16 Amazing Medical Health Benefits Of Psyllium Husk & Seeds

Updated: 9/15/2019

Psyllium husk is an herb which is native to Northwestern India and the Mediterranean region. It contains high fiber content (70%) so that it has a great laxative effect. Not to stop there, many studies have shown that this herb has the potential to fight colon cancer and some other health problems.

Do you believe that? The article below will give a clear explanation of all the effects of psyllium husk. However, first of all, learn some basic information about this herb for the most comprehensive look at it.

What Is Psyllium Husk?

Psyllium is scientifically named as Plantagoasiatica L. which is a genus of about 200 species of small plants. It is a perennial grass that grows in the Northwest of India and in the Mediterranean. Psyllium ingredients include glycosides, polysaccharides, and mucus, in which the psyllium husk is the most important ingredient because it contains lots of soluble fiber[1].

The psyllium species grows in many parts of the world, including the Americas, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Europe. Many species are widely distributed throughout the world as a form of weeds. The Plantagoasiaticapsyllium (Plantago major subsp. Major or Plantago major) is native to subtropical areas in South Asia and has long been used in medicine in China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

Psyllium is found in a variety of habitats, ranging from damp areas in the lowlands to the semi-hilly and mountainous areas. This species became an international weed, becoming a dangerous invasive species in some countries.

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What Is The Composition Of Psyllium Husk?

Psyllium is rich in calcium and other minerals, with 100 grams of the leaf containing a vitamin A equivalent of carrots. The whole plant contains a glucoside called aucubin or rinantin, also called aucubozite. In the leaves are mucus, bitter substances, carotene, vitamin C, vitamin K factor T. In the seeds contain mucus, plantenolic acid, adnin and choline.

Recently, scientists have demonstrated that soluble fiber has a large effect on metabolism. Psyllium husk contains a group of glycosides, polysaccharides, mucus and soluble fiber. If there is only about 5 grams of dissolved fiber in oat bran, psyllium husk has 71 grams (14 times).This fiber is not broken in the gastrointestinal tract and swells up to ten times its mass when exposed to water, increasing the volume of stool in the rectum.

How To Use Psyllium Husk?

Improper eating is one of the leading causes of digestive disorders. Because psyllium husk has a very high content of soluble fiber, it has been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an herb that should be added to the diet every day to improve some digestive problems.

In April 2000, on Medicinal Food News Magazine No. 99 by Dr. Edward Farnworth (E. Farnworth), a nutrition expert at the University of Guelph, confirmed this effect of psyllium husk.

Psyllium husk is commonly used as a functional food and you can use it according to the instructions on the packaging. You should take psyllium husk with plenty of water. With 7 g of psyllium husk, you need to drink a minimum of 300 ml of filtered water or juice, milk, or yogurt.

Besides, you can also use this herb in one of the ways below:

Method 1. Psyllium Husk Tea

All you need to do is:

  • Boil 100ml of water
  • Put a handful of psyllium husk and continue to cook for 3-5 minutes
  • Filter for tea
  • Enjoy it while it’s still warm

Method 2. Psyllium Husk And Milk

All you need to do is:

  • Add 3-5 teaspoons of psyllium husk to milk and warm it with a microwave
  • After 5 minutes, filter for milk
  • Enjoy it when it’s warm

Method 3. Psyllium Husk And Fruit Juice

All you need to do is:

  • Dip 3-5 teaspoons of psyllium husk in warm water for 10 minutes
  • Filter for solution
  • Mix it with fruit juice and enjoy it right away

You can apply the methods below 1-2 times a day to get the best results.

What Are The Side Effects Of Psyllium Husk?

The following is a list of possible side effects of psyllium husk:

  • Flatulence
  • Stomach cramps
  • Stomachache
  • Indigestion
  • Eructation

If you notice other side effects not listed above, contact your doctor for medical advice.

What Can Psyllium Husk Interact With?

Before using this herb, please inform your physician of your current list of over-the-counter medications. In the course of use, if you encounter some of the following signs, you should contact your doctor immediately:

  • Symptoms of appendicitis
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Intestinal obstruction

Psyllium husk can interact with the following drugs and products:

  • Fludeoxyglucose F 18
  • Lactulose

High sensitivity to psyllium husk is contraindicated. In addition, psyllium husk should not be used if you have hypersensitivity.

How Safe Psyllium Husk Is?

