10 Worst Foods That Cause Acne Breakouts In Adults

Acne breakouts are the obsession of so many people. There are many causes of acne. Acne breakouts can appear on the face, back, chest and neck. Finding ways to treat acne breakouts is something that many people care about. During treatment, not only for acne breakouts, choosing the appropriate diet is very important. It decides a lot on the results as well as the duration of treatment. This article will provide you with the information you need to know about acne breakouts and foods which you should avoid eating to speed up the treatment and make sure not to leave acne scars. These are all very important things, so please do not ignore anything we share below.

What Are Acne Breakouts?

Acne breakouts are a phobia of many people, especially young people. Everyone gets acne at least once in their lives. Acne breakouts are often referred to simply as acne. Acne is a dermatological condition involving the sebaceous glands under the skin. The hole in the skin is called the pore and the sebaceous pathway connecting the pores to the sebaceous gland is called the hair follicle. These redheads form when your hair follicles get large amounts of mucus and dead cells blockage, leading to inflammation. Acne breakouts usually appear on the face, shoulders, back and chest. Acne breakouts can be just a few small, painless (mild condition), swollen (moderate condition), or it can also be very painful and severe enough to have pus.

Acne breakouts usually occur in adolescents, but can also occur in other age groups. Acne breakouts usually go away after a few years without treatment. This kind of acne can cause aesthetic discomfort. It also affects patient psychology. Untreated acne breakouts can leave permanent scarring. To avoid scarring caused by acne breakouts, acne breakouts treatment is necessary. If you hear the information that these scars can be eradicated by a Dermatologist, that's right. However, this process can be very time-consuming and expensive, and the scars are unlikely to be completely eradicated.

Here are the types of acne breakouts:

  • Blackheads

This is the type of acne breakouts usually appears on the face. They appear on the surface of the skin. The main cause of blackheads is due to sebaceous glands and dead cells. More specifically, the reaction of sebaceous glands on the skin associated with dead skin cells in the pores causing blackheads. Blackheads can be treated with some anti-inflammatory or gel cleansing creams.

  • Whiteheads

Because the body produces a lot of mucus, causing the sebaceous glands to clog, causing whiteheads. The cause of this kind of acne breakouts is due to the lack of proper care of the oily skin or the effects of the environment.

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  • Pus Acne Breakouts

This is an inflamed case of acne, which looks quite similar to whiteheads. It is usually white or yellow. Do not squeeze acne as it will cause inflammation. This is also a form of dermatitis.

  • Inflamed Acne Breakouts

This type of acne is quite sensitive. When touched, it can cause inflammation, itching, and pus.

  • Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is a serious acne case. It causes pain. This kind of acne breakouts appear to be caused by multiple inflammatory cysts. It can turn red or purple [1].

What Are Common Causes Of Acne Breakouts?

Here are the causes of acne breakouts that you should know:

  • Hormonal Disorders

Hormonal disorders are one of the common causes of acne breakouts. Hormonal changes are common in puberty, women in menstruation, pregnant women,… Due to the hormone genes androgens active strongly, it stimulates the sebaceous glands under the skin of the residue continuously. This creates favorable conditions for acne to develop. Hormonal disorders are considered to be the most common cause of acne.

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  • Poor Hygiene And Skin Care

Too much oily, dirt and bacteria skin is an ideal opportunity for acne to multiply. So cleansing your skin 2-3 times a day will help you reduce the risk of acne. In addition, if you have makeup, you need to always remove makeup every day. Facial cleansing only removes dirt on the surface of the skin without being able to remove dirt deep in the pores, removing makeup before cleansing will help.

  • Polluted Living Environment

Environmental pollution, smoke, dust and chemicals can affect the skin. When the weather is hot, your skin will sweat a lot. This combined with sebum and dirt on the skin clogs the pores and lead to whiteheads and blackheads.

  • Do Not Remove Dead Skin Cells

Excessive accumulation of dead skin cells is one of the contributing factors to acne breakouts. Over time, metabolic activity on the skin produces large amounts of dead cells. If not removed, dead skin will combine with sebum and dirt to clog skin pores. Removing dead skin cells 1-2 times a week with natural products will help clear the skin and reduce the risk of acne.

  • Use Of Inappropriate Cosmetics

Regular makeup and using cosmetics that do not suit the skin, especially oil cosmetics, often causes clogging pores and causing bacteria to penetrate deep into the skin. You should check the composition of cosmetics before using to avoid acne. In addition, you should also brush the makeup brush regularly to preserve them and limit the spread of bacteria to the face.

