6 Organic Valerian Root Benefits & Common Uses

Updated: 10/24/2019

You must have heard that valerian root is good for your health. However, do you know all about its health benefits? If the answer is no, then read this article. This will help you use it in a timely and proper way. You will definitely be surprised at what you are going to read below about organic valerian root benefits and common uses. But first, let’s find out some interesting information about it.

What Is Valerian?

Valerian’s scientific name is Valeriana officinalis. This plant is grown in India, Indonesia, China, especially in the highlands. It is a flowering plant in the Hibiscus family. This species was first described by Carl Linnaeus in 1753. Its flowers are light pink or white and they have a pleasant aroma. The most useful part of this plant is the root. Valerian root contains valerian acid and other substances, such as essential oils. In addition, Valerian root also contains 5-10% of inorganic substances, a lot of glutamic acid (starch and saccharose) organic acids (benzoic, salicylic, caicic, and chloroform), some lipid, sterol, and tannin. You can get the effect of valerian root by using it to make tea. Today, this herb is also made into functional foods, so you can use it easily.

What Are The Side Effects Of Valerian Root?

Valerian root can cause some side effects. They are:

  • Headache
  • Jittery
  • Uneasiness

They do not always happen, but you need to be careful with them. If you notice other side effects not listed above, contact your doctor for medical advice[1] [2].

Before using valerian root, tell your doctor about the medicines you are taking and the diseases you are suffering from. Some health conditions may make it easier for you to experience side effects. Use valerian root as directed by your doctor. The dosage depends on your condition. Talk to your doctor if your condition persists or worsens. Be careful if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Here is some important information you should know about valerian root. Now is the time to explore 6 out of best organic valerian root benefits and common uses. Take a look at TrueRemedies.com!

Top 6 Organic Valerian Root Benefits & Common Uses

1. Valerian Root Benefits – Treat Insomnia

Treating insomnia is the first one among organic valerian root benefits and common uses. Insomnia is a condition in which you are very hard to fall asleep, although you really want to sleep. Patients with this condition often feel very tired when they wake up in the morning, so their activity will be affected throughout the day. The most common symptom of insomnia is very difficult to fall asleep. In addition, other symptoms you may experience include:

  • It is difficult to sleep at night.
  • Wake up at night or wake up too early.
  • No feeling of rest after sleep.
  • Tired and sleepy during the day.
  • Uncomfortable, depressed or anxious.
  • Headache or tension.
  • Uncomfortable stomach and intestines.

There are many causes for insomnia. Some mental illnesses can cause insomnia such as anxiety and depression. Even if you are a healthy person, your daily habits can also lead to insomnia:

  • Stress: There are many issues that you need to consider in your life such as homework, employment, health or housework. They can keep your brain in a state of stress. You always spend a lot of time, especially free time in the evening, to worry about them. Then, insomnia is unavoidable.
  • Anxiety: The anxiety contributes to insomnia as it can disrupt your sleep
  • Bad sleep habits: Bad sleep habits mean that you go to sleep erratically, play games or do some physical stimulation just before going to bed, or use your bed for other activities rather than sleep and have sex.
  • Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol: Taking such drinks at night can make you unable to sleep at night because nicotine affects your brain. Alcohol prevents you going deep into sleep and usually wakes you up in the middle of the night.
  • Eat too much in the evening: This causes you to feel uncomfortable when lying down, making it difficult for you to sleep. You can also get acid reflux from the stomach into the esophagus after eating, which can make you sleepless.
  • Some diseases: The diseases you are suffering from, such as chronic pain (fibromyalgiaand arthritis), dyspnea (GERD and heartburn) or frequent urination (diabetes), can also cause your insomnia[3] [4].
  • Some medicines: Some medicines, such as antidepressants, corticosteroids, hypertensive drugs, and other over-the-counter medicines, can also cause insomnia.

We all know that insomnia negatively affects quality of life. It made everything upset. Therefore, it is necessary to treat this condition quickly. If you are still confused about how to do this, try valerian root. It has been used to treat insomnia 1000 years ago. The most well-known Roman researcher, Claudis Galenus, has discovered the effect of this herb. He is the founder of modern medicine, with thousands of studies of the nervous system, brain, and human anatomy. He discovered that valerian root is capable of relieving anxiety and stress, helping to calm the brain. As a result, he used it to successfully cure insomnia for thousands of people.

Valerian root acts as a sedative for the brain and nervous system. The most important component of is this herb valerenic acid and derivatives of valepotriates. They bind to the GABA receptor (an important acid that maintains brain activity and sleep), thus preventing stress and anxiety in the central nervous system. This helps to restore the process of suppression of the brain, which reduces the stimulation and makes the patient sleep better. Unlike sedative and sleeping pills, valerian root has long-term effects without causing side effects such as addiction, dependence, attenuation, memory loss, decreased memory, and decreased physical activity. Therefore, valerian root is one of 10 herbs recommended by European experts for insomniacs[5] [6] [7].

