16 Tips On Best Makeup For Oily Skin Prone To Acne With Large Pores

Updated: 11/12/2019

Makeup seems to be the passion of so many girls. No one advocates abuse of makeup, however, on special occasions, makeup is essential. You cannot be a bland girl while all the other girls are beautiful with perfect makeup. But you worry that your oily skin cannot become bright because you do not know what makeup is best for you. You even have a lot of acne and you believe that there is no “magic” that can hide them. Surely that is what you will say when you have not read this article. However, as soon as you read the following, you will definitely change your mind. Let's find out about your skin as well as the makeup that works best for you.

What Is Oily Skin?

There are three basic types of skin: oily skin, dry skin and combination skin. Oily skin is the type of skin in which the amount of sebum is secreted too much. The sebaceous glands under the pores are active, producing a lot of sebum. The sebum is released through the pores. Having too much sebum will make the pores bigger. If you have oily skin, the surface of your skin is often glossy, especially in the nose and forehead. To identify this, you can use an oil absorbing sheet. Wash your face thoroughly, wait about 30 minutes and then use an oil absorbing sheet to wipe your face. If the skin is oily, this sheet will stick to the skin and absorb oil immediately. If the skin is not oily, we will see the sheet is completely dry or we may see that only a small amount of oil is sticking on the sheet.

Due to the excessive amount of sebum produced, the pores are enlarged. As a result, dirt is very easily attached to the skin, increasing the risk of whiteheads and blackheads. In more severe cases, acne can turn into pustules or skin inflammation (mild to severe). Excessive sebum causes clogging of the pores, enabling P. acnes (bacteria that eat sebum) to grow and cause follicular inflammation. If the bacteria grow on the skin, they will damage the hair follicles, causing serious damage to the skin. Therefore, it is imperative to establish and maintain a proper hygiene and skin care regimen for oily skin [1].

What Are Common Causes Of Oily Skin?

Here are the common causes of oily skin:

  • Genetic Factors

If your parent has oily skin, that may be the cause of your skin condition. This is one of the major causes that most people have.

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  • Skincare Regime

During skin care process, many people abuse cleansing and exfoliation, causing stress on the skin and stimulating the skin to produce more oil. In addition, excessive use of skin care products also causes the skin to “overload”, leading to the disorder of the sebaceous glands.

  • Weather Change

The increase in temperature and humidity throughout the spring and summer can stimulate the production of oil on the skin. Conversely, when the air becomes dry in winter, the skin is prone to dehydration. Then, the skin enhances the oil production to “compensate” for the loss of water.

  • The Use Of Drugs

Hormonal control and hormonal replacement therapy can cause an increase in the amount of oil on the skin. Likewise, almost any drug can cause dehydration and increase the amount of excess oil on the skin.

  • Improper Use Of Cosmetics

For example, if a person with combination skin uses a facial cleanser for oily skin, it is possible that his or her skin will lose the required amount of oil. Therefore, the skin will try to produce more oil to compensate for lost oil.

  • Hormonal Changes

In women, the hormonal androgen hormone fluctuates during pregnancy, pre-menopause, menopause and post-menopause. This can promote the sebaceous glands to function at maximum levels. As a result, your skin always has a lot of oil.

  • Stress

To cope with stress, our bodies produce more androgen hormone levels, leading to more oil production.

  • Use Unnecessary Skin Care Tools

Using a cloth, a revolving brush, or gloves to clean the skin may not only cause skin irritation, but also cause dry skin condition. This causes the skin to intensify oil production.

  • Sunbathing

Sunbathing is not a good way to reduce oil on the skin. In fact, although sunbathing can help you temporarily dry the skin, it can cause a skin-damaging reaction, causing the sebaceous glands to produce more oil to protect the skin surface.

What Are Common Symptoms Of Oily Skin?

Here are common symptoms of oily skin condition:

  • The skin is always glossy, especially the skin on the nose and forehead
  • Skin has many acne, especially whiteheads, blackheads and pustules
  • Big pores
  • Rough skin
  • The skin is quite thick
  • Always feel the skin is not clean
  • Make-up quick drift

You may experience other symptoms not mentioned. If you have any questions about the signs of the disease, please consult your doctor.

Who Is At High Risk Of This Condition?

Oily skin usually occurs in people who are in hot and humid climates and who often abuse cosmetics.You can control this problem by minimizing risk factors. Please see your doctor for more information.

What Are Common Oily Skin Treatments?

Here are some common ways to prevent and treat oily skin [2]:

  • Wash Your Face Twice Daily With Mild Facial Cleanser

Facial cleanser removes excess oil causing clogged pores. Dermatologists agree that using facial cleansers twice a day is the best way to prevent and treat oily skin.