  • Face Towels, Pillows And Blankets Are Dirty

Face towels, pillows and blankets are the most common skin contact. If they are too dirty and they are not cleaned regularly, they will become a source of acne bacteria. You should regularly clean them.

  • Stress

Stress can cause the body to release cortisol hormones that increase the production of sebum. Sebum causes pores to clog. This causes acne. Besides, it also makes your skin appear more wrinkles. Try to relax all the time is a good way to reduce or avoid acne breakouts.

  • Unhealthy Diets

Unhealthy diets also increase the risk of acne. Eating too many packaged foods, processed foods, fast foods, greasy foods, sweets … can cause the body to build up more of the toxic and repellent effects on your skin.

What Are Symptoms Of Acne Breakouts?

Signs and symptoms of acne breakouts both depend on your condition. Some signs include:

  • Whiteheads appear in Symptoms Of Acne Breakouts closed pores.
  • Blackheads appear in the open pores, the mucus turns darker when the air is oxidized.
  • Small patches, swelling
  • Redheads have pus in the tip of the pimple
  • Acne is big in size. It is hard and painful

Who Is At Risk Of Acne Breakouts?

Acne is a common disease of all ages, most commonly in adolescents. However, sometimes adults, especially women, can still have acne. You can limit your chances of getting acne by reducing risk factors. Always consult your doctor for more information.

When To See A Doctor?

Call your doctor or go to the hospital if you have one of the following symptoms:

  • Treatment at home more than 3 months without results.
  • Acne persists or becomes worse, you should see a dermatologist.
  • Acne scars after taking new medications prescribed by your doctor.
  • There are allergic symptoms after home treatment such as dyspnea, shortness of breath, swelling in the eyes, face, lips and tongue.

You have discovered some information about acne breakouts. Acne breakouts do not cause much health effects, but it has a great impact on our confidence. Therefore, the treatment should be done as soon as possible. As we said above, dieting is an important factor to the results of the treatment. It is time to find out foods that cause acne breakouts. When you know this, you can restrict or avoid eating them. Take a look at TrueRemedies.com!

10 Worst Foods That Cause Acne Breakouts In Adults

1. Foods That Cause Acne Breakouts – Spicy Foods

foods that cause acne breakouts

Among the foods that cause acne breakouts that this article mentions, spicy foods are the most noticeable foods. Unreasonable diets like eating hot spicy ingredients are not the main cause of acne breakouts, but they are the factors that make your acne worse. Spicy spices such as chili, pepper, etc. reduce the body's detoxification, affect the skin and stimulate acne. Using these foods only worsens inflammation. Especially when skin is acne, hot spicy food should be listed as unused to avoid increasing this situation. The cause is that these foods adversely affect the process of detoxification from the body, affecting the physiological balance of the skin, causing acne. Spicy foods are hygroscopic, so they will make the skin rough [2] [3].

Absorbing a variety of spicy foods can harm your digestive system. Besides, they also cause your skin to become inflamed. Your skin may appear more acne breakouts. In addition, hot spicy products also increase the amount of blood circulation on the face, making your face become flushed. Not only that, many studies show that eating too much hot spicy foods will cause the skin to increase the secretion of mucus. They not only make acne appear more acne breakouts, but also make the acne treatment last longer. Acne breakouts will easily recur. Therefore, to reduce acne, you should eat hot spicy food on average and regular attention to your skin. When your skin is unhealthy you can quickly overcome through the advice of a doctor.

2. Sugar

This is also one of the foods that should be mentioned in this list of foods that cause acne breakouts. Sugar has many useful uses, but it is not a friendly friend of the skin. Eating too many sugar – rich foods makes you more likely to be overweight. Besides, these kinds of food are also not good for your skin, especially for those with acne. Eating too much sugar with a diet that has too high glycemic index is the main cause of acne breakouts. Confectionery, chocolate, carbonated drinks or other foods and drinks that contain lots of sugar not only help promote acne but also are not good for health. In every way, sugar will be able to produce mutations in the production of hormones. You should avoid eating these foods if you do not want the acne treatment to become more difficult.