2. Valerian Root Benefits – Relieve Migraines

This is one of little – known benefit in regard to organic valerian root benefits. Migraine is a type of headache. Its distinctive features are recurrent headaches and pain. The pain may be accompanied by symptoms of visual disturbance, nausea and many other symptoms. Typical migraines often only affect one side of the head. It causes pain for 4 to 72 hours. The exact cause of migraine has not been determined. Many studies have been conducted to find the exact cause but have not been successful. Researchers believe that trigeminal neurons play an important role in migraine headaches. The trigeminal nerve is the brain nerve that facilitates the pain. Balancing serotonin and other brain chemicals can also be a pain trigger. Neuropeptides such as P and peptide, which are involved in the calcitonin gene, can cause inflammation and dilated nerves.

Migraines are divided into a variety of forms, such as chronic migraine, migraine headache, substance abuse, migraine related to vein, and migraine during menstruation. Although you do not know exactly what causes a migraine, there are some risk factors that make you susceptible to this disease. Identifying risk factors will help you be more alert if you start getting symptoms. Risk factors include:

  • Family history
  • Stress
  • Feminine
  • Change diet
  • The use of some medications like estrogen and vasodilators
  • Changes in hormones during menstruation, menopause and pregnancy

Knowing the triggers can help you avoid migraines. For example, some people get migraines when eating chocolate or drinking coffee. Some migraines usually have a “warning sign” before. These signs may vary from person to person and may not appear in all migraine patients. Signs can be:

  • Vision blind spots
  • Itchy on hands and face
  • See the lights and light spots
  • You smell the fire
  • You may also experience other warning signs before the pain starts, such as craving sweetness, thirst, drowsiness or depression.

Migraines are usually benign; however, the pain will make you feel very uncomfortable and therefore, your daily activities are also disturbed. Everyone can have migraines, especially those between the ages of 10 and 45. Therefore, the way to treat this disease is always concerned by many people. Treatment of migraines is to reduce symptoms and prevent recurrent pain. One of the first migraine treatments recommended by professionals is to use valerian root. As you know, this herb has the ability to “soothe” the brain. It makes the brain completely relaxed. Much more than that, its active ingredients also help increase blood flow to the brain and heart. Essential oils and organophosphate salts in valerian root work to enhance the process of suppressing the cerebral cortex, reducing the excitability of nerve reflexes, relaxing the muscles, eliminating the smooth muscle contraction. As a result, most migraine causes are eliminated. To get the best results, you should use this herb regularly. This causes the brain to continue to be supported, so it will stabilize for a long time.

3. Valerian Root Benefits – Ease Gastritis

The next one in this list of organic valerian root benefits and common uses is treating gastritis. Gastritis is a condition in which the stomach is inflamed or swollen. Gastritis can occur suddenly (acute gastritis) or prolonged (chronic gastritis). The disease is not dangerous and can quickly turn better after treatment. However, in some cases, gastritis can lead to stomach ulcers and increased risk of other cancers. Gastritis is a common disease in the general population.  People with gastritis usually have no symptoms until they are diagnosed. The diagnosis of gastritis is usually based on the description of the patient’s symptoms. However, to ensure accuracy, doctors also use tests such as gastroscopy, H. pylori tests and blood or stool tests. The common signs and symptoms of gastritis are:

Common causes of gastritis are:

  • Use of certain medications such as aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Stomach Infection by Helicobacter pylori
  • Autoimmune disorders (such as malignant anemia
  • Gastroesophageal reflux
  • Cocaine abuse
  • Stress
  • Other inflammatory diseases such as HIV / AIDS and intestinal inflammation

Gastritis is very common, but it is more common in people who use painkillers or alcohol abuse. You can control gastritis by minimizing risk factors. You should contact your doctor immediately if the symptoms do not improve after a period of treatment. You should also talk to your doctor if you feel uncomfortable after taking medication, especially aspirin or other painkillers. In addition, if you vomit blood, you should also see a doctor to find the cause.

As we said above, if treated properly, the disease can quickly be relieved. In contrast, if not treated, chronic gastritis will increase the risk of cancer, especially when the cause of this disease is Helicobacter pylori. Experts advise that in order to aid in the treatment of gastritis, use valerian root regularly. As you know, this herb is able to relieve stress – one of the main causes of gastritis.  In addition, it can also inhibit the growth and quickly kill some types of bacteria and viruses that cause gastritis and enteritis. As a result, your condition will improve rapidly[8] [9].

4. Valerian Root Benefits – Lower Blood Pressure

The next benefit in this list of organic valerian root benefits common uses is lowering blood pressure. High blood pressure or hypertension is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, heart failure, stroke, and kidney disease. High blood pressure is a common health condition. Blood pressure is determined by the amount of blood pumped into the heart and the response to that blood flow in the arteries. If the blood is pumped into the heart but the artery narrows, blood pressure will rise. Specifically, the body’s organs need oxygen to function. Oxygen is transported to the organs via blood. When the heart beats, it creates pressure to push blood through a network of arteries and veins (also called blood vessels and capillaries). Blood pressure is the result of two forces. The first force is created when the blood pumps out of the heart and into the arteries (this is part of the circulatory system). The second force is created when the heart rests between beats. These two forces are represented by numbers in blood pressure measurements.

