Top 10 Reasons You’re Going To Die Early And How To Fix

Updated: 11/9/2019

A young man over 35 years old, see a doctor because he feels tired. On the surface, no one thinks he has health problems; from his flexible gait to his physical condition and his skin, all are fine.

Witnessing many cases at a very young age, Dr. Khanh Tran M.D., M.A, working at Vietnam Germany Hospital, sent the message: “Please do not go easy on your lifestyles and lazy in activities, do not make mistakes in eating and drinking habits, and also do not blame for the fate.”

TrueRemedies presents the story of Dr. Tran Quoc Khanh: “Do you find yourself in it?”

Over the past few days, two cases of patients have haunted doctors. A young man over 35 years old, see a doctor because he feels tired. On the surface, no one thinks he has health problems; from his flexible gait to his physical condition and his skin, all are fine. Being a businessman, he drinks alcohol with clients every day. He drinks from the age of 20 years, smokes, stays up late, and barely practices sports. The results of tests, ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance (MR) are suggested that he might have malignant liver tumors. Holding the results in his hands, the couple collapsed and he went unsteadily.

In another case, the doctor is also haunted by the image of the young girl hugging her older sister (about 45 years old) quietly in the waiting chairs when everyone was gone home; tears rolled down the face of the older sister and the eyes of the young girl were also red. Her older sister felt tired, she took her sister to the doctor. After conducting an endoscopic biopsy, the doctor concluded that she had rectal cancer in the late stage, needing surgery immediately and long-term chemical treatment.

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Having heard hiccups or witnessed those tears, we are somewhat empathetic about the grief of losing health or loved ones.

Sometimes the doctor just wants to scream for someone to respect their own health and life. The doctor has carefully observed the lifestyles of many people and he wants to point out 10 reasons you're going to die early and how to fix.

Top 10 Reasons You're Going To Die Early & How To Fix

1. Have An Unhealthy Diet


Many people just know “I like it and I feel delicious; so, it is okay!” Those thoughts will force those people to pay for the mistake by their health and their lives[1] [2].

Poisoning, diarrhea, acute renal failure, liver flukes (even flukes in the brain and spine), gastrointestinal cancer, liver cancer, etc. are some serious diseases that are caused by having an unhealthy diet. Some of those unhealthy dishes are iced tea and adenosma glutinosum tea on the pavement, chili sauce and soy sauce with an unknown origin, hot finger-shaped soufflé, hotpot on the sidewalk, grilled pork skewers, grilled chicken legs, grub at beers and bars, blood soup, raw dishes, and salads.

How to fix:

Everyone knows that raw materials, food hygiene and safety, preservatives, additives, etc. have not been fully censored. So the doctor recommends that everyone should only use natural spices, such as fresh peppers, garlic, lemon, vinegar, whole-grain peppers, fresh herbs in the daily diet.

2. Eating Too Much


Our bodies do not need so much food that all the time we always think about what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

To get enough energy, the doctor advises focusing on a big breakfast. That is the main energy source for the whole day[3]. Also, we just need a light lunch and limited dinner. Going to bed with a stomach full of food only makes our digestive system worse.

Here are some eating mistakes that sabotage our health[4]:

  • Skip breakfast or eat too little
  • Have too big servings for dinner
  • Give children bottled soft drinks instead of water and fresh fruit juice
  • Eat too much meat instead of vegetables
  • Have ready-to-eat cans instead of homemade meals

These long-term eating habits will cause gastric ulcers, pot belly, hypertension, fatty liver, hyperlipidemia, metabolic disorders, gout, obesity, etc.

How to fix:

Follow a healthy eating plan[5]:

  • Eat more vegetables, leafy greens, fresh fruits, whole grains, and dairy products (low-fat or fat-free type). “Scientists at Auburn University have confirmed that consuming leafy greens can help protect the liver from fatty liver and CVD.”[5’] (Medically reviewed by Millie Lytle ND, MPH.)
  • Add lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs, beans, and nuts to your daily diet
  • Limit trans and saturated fats, added sugars, and sodium
  • Control portion sizes
3. Inactivity


Inactivity is one of the leading causes in the list of top 10 reasons you're going to die early. Young people and those who are students play sports a little; but after graduating, going to work, and getting married, they allow themselves to not need sports, be inactive and hedonistic. They think that their body is naturally healthy.