You should know that foods containing many sugars are ‘the culprit' that makes the body shape, especially in women, become unbalanced. Not only that, sugar-rich foods are also identified as the main cause of acne because sugary foods will quickly increase insulin levels. At the same time, eating a variety of these foods increases the amount of oil on the skin. If the skin is not cleaned, the bacteria will quickly build up, causing the pores to clog and cause acne to appear. In addition, sugar – rich foods quickly destroy typical substances such as collagen and elastin. These are useful nutrients to smooth and healthy skin. At this time, your skin will be prone to dryness and wrinkles earlier. In order to have a smooth skin, you should limit your intake of sugary foods.

3. Foods That Cause Acne Breakouts – Canned Food

Many people do not have time, so they often choose canned food to eat in a hurry. Canned foods like shrimp, fish, meat, etc. are not good for your health. It is also the “enemy” of the skin. These products are filled with additives, flavors, and other chemicals that cause allergic reactions. Canned foods contain high levels of sugar and fat which can cause diabetes, excess belly fat, and moreover, it can also cause acne breakouts on your skin. Packaged or processed foods are extremely harmful to your skin and health. These foods are often refined which makes it difficult for the body to absorb.

Canned foods also contain a lot of preservatives. Meanwhile, skin acne is very sensitive. These preservatives are the stimulant of acne, causing acne to form faster and more. In addition, these foods contain a lot of saturated fat which is not good for acne skin. Frequent eating of canned food not only causes unwanted allergies, it also makes your face pale and sore when it comes to pimples. Therefore, when there is acne, you should choose fresh food to eat. That is the best choice.

4. Foods High In Fat

foods that cause acne breakouts

This is one of the foods that cause acne breakouts that few people know, but this is true. Fatty foods not only cause heart disease, obesity, but also affect your acne. Foods such as fried chicken, fries, etc., are high in fat that causes acne because they cause sebaceous glands and skin rashes. Fatty foods will contribute to oily skin condition. Fried foods or fatty foods also increase oxidation and break down the skin regenerating nutrients. These foods reduce blood circulation under the skin, prevent sweat through pores, clog pores, and produce acne. These foods also generate heat in the body, which in turn causes the skin to appear more acne. Therefore, to accelerate acne treatment faster and more effective, you should abstain from foods high in fat.

Fatty foods are usually made with oils. Do you know that vegetable oils are the main cause of acne breakouts on your skin? Vegetable oils include canola oil, corn oil, and margarine. These vegetable oils will cause dermatitis. Therefore, you should use pure olive oil or coconut oil to replace the above oils to achieve a healthier skin. Limit eating fried foods is also a way to get you a balanced body.

5. Foods That Cause Acne Breakouts – Salty Foods

The next food item in this list of foods that causes acne breakouts that this article refers to is salty foods. Salt can lead to swelling in the tissues which causes your face to swell. Limit the use of iodized salt because they can cause acne. Check the sodium content of food packaged before use. You should also wash canned meats, vegetables, and beans to reduce the sodium from them. When the body has to absorb too much salt, it will stimulate water molecules to enter the bloodstream to help reduce excess salt, leading to skin dehydration. Especially, when the skin is dehydrated, it becomes dry, wrinkled, or even your skin has chronic acne which cannot be overcome. In addition, eating too much salt is the leading cause of some dangerous diseases: high blood pressure, stomach pain, kidney, cancer,… Consequently, reducing salty foods intake is essential.

6. Beef

This is another food item in this list of foods that cause acne breakouts that few people know. Beef contains a lot of protein, which is good for the body, but when you get acne you should not eat beef. Because when the skin starts to heal and the wound starts to progress, the use of beef causes the acne to become darker, easier to create scars.

When you have acne breakouts, especially pus acne and pimples, the treatment usually has minor injuries. At that time, if you eat beef in any form, leaving scarring will be inevitable. In addition, beef also stimulates cell proliferation, which can easily form unwanted keloids. Therefore, medical experts recommend that when you have acne, you should absolutely stay away from beef. You can enjoy this dish when you complete the acne treatment [4].

7. Foods That Cause Acne Breakouts – Starch And Gluten

The next one in this list of foods that cause acne breakouts are starch and gluten. Starch preparations supplement 60% to 70% of daily energy intake for the body. However, these foods often contain high levels of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are not good for your skin when there are signs of acne. It makes acne grow faster. Besides, it also makes acne treatment be negatively affected. Even in many cases, starch causes acne swelling and pus. Wheat flour, pasta, bread … are high in starch foods that you should limit your daily menu.