  • Apply Toner To Tighten Pores And Remove Oil

There are many types of toner, you can use toner with astringent effect or cooling effect to treat oily skin.

  • Use Oil Absorbing Sheet To Reduce Oil Content Quickly

Oil absorbing sheet is suitable for oily skin as it removes excess oil on the skin without drying the skin.

  • Apply A Deep-Cleansing Facial Mask When Needed To Remove Excess Oil

Facial masks help to cleanse deeper than conventional facial cleansers. Masks usually penetrate deeper to remove dirt and excess oil in the pores. However, facial masks can also dry the skin so you need to use them properly.

  • Use Oil-Free Moisturizing And Sunscreen Products

Carefully read the ingredients in any product you use. Only choose water containing cosmetics because they do not clog skin pores.

  • If Oily Skin Causes Acne, You Can Treat Acne With An Over-The-Counter Medication

Use products containing benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria build up under the skin and bacteria cause acne. These medications also help reduce dead skin cells that clog pores.

  • Apply A Healthy Diet Rich In Antioxidants And Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These foods help improve the appearance and texture of the skin. Avoid greasy foods and sugar to prevent oily skin.

When To See A Doctor?

If oily skin occurs and the application of home remedies does not work, you should see a doctor for a direct examination. Besides, if you have any any questions, please consult your doctor. Each person's condition is different, so please consult your doctor to select the most suitable option.

There, you have discovered some information about oily skin. It’s time to find out the best makeup for oily skin at home. Check out on TrueRemedies.com!

The Best Makeup For Oily Skin Prone To Acne With Large Pores

1. Wash Your Face Thoroughly

wash your face thoroughly

This is the first tip on the best makeup for oily skin with large pores. First, wash your face to remove excess oil and dirt. This makes your makeup look more natural and stays on the skin longer. Use a mild cleanser that has a balanced pH level. These cleansers do not leave your skin dry or irritated. Using a strong cleanser can cause the skin to produce more oil to compensate for the amount of natural oils that have been washed away. If your skin is oily, use oil based cleanser. These cleansers will reduce the oil production on your skin. If the mild-cleansing product is not effective, try a cleanser containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid or beta-hydroxyl acid.

When washing your face, do not rub the skin strongly. Using a towel or foam sponge to rub on the face will make the skin produce more oil. Therefore, always remember to be gentle with your skin. Washing your face twice daily is essential to controlling the amount of oil on the skin. You should wash your face after waking up and before going to bed. Controlling the amount of oil on the face is essential. Too much oil on the skin will make the makeup cannot stay on the skin for a long time.

Besides, always wash your face with cool water. If it is too cold, wash your face with lukewarm water instead of hot water. Hot water can irritate the skin and wash off natural oils, making the skin produce more oil.

2. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Use Rose Water To Balance Skin’s pH Levels

This is another must-try tip in this article of the best makeup for oily skin and acne. After cleansing, apply 2-3 layers of rose water to the skin to balance the pH of the skin. This is a very important step. Besides moisturizing the skin from deep inside, rose water also controls the skin's production of oil. You can apply multiple layers of rose water to areas that produce a lot of oil, such as the chin, nose and forehead.

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3. Moisturize Skin

In order to get the best makeup for oily skin prone to acne with large pores, you need to moisturize your skin well. You should moisturize the skin immediately after you use rose water for the skin. There are different types of moisturizers to choose. If your skin is oily, choose oil-free moisturizer. This moisturizer will soften the skin without stimulating the production of oil [3] [4].

Avoid using moisturizing products that contain oils like mineral grease or shea butter. These two ingredients will increase the amount of excess oil on the skin and make your skin worse. You should read the ingredients on the moisturizer package before buying. Instead, choose a moisturizer that contains dimethicone. These moisturizing products will limit the skin’s production of oil. This is what you always need when making makeup.

Choose moisturizing products that do not cause skin problems and cause acne. Regardless of your choice of moisturizer, make sure the label says that this product does not cause acne. Moisturizers labeled as non-oily or non-acne-prone are the best choice for you. Try a variety of moisturizing products until you find the right type. A special moisturizer that fits with oily skin may do not have the same effect on different people. If a friend recommends you using a moisturizer, you should take a sample before buying. Cosmetic shops in the mall usually give you a sample of their product if you ask politely.

The use of moisturizer should also be done carefully. Initially, you should only apply a thin layer of moisturizer and then determine if you need more. Use a fingertip to get a pea-sized moisturizer and only add more if your face still feels dry after application.

4. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Use Permanent Primer

When it comes to tips to achieve the best makeup for oily skin with large pores, setting your face with a translucent setting powder will help a lot. Just after cleansing and moisturizing the skin, many people have a habit of using foundation right away. If you have oily skin, you should not do this. Instead, you had better use primer before using foundation. This will absorb excess oils and keep your facial skin even throughout the day. Primer helps fill the pores and make the skin smooth. Thanks to that, the makeup steps will be more favorable. Since you have oily skin, you should use permanent primer [5].

Permanent primer helps to absorb excess oil on the skin throughout the day. As a result, the makeup will stay on your skin longer. To use the primer, apply a small amount of primer to the cheeks, forehead and chin. After that, rub primer to cover the entire face and neck (if needed). You can use your hands or a brush to do this. Color primer is used to even out the color of the skin. For example:

  • If your skin is dull, use a light pink primer to make your skin look rosy.
  • If your skin is pale, use a light purple primer to neutralize.
  • Green primer is used to neutralize red marks or red spots.

Depending on your skin condition, choose the appropriate primer.

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5. Use Foundation

use foundation

The foundation helps whiten and brighten skin. If you do not use foundation, makeup will be more difficult because the skin tends to be uneven in color. Then, your skin may not be smooth and natural. Since you have oily skin, look for long-wear foundations that are oil-free. As your skin has enough oil, this type will limit the oil production of the skin and does not clog the pores. Always stay away from products having oil on the list of ingredients. Instead, you should choose foundations that are advertised as long-wearing. They have particular formulations as well as ingredients that can keep your makeup budge-free.

To apply a foundation, apply a small amount to the cheeks, forehead, chin and nasal bridge. For moderate coverage, use a finger to rub the foundation. If you want to have high coverage, use a makeup remover to do this.

Make sure you've selected the right foundation color. If the color of your foundation matches the skin of your cheeks and neck (in daylight), you have the right choice. If your neck and face are two different tones, choose a foundation that fits your neck. If not, you look like wearing a mask. Use a foundation that has the same color as the skin to make your skin look soft and natural. This also creates a perfect base so you can use darker or brighter tones to create contours and highlight for the face.

If you have difficulty choosing a color tone, use a foundation that matches the color of your neck. Skin in the neck tends to be slightly fresher than your face. Applying a foundation cream that matches the skin color of your neck will ensure that your face will not be darker than usual. Besides, let’s use a foundation that has the same ingredients as the other products you will use. For example, use all creams or all powdery products, not both, as this can cause stickiness.

If you are worried that regular foundation will dry up the skin and make the acne worse, the mineral foundation can be a good choice. The mineral foundation softens skin pores and soothes the skin. However, if you do not rub the mineral foundation with a brush, it will still be dry.

To your face can bring different shades, a good makeup brush is very important. If the colors are not evenly blended and harmonized, your makeup will look unnatural. You need a large and thick brush, do not use small brushes. Use a brush made of natural bristles to get the smoothest makeup. If you do not have makeup brushes, the best tool to replace is your fingers. The warmth of the fingers will make the makeup look smooth. This is especially useful if you use a cream foundation.

6. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Use BB Cream

BB Cream is a multi-functional product. It acts as a moisturizer, primer and foundation. Using it will shorten your makeup time. In particular, as you know, for people with oily skin, excessive use of makeup products on the skin can cause clogged pores, which can lead to acne. Therefore, BB cream is suitable for people with oily skin. In addition, BB cream has a light coverage to give you a more natural look than other products. However, it usually cannot cover acne spots or pimples.

7. Use Concealer

To have the best makeup for oily skin prone to acne with large pores, using concealer is important that will lift your makeup layer to a new level. Concealer is used to cover acne, red or dark spots or dark circles under the eyes. For a higher coverage, use a liquid concealer and use a small makeup brush to rub the concealer. For a lower coverage, use a bar concealer. Rub concealer on foundation layer for the most perfect coverage. You can use a fingertip, a cotton swab, or a makeup brush to apply the concealer. Buy a concealer suitable for your foundation. If possible, you should purchase products manufactured by the same manufacturer to ensure that their colors match.

8. Avoid Applying Thick Layers Of Foundation of Concealer

No matter you want to have a full-on glam or a natural look, you should avoid slapping on heavy applications of any products, including foundation and concealer. Go for light layers; just add more in the areas with problems. Light layers will help you get the best makeup for oily skin which lasts longer and does not give you such “cakey” look.

9. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Use A Darker Foundation Than Your Skin’s Tone

No wonder, this is definitely one that should be mentioned if you want to get the best makeup for oily skin and acne. Darker tones will be used to cover parts of the face that you want to avoid attention. You will create dark skin areas that will make your cheekbones look better and your chin looks smaller. Do not use too dark tones compared to your normal skin tone as this may make your makeup unnatural. A slightly darker bronzing eye shadow or dark concealer can also be used instead of a foundation cream. Just remember to make sure all your products are the same cream or powder, not both.

Contouring is often difficult. If you do in the wrong way, your face will look very weird. To contour your face, you can follow the steps below:

  • Tie your hair neatly back. This will help you to see clearly what you are doing.
  • Use fingertips or brushes to rub the darker foundation cream on the cheekbones and your forehead (skin areas that are not exposed to natural light).

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10. Use A Slightly Lighter Foundation Than Your Skin

For a face to look natural after makeup, you need to highlight a few points on the face and at the same time blur a few other points. For products to create highlights, you need to use the foundation color that is two tones brighter than your base color. Do not use too bright foundation compared to the foundation you use, which will make your makeup unnatural. You can use a light concealer or light color eye shadow instead of a foundation. Just make sure all your products are the same cream or powder, not both.

11. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Use Powder

use powder

Not many people know about this tip to get the best makeup for oily skin and acne. Powder is used to cover the base and absorb all the excess oil on the skin. There are three main types of powder: loose powder, pressed powder and luminous powder. Apply a thin layer over the entire face with a soft brush. Be careful when covering the area under the eyes and around the mouth to prevent dryness.

If your skin is oily, you should choose loose powder instead of pressed powder to have moderate coverage. Always bring powder to use when needed. Many people skip this step because they think it is not necessary. However, it is a wrong thought. Powder helps control the amount of oil on the skin, making the makeup stay longer on the skin. If you have oily skin, you will definitely use powder.

12. Wear Waterproof Mascara

Even if you are not a big fan of waterproof mascara, you should still use to get the best makeup for oily skin. Waterproof mascara is annoying to remove and may clump unless done properly. Nonetheless, you will thank yourself if you have gone 15 hours outdoors and your eyelashes look as good as the beginning of application.

A good tip on applying mascara is wiggling your mascara wand as you move up the eyelashes. This will help disperse product and avoid potential clumping.

13. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Complete The Makeup

This is the last remedy in this article of the best makeup for oily skin and acne. After makeup for the skin, you need to take some steps below to complete your makeup:

  • Use eyebrow pencil. Choose eyebrow pencil with the same color as your hair.
  • Use cheek powder. Use makeup brush to apply cheek powder to cheekbones.
  • Use eye powder. You need to buy high quality eye powder to keep it staying longer on your skin.
  • Use eye liner to highlight your eyes.
  • Brush mascara.
  • Use a lipstick that matches the color of cheek powder you used.
14. Spray Your Face With A Setting Spray

To have extra protection, you can spray your face with a long-wear setting spray. This is actually a must-for oily skin. If you have a long day ahead, after finishing your makeup, carry a travel size of setting spray in your pocket so you can access easily.

15. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Line Your Lips With A Lip Liner

To keep your lipstick in place, you can use lip liners. This tip is not only for those people who want an ombré look or fuller lips, but it also helps preserve your lipstick for many hours.

Use a lip liner to give your lips a barrier, helping avoid “bleeding” or when the lipstick becomes faded.

16. Have Blotting Papers To Pat Your Skin

Among tips to have the best makeup for oily skin, this should not be undervalued. If you are glistening throughout the day, you need to blots your face’s oily areas with blotting papers. It will help eliminate the shine without removing off products on the face. A rule of thumb is avoidance of wiping your face as it will leave streaks on face. Instead, you need to pat.

17. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Avoid Touching Face

Most people have a natural habit of touching their face. However, it should be avoided at all costs if you want to have the best makeup for oily skin prone to acne with large pores. The germs and oils from your hands will get onto your skin surface and into your skin pores. As a result, it will lead to skin irritation and break down your powders and foundation, meaning grease appearance by midday.

If you keep your hands away from your face, you will be surprised at the time your makeup can last.

If you have oily skin, maybe you have made mistakes of trying out many products which excessively dry out your skin rather than controlling oils. The above are tips to help people with oily skin get a beautiful makeup. Remember, they are not the solution, but just tips for better makeup. You should focus on not only your makeup routine, but also skincare routine. Just need to pay attention to a few things, you can get a perfect makeup on face throughout the day.

If you have any contributing ideas about our article of “16 Tips To Get The Best Makeup For Oily Skin Prone To Acne With Large Pores” introduced in SkinCare Category, do not hesitate to drop your words below this post. We will answer as soon as we could.

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