In general, psyllium seems to be well-tolerated by the majority of people. The common doses are from 5 to 10 grams taken three times per day with meals. These doses do not come with any serious side effects. Nonetheless, sometimes, cramping, gas or bloating might happen[2] [3].

Psyllium can delay some medications’ absorption. Thus, it is not suitable for those people who are taking other medicines to use psyllium.

In spite of being uncommon, possible allergic reactions such as itching, rashes or trouble breathing could happen due to handling or ingesting psyllium[4] [5].

It is important to take psyllium with water and consume water on a regular basis.In the beginning, you should take 5 grams of psyllium husk supplementation with a glass of water thrice per day. After that, increase the dosage steadily. Make sure that you follow the right dosage instructions.

There, you have just read the important information about psyllium husk. Hopefully you have a more general look at it. Now, let's find out about the amazing medical health benefits of psyllium husk and seeds. Check out on TrueRemedies.com!

Top 13 Amazing Medical Health Benefits Of Psyllium Husk And Seeds

1. It Has A Laxative Effect

benefits of psyllium husk - it has a laxative effect

Laxative effect is the first benefit in this list of amazing health benefits of psyllium husk that you should not ignore.

The composition of psyllium husk contains large amounts of soluble fiber and mucus. When they reach the stomach, they will combine with food and water to form a gel that promotes defecation. The mucus in psyllium husk tends to soften the stool, helping the excretion of feces more easily and quickly.

As you know, if this process is interrupted, constipation will occur. Therefore, it is best to prevent this condition early so as not to suffer pain or discomfort.

Note that functional foods containing psyllium husk or psyllium husk tea only have a supporting effect. They are not therapeutic products.

2. It Can Treat Constipation

Constipation is a common gastrointestinal disease in modern day life due to unhealthy diets and habits. This disease is a disease without immediate consequences but in the long run it is a risk for colon cancer and colorectal cancer. If constipation persists, it will cause complications such as rectal bleeding, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, toxicity, anemia, body fatigue, and anorexia. To treat or prevent constipation, you can use psyllium husk[6] [7].

The fiber in psyllium husk will help soften the stool, stimulate the intestinal tract contraction, making the bowel easier to occur. Studies have found that tannin fiber content in psyllium husk is 14 times the fiber content found in oat bran. This fiber is not broken during digestion but also has a water-absorbing characteristic in the rectum, making it a special use of psyllium husk for health.

Research results from the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) show that psyllium husk is capable of significantly reducing constipation. Due to its ability to absorb water and swell, this herb will become a smoke of gelatin that will increase the volume of stools, stimulate digestion and excretion.

Another study by Cummings et al., in 2000, also showed that unleavened fiber from psyllium husk in the form of glue was able to soften and lubricate, contributing to the reduction of constipation in both the elderly and the young.

Many people with constipation consider laxatives effective and quick solution to digestive problems because they are effective immediately after use. However, this drug only has an immediate effect in a short time. People with constipation should only take it for 2 – 3 days. Abuse of this drug over a long period of time can cause an adverse effect on the intestinal mucosa.

As we mentioned above, psyllium husk has only a support effect but no therapeutic effect. Therefore, in order to get rid of constipation, patients should combine the use of psyllium husk with a high fiber diet. In addition, do not forget to exercise regularly to enhance your body’s digestive and metabolic capacity.

3. It Supports The Treatment Of Hemorrhoids

Treating hemorrhoids is one of little – known health benefits of psyllium husk.

Hemorrhoids are a common anorectal disease that can be inflicted by anyone. It is caused by excessive stretching of the aneurysm’s hemorrhoids. It can also be caused by long-term constipation or other digestive disorders. It can cause vein damage and hemorrhage.

For people suffering from hemorrhoids, the ability to absorb water into gelatinous masses and increase the volume of psyllium husk makes the stools smooth and soft. This aids the excretion in people with hemorrhoids be easier, avoids the lesions to the hemorrhoids and drastically reduces the pain caused by hemorrhoids.

To treat hemorrhoids, you need to combine healthy eating with the regular use of psyllium husk to help stabilize digestive tract, soften and smooth the feces. You can also combine the use of fortified foods such as fish lettuce and chrysanthemum tea.

4. It Can Definitely Cure Digestive Disorders Caused By Drinking Alcohol

The next one in this list of valuable health benefits of psyllium husk is curing digestive disorders caused by drinking alcohol.

