21 Home Remedies For Tooth Infection, Toothache And Swelling

Tooth infection is mainly caused by complications of tooth decay. It is an oral disease which is quite dangerous if cannot be treated effectively. Studies indicated that the deaths from oral infections are increasing significantly. It is the result of not fully treated. Therefore, it is best to take good care of your teeth by brushing your teeth and flossing properly instead of waiting until your teeth become infected. I know you are spending your time reading our article to find out the solutions for this disease but before discover 21 home remedies for tooth infection, toothache and swelling, it is much better if you can equip yourself some basic information about the problem.

What Is Tooth Infection?

Tooth infection or it can be called abscessed tooth [1] is a generic term commonly used to describe a tooth that has been affected with a swelling in the mouth and signs of pus or indeed pus. Abscessed teeth are usually caused by bacterial infection on the inside of the teeth or are complications of oral infections, cavities. When tooth decay occurs, the bacteria in the teeth, gums, and marrow produce irregularities that surround the pulp and water, swelling and causing abscess.

What Are Common Causes Of Tooth Infection?

  • Dental Hygiene: Do not clean your teeth properly. The food and dental plaque on the teeth will form a favorable environment for the bacteria to grow
  • Tooth Decay: Those who suffer from tooth decay without treatment are at high risk for tooth infection. When decay occurs, bacteria exist in the teeth, gums and pulp, which causes the area around the marrow and water to swell, soak and cause abscesses.
  • Dental Trauma: When a tooth is broken makes tooth enamel be vulnerable and broken, bacteria can interfere in pulp cavity causing tooth decay. Hence, the infection can spread to the root of the tooth.
  • Infection: Infections cause a latex (dead tissue, live or dead germ cells, and white blood cells) and swelling of the tissues. This phenomenon causes toothache. If the tooth is decayed, the tooth may not hurt anymore, but the infection is still active and continues to spread and destroy the tissues
  • Diet: It is that people consume a high amount of sugar contributes to decay tooth and can be vulnerable to tooth abscess or tooth infection. Because foreign substances will attempt to seek ways entering the tooth through weak enamel
  • Poor immune system: People who are suffering from diabetes or those who are receiving radiation cancer treatment or have other medical problems are more likely to run the risk of developing a tooth abscess [2].

Any tooth can be vulnerable but molars are high likely due to cavities are not well taken care of for a long time or unnoticed after the infection is getting worse.

What Are Symptoms Of Tooth Infection?

If you want to cure the tooth infection by the fastest but most natural home remedies for tooth infection, you should not skip the diagnosis which can be easily identified through some of the symptoms as follows:

  • Toothache, Gum Pain: This is the most detectable symptom of tooth infection. Inflammation can cause persistent pain in the inflammation. Pain can increase intensity and density when the patient eats, chews. Patients can also lose sleep due to toothache
  • To Be Sensitive To Hot Or Cold Foods: Get stingy when people eat too hot, too spicy or too cold food. Severe illness can make it difficult for people to communicate
  • Feel Bitter Taste In The Mouth. There may be a bitter taste caused by pus in the oral cavity. Patients feel uncomfortable and anorexia
  • Halitosis: Breath has smell. This sign should not be thought simply because of poor oral hygiene, instead caused by tooth abscess. Inflammation is an infection that causes the mouth to develop an unpleasant odor. Hence, they easily lose confidence or have difficulty communicating with people.
  • White Pus Around The Root: In case the area around the teeth exits redness, accompanied by white latex, the risk of suffering from tooth abscess is up to 90%.
  • Fever and Headache: When you get severe inflammation, fever may be a sign showing that the infection is at a very serious level. Accompanied with fever is the feeling fatigue , lymph nodes appear in the neck …
  • Swelling Of The Face, Cheeks, Neck Nodes: As the infection spread deeper into the jaw, the patient will have swollen and spreading across the face. Infection spreading to other parts of the body can cause lymph nodes to appear in the neck

When To See A Doctor?

  • If you have a constant fever or swollen face.
  • Feeling difficult to breathe or hard to swallow
  • See your dentist if you have any of the signs or symptoms listed above.

These symptoms may be signs of severe infection that enters the jawbone, surrounding cells or even other parts of the body.

So now that you have equipped yourself with basic information about what tooth infection is; the symptoms to recognize. Now, it is time find out what the best home remedies for tooth infection, toothache are. You can have a look at TrueRemedies.com!

Top 21 Home Remedies For Tooth Infection, Toothache And Swelling

1. Chrysanthemum Juice

Chrysanthemum [3] must have been no stranger to us. It is not only one kind of flower, it is also considered as a herb that has many effects in healing wounds. For many years, both dried and fresh chrysanthemums are used for processing tea. The active ingredient in chrysanthemum essential oil is bisabolol which is considered to have anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. How to take advantage of chrysanthemum? Follow those steps below:

  • Clean 5 daisy petals
  • Put the petals into a bowl of hot water
  • Let it steep for 5-10 minutes
  • Squeeze this water to drink
  • Use regularly for 1 month, 2-3 days
2. Garlic

Garlic is a popular spice that gains popularity thanks to its multitude of uses. The delicious and tasty dishes are indispensable for garlic. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, a healthy adult can consume about 4 cloves of garlic a day, each clove is equivalent to 1gr. Whether you consume garlic in any form, such as flour, raw, cooked, or oil, they all provide surprising health benefits [4] [5].

Garlic is both highly inflammatory and antiseptic. The composition of garlic contains a lot of antibiotics named allicin that help fight the virus and pathogenic bacteria.