Gluten can cause inflammation and problems related to the digestive system. Accordingly, acne will also be produced by the using of this kind of food. Foods such as wheat, cereals, breads, and pasta are the major inflammatory agents in the body that lead to skin rashes. Gluten has the same effect as sugar. Therefore, you should try to avoid using these foods to get a smooth skin [5].

8. Carbonated Soft Drinks

foods that cause acne breakouts

This is also one of the foods that should be mentioned in this list of foods that cause acne breakouts. Carbonated soft drinks are a popular beverage and they have become part of today's modern life. However, if you drink plenty of gassy drinks for a long period of time, they can adversely affect the health and the wellbeing of your body, especially those with acne breakouts. Gassy drinks contain a lot of aspartame – a substance that causes acne. These drinks simultaneously reduce the pH level of the skin, thereby increasing the appearance of acne breakouts.

Fresh carbonated soft drink contains phosphoric acid -a substance that enhances the flavor and prolongs the shelf life of the product. It is also one of the reasons for the increase in blood glucose, circulatory disturbances, loss of control, as well as stimulation of the formation of acne, pigmentation, and skin aging early. Drinking a lot of soft drinks also increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Are the reasons enough for you to limit or stop drinking carbonated soft drinks?

9. Foods That Cause Acne Breakouts – Milk

Milk is always a precious food source and is especially good for children. However, it does not produce the desired results for people in puberty, especially those who have acne. Milk contains high nutritional content and growth stimulants. However, these growth hormones are also a cause of acne. Whether it is whole milk or nonfat milk, the ingredients of milk always contain some basic hormones that support the development of acne spots. In addition, milk promotes the production of insulin in your body leading to acne on the skin. Milk and cheese can increase the risk of pimples.

Researchers claim that they have found a correlation between intake of milk and the incidence of acne. It seems that people drink milk with acne worse than people who do not drink milk. A study published in the May 2008 issue of the American Journal of Dermatology magazine reviewed the diets of puberty boys. The boys who usually drink milk tend to have the most severe acne. This supports the results of previous studies. During the study period, teenage girls were asked to record their diet and acne status. Again, girls who have a diet rich in dairy products suffer from acne worse than the rest.

In all dairy products, milk is the main culprit. Milk chocolate, cheese, and fruit-flavored ice cream also have a negative effect on the skin. Interestingly, nonfat milk (skimmed milk) causes more acne than whole milk, so it seems that fat content in milk is not the culprit. Besides, people taking vitamin D supplements do not have many spots of acne, so vitamin D in milk is also not believed to cause acne. For a non-acne skin, limit your intake of dairy products. However, you do not necessarily exclude milk completely. You can have breakfast with ice cream or a glass of soy milk. Drinking lots of fresh milk (about 3 boxes of milk 200ml / day) can affect the ability of the skin to develop acne breakouts.

10. Foods That Cause Acne Breakouts – Caffeine And Alcoholic Beverages

Caffeine stimulates the adrenalin gland to release stress hormones that can increase the level of stress. Too much stress will be bad for your health and skin, resulting in acne. Caffeine can also interfere with your sleep, making you unable to sleep deeply. Good sleep is a very important thing in restoring physical condition and detoxification. Therefore, when you are insomnia, your skin is easy to get pimples. Tea and coffee are high in caffeine. They will cause your body to excrete a lot of fluid, which will reduce the moisture and water of the body. This makes the skin be dry, wrinkled, pimples and premature aging. Therefore, it is very important to limit the amount of caffeinated beverages, especially when you have acne.

Alcoholic beverages containing very high alcohol content, so they may cause your body to lose water. They also cause brain, liver and kidney dysfunction, resulting in dryness and constant skin rashes. Abuse of excessive alcohol affects the health of the body, increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, and so on. These types of drinks make the skin becomes dry, irritated and aging faster. Not only that, your skin is also at high risk for acne. Therefore, limiting alcohol and beer is a righteous act.

You have just been given information about the foods that cause acne breakouts. So now you know what foods are the culprits of acne breakouts? These foods are not too bad for you, but when used on a moderate level, you can have a healthier and less acne-prone skin. If you are having headaches with nasty acne breakouts, try to stop using some of the above foods and watch for changes. That is a good decision. If you have any contributing ideas about our article of “Top 10 Worst Foods That Cause Acne Breakouts In Adults” introduced in Superfoods Category, do not hesitate to drop your words below this post. We will answer as soon as we could.

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