions, acne, burns, wounds, cuts, sores, skin ulcers, insect bites and rashes is adding 4-5 drops of this oil into one teaspoon of olive oil and then applying it to your affected skin regularly.

21. Treat Itchy Scalp

Eucalyptus oil can assist in combating infections thanks to its beneficial agents. Thus, it can decrease itchy scalp and dandruff. The oil is enriched with antifungal properties that may help combat an infection and control residue buildup on your scalp that can result in itchiness. Add one teaspoon of eucalyptus oil and two tablespoons of white vinegar to four cups of water. Then pour this mixture on your hair and leave it to remain on for 5 minutes before shampooing and conditioning your hair. Reuse it twice to thrice a week.

22. Improve Hair Health

This oil can improve thickness, shine, and overall health of the hair. For this remedy, mix eucalyptus oil (5 ml) and olive oil (50 ml) well. Warm this oil mixture and massage gently onto your scalp. Shampoo and condition your hair as normal. 

23. Stimulate Follicle 

Eucalyptus oil comes with many chemicals that help to encourage blood vessel constriction and cleansing. As a result, this process promotes follicle stimulation that enhances hair development. Massaging your hair and scalp with the eucalyptus oil regularly helps to ease the blood flow, which will enhance the hair growth and follicle stimulation.

24. Treat Head Lice

Eucalyptus oil is a natural insect and bug repellent, and a natural pesticide. Hence, this oil can be used as a useful solution for head lice. A 2017 study published showed that using a Leptospermum petersonii and eucalyptus oil solution may be a viable alternative in the treatment of head lice[14]. For this treatment, take several drops of the oil and rub it into your hair and scalp 60 minutes before taking a shower daily. 

II. What Are The Side Effects Of Eucalyptus Oil?

If applied and consumed in moderation, eucalyptus oil doesn’t contain any side effects. However, ingesting this oil can cause some side effects such as vomiting, nausea, drowsiness, stomach pain, seizures, dizziness, and muscle pain. If applying this oil in undiluted form, people with sensitive skin can suffer from irritation. Therefore, it’s recommended to test this oil on a small part of the skin before using it daily. As mentioned above, the leaves of eucalyptus can be consumed in small amounts as a flavoring agent in foods and teas. However, consuming pure eucalyptus oil internally should be carefully monitored since it may be toxic for adults. Using eucalyptus oil internally is not recommended for children, breastfeeding women or pregnant women.

III. Where & How To Buy Eucalyptus Oil

It’s easy to buy eucalyptus oil at most natural and herbal food stores. Check that eucalyptus oil contains a minimum of 70% Cineole content when buying because a higher Cineole content will indicate a higher quality oil. Generally, most Eucalyptus Oil is derived from the Eucalyptus Globulus tree. However, eucalyptus oil coming from the Eucalyptus Polybractea and Eucalyptus Kochii trees contain 80 to 95% of the Cineole component.

You already know all the benefits of eucalyptus oil. Let us know how our article has helped you. For any question, please leave a comment in the box below.

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