5 Best Questions To Ask Your Child Today & Every Day

Parenting is considered as a roller coaster ride and a great model for their children. Without rules, there are a lot of unique parenting styles but one common thing is that parents always want to give their child the best things and teach them how to be a perfect person in the future. That is not easy but not too much as difficult as we thought. One of the useful teaching tool parents should do for their child is a friendly conversation. Unfortunately, not many families have this good habit. According to research, parents spend at least 12.5 minutes daily to talk to their child. About 8.5 minutes of that time is used for prohibitions and accusations while only 4 minutes left is for a friendly conversation. An educational expert reported that friendly conversation plays an important role in developing the brain and personality of a child in later life[1]. One of the necessary factors is to ask your child five great questions every day. That will encourage your child to express their emotion, feeling, and choice. So what are the best questions to ask your child every day?

5 Best Questions To Ask Your Child Today & Every Day

1. What Did You Do Today That Make Someone Happy?

questions to ask your child - what did you do today that make someone happy

This question will make your child feel great about the world revolving about him and realize the importance and meaning of being kind to someone. You should ask this question regularly especially when they are willing to give you the answer about the tasks they have done for others. Life is hard and parenting is difficult but teaching them the meaning of kindness will help us make them become kind people.

Do not expect too much for the first time. Just be easy on your child. Eventually, they will start to take part in your friendly conversation and begin to look for the chance to be more helpful and kind to the people around them. They will want to help someone cross the road, hold the door, or just have the courage to protect the weak.

2. What Was The Best Part Of Your Day?

“What was the best part of your day?” You can ask children of every age this question during dinner or before bedtime.

This is one of the best questions to ask your child that helps tighten your relationship with your child as it not only makes you feel a part of your children’s happiest moments but also helps you understand which things are meaningful to your child.

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Your children can tell you about the brightest moments of their day. Even if they told you they had a bad experience, you will know how to make them feel better.

3. “Was There Anything Difficult Or Hard About Your Day?”

A child is so pure and innocent but they still have some worrisome problems. Maybe your child feels nervous and worry about their test or have some difficulties with their friends. Or perhaps they are stuck in a frustrating situation without knowing how to deal with. Or just maybe they did something wrong.

Any insecurities and anxieties may result in the big problem, affecting the personality development of children if not resolved. This kind of questions to ask your child every day may encourage your children to be themselves and confess anything with you. It also builds trust and belief in your parenting. A good parent needs to be a good friend first. It is important to make your child feel safe and always come to you when they need.

Let’s make an open conversation without punishing or scolding. Today, when you ask this question, your child may not want to talk but tomorrow will be different. Just remember to be patient.

4. “Who Did You Spend Time With Today?”

Who your child is playing with also plays an important role in personality and character development[2]. Making friends with good people, they will become a great person in the future. Otherwise, they will easily do something wrong.

This question will help you understand their friend and evaluate your child’s ability to socially struggling or social thriving.

5. “What Do You Think You Could Do Better Tomorrow?”

questions to ask your child - what do you think you could do better tomorrow

It is the question to finish your friendly conversation with your child. This question can encourage your child to set the goals to have a better tomorrow. It keeps your child to try the best to improve themselves and avoid complacency.

When your child will anticipate well in this question, they will break the bad and form good habits. For example, they will try to be kind. They no longer are late to school. They will become more confident and want to make good friends. Your child will understand that tomorrow is a fresh start and everything will be better.

Questions to ask your child like these are meaningful to your children, allowing them to explore their dream and tightening the relationship between you and your child. Do not interrupt your child when they are answering your questions or telling you a story. Make comments or give some advice only when they ask. Remember the role of physical contact in a friendly conversation. Hugging or grabbing their hand also makes the atmosphere more open and friendly. Any questions can be left in the comment section of Parenting and we will answer them as soon as we can. To read more about other articles, check out at our Home page.

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