Psyllium husk helps reduce the severity of dehydration of irritable bowel syndrome caused by excessive alcohol intake. At the same time, it helps slow down the bowel movement, reduces the number of bowel movements, destroys the bacteria that cause diarrhea and improves the activity of beneficial bacteria.

To cure digestive disorders, this herb also absorbs excess fluid in the intestine, causing the stool to move more slowly in the rectum. Nonetheless, it is important to emphasize that, in order to prevent digestive disorders in the best way you should combine the use of psyllium husk with the restriction of alcohol.

5. It Helps Fight The Recurrence Of Colon Cancer

The next benefit in this list of health benefits of psyllium husk is the ability to fight the recurrence of colon cancer.

Colon cancer forms in the large intestine, the end of the gastrointestinal tract (colon). This part is about 1.5m long. Most cases of colon cancer are formed from small tumors, benign cells (adenomatous polyps).Colon cancer is a disease without obvious symptoms, but once it recurs, it can lead to many complications.

Fortunately, the fiber in psyllium husk prevents cancer, especially colon cancer, because it stimulates the activity of beneficial bacteria in the colon. This bacterium enhances fermentation, produces volatile fatty acids that directly affect the cells of the intestinal tract, promotes the division of normal cells, and inhibits the growth of diseased cells. This will also reduce the pH in the stool, thereby helping to reduce the rate of recurrence of colon cancer.

The fiber in psyllium husk also plays an active role in rapidly secreting substances that can cause cancer before they damage the intestinal wall. Therefore, for cases of colon cancer treatment, you should use psyllium husk regularly to help prevent recurrence.

6. It Helps To Lose Weight Effectively

medical benefits of psyllium husk - it helps to lose weight effectively

Being overweight is a very common condition in modern life. As it causes a lot of serious health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease, healthy weight loss is essential. If you cannot eat enough vegetables to replenish your body’s essential fiber, you can consume psyllium husk instead.

The consumption of psyllium husk helps to reduce the number of calories. In addition, this herb also helps with weight loss due to the ability to reduce appetite without stimulating the nervous system. Psyllium husk’s absorbent fiber can reduce appetite, improve and purify the digestive system. This herb is an indispensable nutritional food for those who want to lose weight or apply a vegetarian diet[8] [9].

7. It Is Good For The Cardiovascular System

This sounds strange when it comes to this list of amazing health benefits of psyllium husk is supporting the cardiovascular system, but it is true.

The cardiovascular system consists of the heart and blood vessels, which play important roles in the body, such as providing oxygen and nutrients to organizations and bringing substances that need to be disposed of to the agencies and departments responsible for discharging waste.

In addition to the effects on the digestive system, psyllium husk also has the good effect on the cardiovascular system. It helps lower blood cholesterol, boosts blood flow to the heart, prevents and supports the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

It is important to remember that psyllium husk is only effective in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, but it has no therapeutic effect. Therefore, in order to have good health, you need to combine the regular consumption of psyllium husk and healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

8. It Helps Fight Diarrhea

Diarrhea is the most common gastrointestinal disease. On average, each adult does four times a year. Everyone, regardless of age and gender, can have this health condition. Diarrhea is a serious disease for young children.  It can cause severe dehydration and can be fatal for a short time.

Diarrhea can be caused by infections, food poisoning or drug use. The psyllium husk helps to reduce the severity of this dehydration by slowing down the bowel movement, reducing the number of bowel movements, isolating some diarrhea-causing bacteria and stimulating the beneficial bacteria. Another mechanism of psyllium husk is that it absorbs excess fluid in the intestine, causing the stool to form and move more slowly in the rectum[10] [11].

Whenever you have diarrhea, regularly consume psyllium husk, drink plenty of fluids and eat dilute foods to rapidly improve your condition.

9. It Helps Prevent Colorectal Cancer

The next one in this list of amazing health benefits of psyllium husk is preventing colorectal cancer.

Like other dietary fiber, psyllium husk also has a protective effect against cancer, especially colorectal cancer, because it stimulates the activity of beneficial bacteria in the colon. This bacterium promotes fermentation, produces volatile fatty acids that directly affect the cells of the intestinal tract, promotes normal cell division, and inhibits the growth of colorectal cancer cells. This helps reduce the pH in the stool, thereby reducing the incidence of colorectal cancer.

The fiber in the psyllium husk also plays an active role in rapidly exposing potentially cancerous substances before they have enough time to damage the intestinal wall. Thus, to prevent colorectal cancer, besides consuming milk, fruits, and vegetables, you should regularly consume psyllium husk in any form.

