12 Worst Foods For Kids’ Health You Should Never Feed

Updated: 10/18/2019

Kids need to eat a healthy and nutritious diet to ensure their maximum development and growth. Unfortunately, the busier parent’s life is, the less time we spend time on our kid’s diet. That leads to an unhealthy lifestyle, unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, and overconsumption of fast food and junk food, causing obesity and many health issues in their later life. No one can stay all day with your kids, and sometimes you are able to cook a meal at home. Going to a restaurant and ordering something are okay if you know this following list of worst foods for kids that are never ordered from the kid’s menu.

Childhood obesity is an increasing problem in the United States in recent years, especially when parents are busier and busier. According to a study, about 12.7 million (17%) of kids and adolescents have the obesity issue mainly due to the lack of exercise and poor diet[1]. Children may have an obesity problem at the age of between 5 and 6. Studies also showed that a kid between the ages of 10 and 18 could become an obese adult.

Feeding kids with unhealthy and harmful foods also lead to stunted growth, bad oral health, and also nutrient deficiency. In this writing, we would like to show you the list of worst foods for kids’ health that you should never order in a restaurant for kids at the age of between 5 and 13.

Worst Foods For Kids’ Health You Should Never Feed

1. “Munchie” Samplers 

The fried chicken is unhealthy; however, many restaurants list an array of fried foods in their menu, from mozzarella sticks, chicken nuggets, to French fries, and other kid favorites that tempt your kids every time you take them to eat out. These kinds of food have no ultimate nutrients but are loaded with unhealthy fats, calories, and oil, all of which are not good for the heart[2] [3]. Furthermore, it makes your kids susceptible to obesity if they eat them too often. So, next time, when you take your kids to a restaurant, just say no when they ask you to order fried goodies.

2. Massive Sundae Desserts 

A little dessert for kids after they finish, the main meal is not wrong. But unfortunately, when you and your kids go to a restaurant, even the common desserts like “ice cream mixed with giant cookie” or “ice cream with brownie” are massive calorie and sneaky sugar items. Eating these kinds of food could increase the risk of obesity[4] [5] and even stunted growth in children.

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Next time, when your kid asks you whether he can have some sundae desserts, please say no. After that, you can recommend some healthy dessert options for your kid. For example, go to the ice-cream shop nearby or get some dessert pieces in the refrigerator at home. By doing that, you not only keep your kid healthy but also save a lot of money.

3. Grilled Cheese 

worst foods for kids - grilled cheese

Ordering the grilled cheese items is okay if the restaurant’s chefs give you a bowl of tomato soup to spread the surface of a half-sandwich. However, at some places, grilled-cheese sandwiches for kids are commonly slathered with oil, bacon, and unnecessary ingredients that are more than which your kid can ingest in a single sitting. If you do not want your kids obese and unhealthy, please think twice before ordering this food.

4. Fast-Food Burgers 

When it comes to the worst foods for kids to eat, fast-food burgers tank the top. It is an unhealthy meal option for kids that can lead to obesity and many health issues[6] [7]. Unfortunately, children and teenagers at the age of 10 to 15 often eat this kind of unhealthy fast food without knowing their influence on their health.

However, saying that doesn’t mean we have to avoid fast foods. But next time, you and your kids go to a fast-food restaurant, it is the best idea to order some healthiest options of a chicken meal like a grilled drumstick. Chicken nuggets are also a better choice than fast-food burgers, as they have a low content of calories. For chicken nuggets, you can add more nutrients and taste to this food by ordering some apple sauce or a side of apple slices.

5. Fruit Juices And Sodas 

Have you often ordered a drink for your kids when they go to a restaurant? And all most common order is soda and fruit juices.

Any type of soda is loaded with sugar, and it has no essential nutrients; therefore, it is not surprising when sodas are listed in the list of worst foods for kids’ health. Unfortunately, the fruit juices ordered in a restaurant are not a good alternative, especially for children at the age of 5 – 13. The sugar in these fruit juices can add up quickly in the body, increasing the risk of many health issues in children[8] [9] [10].

So, our recommendation is to skip fruit juices and sodas. You can order something for kids to drink but go for the chocolate milk that seems to be a decent option as it is packed with calcium and protein.

6. Chicken Fingers 

Chicken is good food for health. But when it is deep-fried or breaded, it becomes one of the worst foods for kids. In many restaurants, you may see chicken fingers as one of the most popular dishes in kid’s menu, and it is important for you to keep in mind that most versions have the high content of sodium and calories. The grilled chicken is a good alternative you can order for your kids.

7. Pasta With Chicken 

Pasta with chicken also ranks as one of the worst foods for kids in many restaurant’s menus because it is loaded with calories, sodium, and unhealthy fat. You should definitely avoid this kind of food, especially when it is breaded or mixed with cheese. In this case, a pasta with free topping is healthier than this salt bomb.

8. Raw Flour Products 

In some pizza places, kids are given the raw pizza dough to play with or make the preparation and decoration for their own small pies.

However, these raw flour products are said to have an association with an outbreak of E.coli. Furthermore, these raw flour products have not been prepared to kill off the harmful germs; therefore, handling or playing with this food may double the risk of foodborne illness. Moreover, the egg in the raw dough contains Salmonella if it is not cooked well.

9. The Bread Basket 

The bread has empty calories, so it seems to be good food. Unfortunately, it is not right when you and your kids are dining out. This is because these bread baskets are often moved from table to table, and many hands pass over them. So, you should skip the bread when you dine out.

10. Unpasteurized Cheeses 

worst foods for kids - unpasteurized cheeses

Pasteurization is the process to kill off harmful bacteria and harmful organisms by heating milk at a high temperature for an appropriate amount of time.

However, certain soft cheeses, such as queso fresco, camembert, and brie, are not pasteurized.

Children’s immune system is more sensitive than an adult. Eating the unpasteurized cheese, they may have the risk of Listeria.

11. A Large Popcorn 

Most children like eating popcorn, and they often order it at movie theatres or restaurants. However, this food is unhealthy, and your kids should not eat. A large popcorn contains as much as 1,200 calories[11], and it is loaded with saturated fat that is too much for a kid at the age of 5 – 13.

Furthermore, popcorn is also often added with a butter topping, increasing calories, and salt.

Next time, when your child goes to the movie theatres or restaurants, let him eat a small popcorn and share it with you. The best option is to make your healthy popcorn recipes at home and bring it with you if you want to take your child into the theater.

12. Green Smoothies 

This veggie-laden beverage seems deceptive; however, it is the thing you should not order for your kids in a restaurant. One popular green smoothie contains avocado, kale, juice, frozen yogurt, and sugar. It is not surprising when a glass of green smoothie has about 500 calories and 70 grams of sugar.

Children need a healthy diet to grow and develop well; therefore, going to the restaurant and ordering dishes, you should make the best choice. We hope that this article on TrueRemedies.com will give you great advice. For any questions, you can leave them in the comment section of Parenting cate, and we will answer them as soon as we can.

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