When reaching the age of 40, people will feel how fast their health is plummeting. At that time, it will not be possible to turn around or how much money cannot buy health anymore. Not playing sports is killing yourself[6]. Just going to the 3rd – 4th floor, many people also wait for the elevator. If you are too busy, why not take advantage of physical activity with the stairs?

How to fix:

Before bathing, you can take 30 minutes in the gym or yoga. Men can practice push-ups, hand weights, horizontal bar, sit-ups.

4. Smoke And Drink Too Much Alcohol 


It is the desire to gather every day. They often rely on receiving clients or meeting friends to go out for a drink.

Also, a familiar image when drinking is smoking, and the harmful effects of tobacco increases many times when used with alcohol. Many young people aged 30-35 have wrinkled skin, hunchback, loose muscles, reduced vitality, and yellowed teeth due to smoke[7]. All are because of bad eating and drinking habits and unhealthy lifestyles.


Quit smoking as soon as possible!

5. Don't Have Periodic Health Examinations

When having a health examination, a doctor often advises you to actively go to gastrointestinal endoscopy, a pelvic examination, chest X-ray, ultrasound, etc. to have an annual examination[8].

For gastrointestinal tumors, wait until the time you don't feel delicious, lose weight, pass the black stool, have an intestinal obstruction, etc., the tumor has developed for one year. At that time, the disease has been in the late stage. In fact, the success of the treatment is mainly based on prevention, as well as proactive screening and examining and detection of diseases when the lesions are in the early stage.

How to fix:

It is essential to establish a family health fund other than saving money in case of illness. If waiting for the disease to happen, which means you are facing the late stage of illness. It is extremely costly, sometimes not saving lives. With the family health fund, you can deduct a certain amount of money each year to actively have a periodic health examination and solve it while it is in the early stage.

6. Using Medicine Out Of The Control 


People often choose to take medicine to treat the disease as soon as the symptoms occur, while the examination and diagnosis have not been done.

How to fix:

Before any treatment, the doctor recommends asking these questions with the medical staff: What do I have? What are the level of danger and the effect of the disease on my health? What are the treatment directions and prognosis? Drugs?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of treatment solutions? And what are the risks? If you see everything clearly and reliably, start the healing process.

7. Overexposure To Plastics Every Day


Along with air and water pollution, plastic abuse accidentally causes your health to decline seriously[9].


Doctors recommend using crockery, porcelain, cloth bags, rush bags, rattan bags, etc. You absolutely should not use plastic containers to store food.

8. Living With Rapid Urbanization


In fact, urbanization has a negative impact on both our mental and physical health[10] [11] [12] [13]. During the year, how many times do you take your children to the forest, to the sea, and to the suburbs? Or you often tend to take them to go to supermarkets or shopping malls at the weekend, or stay in air-conditioned, private rooms for months.

How to fix:

Let's go to the suburbs to run around and play sports, which helps a lot for children and us in cleaning the lungs, balancing life, and avoiding autism and stress.

9. Are You Stressed?


The doctor finds people now are very easily irritated, profane, and giving cruel remarks when there is something unsatisfying; and natural, friendly smiles appear less often.

When you are struggling to keep up with changes in life, angry, jealous, stressed, etc., the body will automatically produce extremely toxic endogenous hormones, causing the body disorders and a weakened immune system[14] [15]. It is the cause of many diseases, including high blood pressure, stroke, prolonged insomnia, stomach ulcers, and cancer.

How to fix:

You can reverse the consequences if you choose a healthy lifestyle.

10. Lack Of Background Knowledge


It's also an egg but its health value will be different when we eat boiled eggs as compared to fried eggs. So why do you spend a lot of time surfing the web, Facebook, gossip, etc.  but you spend so little time learning about eating, nutrition, exercise, and health care?

How to fix:

You can learn about eating, nutrition, exercise, and health care on the web, courses and training, or by consulting a doctor.

Every day, you should pay close attention to changes in your body because it could be a warning sign of your health. We hope that this article “top 10 reasons you're going to die early and how to fix” will help you to change your lifestyle and eating habits to protect your health. There are also many useful and informative articles on our site, visit our main News & Facts to read more.

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