10. It Supports Diabetes Treatment

No wonder, this is definitely one that should be mentioned in this list of amazing health benefits of psyllium husk.

Diabetes is a life-threatening disease that is very similar to cancer and HIV. However, if this disease is detected early, serious complications will be prevented. There are many different ways to cure diabetes, but not all methods work well for patients. Blood sugar can be dangerous for people with or without diabetes. Frequent consumption of psyllium husk helps reduce blood glucose levels, especially after every meal.

Much scientific evidence suggests that high fiber intake reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. The reason is that although fiber is known as a carbohydrate in the diet, the body does not decompose it into sugar molecules. This means that it is not the same as other carbohydrates. Instead, it goes into the body and maintains blood sugar at a stable level.

Therefore, in order to prevent or treat diabetes, besides owning a low sugar diet, you should usually consume psyllium husk which contains a lot of fiber.

11. It Reduces The Acidity Of Stomach

Feeling uncomfortable due to elevated levels of acid in the body is a condition most people experience at least once in their lives. The frequent consumption of psyllium husk is one of the best ways to improve this condition.

To do this, psyllium husk covers the stomach with a protective layer to prevent the burning effect caused by high acid levels. As a result, it helps the digestive system to function better, reduces acid production and alleviates the effects of acid on the stomach. When acid levels are controlled, the burning sensation will disappear and your stomach will always feel comfortable.

12. It Helps Reduce Bad Cholesterol

health benefits of psyllium husk - it helps reduce bad cholesterol

Among health benefits of psyllium husk, the ability to reduce bad cholesterol and support the cardiovascular system is really worth mentioning.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in the membranes of the majority of tissues in the body, and they are transported in the plasma of the human body. The origin of cholesterol is mostly from foods that are synthesized from saturated fats. Cholesterol is produced by the body, so any amount of cholesterol we eat is redundant.

Fortunately, you can reduce your cholesterol levels by consuming psyllium husk regularly[12] [13]. This herb is the ideal desiccant for the heart. It is capable of forming a thin layer around the intestinal wall, reducing the absorption of cholesterol from food. As a result, cholesterol levels in the body will decline. That is why doctors always advise us to regularly consume psyllium husk.

13. It Aids In Curing Piles And Fissures

Curing piles and fissures is the last one in this list of amazing health benefits of psyllium husk.

As we mentioned above, psyllium husk is rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. In addition, the laxative properties of this herb also help to regulate the flow of the bowel naturally.

The results of several studies have shown that psyllium husk is good for patients who suffer from painful fissures and piles. It helps to soothe the bowel movements. Besides, it also helps soften the stool and absorb water from the surrounding parts of the intestine. This helps to alleviate pain during the stool movement.

In addition, the results from many trials also suggest that psyllium husk can support uncomplicated digestion and healing of fissures. Not only that, but this herb can also resist stretching excessively each time the person passes the motion and avoids causing the wound to break. To cure piles and fissures, consume psyllium husk with warm water every evening before going to bed.

14. It Reduces Blood Pressure

An interesting advantage when it comes to health benefits of psyllium husk is treating high blood pressure. A study showed that consuming fiber along with protein offered additive reductions in systolic pressure[14]. Therefore, this ingredient might have adjunctive role in relieving high blood pressure, despite more studies need to be carried out.

15. It Relieves Irritable Bowel Syndrome And Ulcerative Colitis

We know that psyllium husk has a significant role in relieving both constipation and diarrhea, as mentioned above. They are also symptoms of ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome[15].

In accordance with a study, psyllium husk could eradicate symptoms and stopping using psyllium husk lead to a relapse[16].

16. It Is Anti-Amoebic

Interestingly, psyllium husk might help ward off amoebic infections. According to a study, it was found that a petroleum- and water-based husk extract could inhibit 3 Entamoeba species, like histolytica, which result in a wide range of signs and symptoms in human beings. It was worth noting that the petroleum-based extract showed greater inhibition of growth[17].

Now you have known some of the wonderful health benefits of psyllium husk and seeds. You may still feel surprised about its power, but to make the above conclusions, we have based on the results of many studies. So do not ignore this nutritious food.

If you have any contributing ideas about our article of “Top16 Amazing Medical Health Benefits Of Psyllium Husk And Seeds”, please share your suggestions, views, and questions about this wonder ingredient by dropping words in the box below. We will answer as soon as we could. To discover more interesting information about the power of familiar foods, visit our Superfoods Category.

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