Blood pressure is measured by two indexes: systolic and diastolic blood pressure. For example, 120/80 mmHg (mmHg is millimeter of mercury, this is the unit used to measure blood pressure). In normal people, systolic blood pressure < 120 and the diastolic pressure < 80. In people with prehypertension, the systolic blood pressure index is 120-139 mmHg and the diastolic pressure is 80 – 89 mmHg. People have hypertension when systolic blood pressure > 135 mmHg and diastolic > 85mmHg. You are considered to have hypertension when the blood pressure index is 135/85 or higher for some weeks. Or you may also be considered to have hypertension when one of the two blood pressure indexes (systolic or diastolic) exceeds the above level for a number of weeks.

Recently, leading health experts along with scientists have studied and found a number of factors and causes closely related to hypertension, such as diabetes, obesity, chronic kidney disease, tobacco smoke, alcohol abuse, stress, and irregular exercise. High blood pressure is a dangerous condition. It is the leading cause of stroke. High blood pressure increases the pressure of the blood on the artery walls, thereby increasing the workload for the heart. Over time, this will damage the blood vessels and internal organs. Therefore, as soon as this condition is diagnosed, you need to take measures to treat it. One of them is to use valerian root. This herb can dilate the coronary arteries and increase blood flow through them. As a result, anemia in the heart muscle improves; the oxygen consumption of the heart decreases; the heart rate is constant; and the blood pressure will gradually return to safety[10].

5. Valerian Root Benefits – Treat Diarrhea

The next one in this list of organic valerian root benefits common uses is treating diarrhea. Diarrhea is a condition in which stool is loose and watery. It is often accompanied by abdominal distention, abdominal pain and flatulence. Diarrhea is the most common gastrointestinal disease. It is the way the body removes the germs. This disease lasts from a few days to a week. Diarrhea usually occurs with fever, nausea, vomiting, cramps, and dehydration. Some of the common causes of diarrhea are viruses such as rotavirus, bacteria such as Salmonella, and parasites such as Giardia. In particular, the virus is the most common cause. Food poisoning can also cause diarrhea in children. Symptoms usually appear very quickly and they tend to disappear within 24 hours. Diarrhea is a serious disease for young children. It can cause severe dehydration in a short time. If they meet the following signs, you need to quickly bring them to the hospital:

  • Chills
  • Pale skin
  • Urine output decreased significantly
  • High fever
  • Drowsy
  • Stool contains blood and pus
  • Black stool

When diarrhea lasts too long without any signs of remission, this can be a sign of something like inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome. Diarrhea is very common. On average, an adult suffers from diarrhea four times a year. Everyone, regardless of age and gender, can have diarrhea. It can range from mild to severe and it can be life-threatening. Therefore, treatment should be carried out as soon as possible. If you do not know how to do this, use valerian root. The active ingredients of this herb are capable of rapidly eradicating bacteria and viruses without giving them any opportunity to grow. This will aid in the treatment of your diarrhea, making you feel better.

6. Valerian Root Benefits – Stop Impotence

No wonder, this is definitely one that should be mentioned in this list of organic valerian root benefits common uses that we want to mention in this article. Impotence is considered as a male impotence state during sexual intercourse. According to the study, about 50% of men over the age of 40 will experience this condition. There are two main causes of impotence: emotional disturbance and physical decline:

  • Diabetes: Diabetes is one of the major causes of sexual dysfunction in men. In chronic stage, the disease will cause nerve damage, causing the penis to lose its sensation and the male cannot control it.
  • Neurological disorders: Brain tumors and epilepsy affect the ability of the brain to control the reproductive system, making it difficult for men to achieve erection.
  • Side effects of drugs: Some drugs can affect the physiological functions of men such as cancer treatment drugs, depression drugs, drugs which stimulate the nervous system, and diuretics. Taking medications incorrectly as directed by your doctor can lead to impotence.
  • Cardiovascular diseases: Insufficient blood flow to the penis can make men unable to achieve an erection. Atherosclerosis and hypertension can also affect and increase the risk of impotence for men.
  • Lifestyle and emotional factors: Depression and anxiety are associated with impotence in men.
  • Abuse of alcoholand beer: Alcohol abuse can also affect the ability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection.

Impotence can greatly affect your lifestyle and psychology. You may have erectile dysfunction if you have the following conditions:

  • Penis cannot erect
  • Occasionally, it can be erected.
  • It can be erect but cannot be maintained long enough to be able to have sex
  • Sexual desire decreases

Fortunately, valerian root can help you treat this condition. This herb works to stabilize the nervous and cardiovascular functions, and at the same time has a positive effect on the genitals. It is capable of treating some disorders of reproductive function such as impotence and poor sperm quality. As soon as you notice the signs of impotence, you need to quickly use valerian root. The early treatment will help the disease be treated easily.

Above are 6 out of amazing valerian root benefits. With this information, you probably know better about this herb as well as use it properly. If you have any contributing ideas about our article of “Top 6 Organic Valerian Root Benefits & Common Uses” introduced in Superfoods Category, do not hesitate to drop your words below this post. We will answer as soon as we could.

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