Follow the instructions below:

  • Remove garlic skin and wash thoroughly cloves of garlic
  • Take one to two garlic cloves
  • Put a fresh garlic clove in infected tooth
  • Crush garlics by your teeth
  • Chew for 30 seconds
  • Split it out
  • Resin your mouth with warm water

To minimize and remove the residual odor, remember to add a few drops of clove oil into warm water and use it rinse your mouth.

Caution: Garlic is considered to be a spice commonly known for its beneficial effect on human health. But if you eat garlic improperly, it can bring about health risks:

  • Risk of poisoning: This is probably the most serious risk that can be encountered when eating garlic. When garlic is poisoning, in addition to leading to discomfort in the stomach, it can also lead to death. Accordingly, the risk of garlic poisoning often occurs when the garlic is soaked in oil at room temperature or stored for too long in the refrigerator.
  • Side effects with prescription drugs: Garlic can interfere with certain prescription medications, especially with some anticoagulants used during surgery.
  • Causes allergy: Like most other foods, some people may have allergies or the body does not tolerate garlic. If a minor allergy happens, garlic causes heartburn, bloating etc. If more serious, it can be life threatening. When allergic garlic is suspected, you should consult food allergy specialist.

Allicin in garlic can also irritate or even damage the digestive tract. Therefore, just eat with a mount of garlic in moderately, do not over eat raw garlic and if you suspect any irritation, consult your doctor.

3. Home Remedies For Tooth Infection – Ginger

home remedies for tooth infection

Ginger is said to be an indispensable cooking spice. It not only reduces the smell of food but also alleviates many potentially harmful ingredients in food. Ginger contains both nutritional and medical value, both as a drug and a raw material that helps foods become more delicious. Ginger is antibacterial, so it can heal infections and small wounds and relieve redness and swelling that are directly associated with tooth infection. That is why it is listed as among effective home remedies for tooth infection.

The treatment of tooth infection with ginger is very simple; you just need to mimic the following ways:

  • Take a fresh ginger
  • Do not peel off ginger skin; just wash clearly with water
  • Chop ginger into small slices
  • Put slices on the infected tooth
  • Bite to extract juice from ginger bulb
  • Shake the ginger juice around the tooth with your tongue
  • Chew these pieces of ginger until they begin to soften and smooth
  • Continue chewing for five minutes, then swallowing or splitting ginger powder into a tissue paper towel to remove.
  • Apply this method one day at bedtime before going to bed is the best.
  • Repeat the process from 7 to 10 days
4. Ginger Tea

If you cannot tolerate chewing of fresh ginger pieces, have a look at this tip of home remedies for tooth infection below:

  • Place sliced ginger in the bottom of the cup
  • Pour boiling water on a glass of water containing ginger to form a ginger tea
  • Soak in hot water for at least 20 minutes.
  • Drink ginger tea and clean around infected area in your mouth before swallowing
  • Continue to apply this measure for several days to experience the effectiveness
5. Papaya

Papaya has many nutritional values as well as good health protection effects. With a large amount of vitamins C and A, papaya can help the immune system in your body work better. The anti-inflammatory effect of this fruit is better exemplified by the two compounds named papain and chymopapain. They are considered as two types of enzymes that digest the protein effectively, reducing inflammation and healing the injury. There are many parts of the papaya that can be taken advantage of. Young papaya leaves have been shown to have a significant effect in reducing tooth infection and inhibiting the growth of bacteria, which has long been considered a folk remedy that supports the treatment of cavities.

The way to cure abscessed tooth with papaya is quite simple:

  • Prepare a small and green papaya
  • Cut the papaya to get the resin
  • Get some cotton wool wrapped in toothpicks
  • Soak the cotton ball with resin
  • Put it in the toothache
  • Drain about 10-15 minutes then spit out. (Pay attention not to swallow the water)
  • Rinse mouth with clean water
  • Repeat several times a day you will find the method quite effective

Caution: Although eating papaya is good for health as it is rich in nutrients. But some of the side effects of eating papaya below should be taken into consideration especially pregnant woman. As the method mentioned above, the resin of papaya’s green leaves is proved to be effective in treating infected toothache. But if by chance, swallow the resin, it is terribly dangerous because resin makes the uterus constrain, which lead to premature birth.

6. Home Remedies For Tooth Infection – Honey

The thought that honey can cure tooth infection seems strange because the bacteria in plaque causing tooth decay needs sugar to survive and multiply. However, according to many researchers, honey can prevent the growth of plaque bacteria and reduce the amount of acid it produces. Thus, pure honey has been declared a food against tooth decay. This is a treatment not only helps the breath have no smells but also prevents gum disease, cavities. So how to use honey for the treatment and prevention of tooth infection?

  • Prepare a glass of warm water every morning when waking up
  • Dissolve 2 tablespoons of honey and cinnamon powder in warm water
  • The mixture is dissolved
  • Gargle with this mixture
  • Resin mouth with warm water

Caution: If you use honey to treat tooth infection, you have to persist and perform regularly in order to gain high effectiveness. And remember to gargle with warm water after use this mixture

7. Cold Compress

Putting an ice pack on your mouth may decrease the condition of tooth infection. It also lessens swelling and pain. What you need to do is:

  • Wrap an ice pack in a towel
  • Place it outside the mouth for about 10 minutes.
  • In case you feel it is too cold, you should remove the ice pack
8. Tea Bag

Drinking a lot of tea causes the teeth to lose color and stain, but not everyone knows the use of tea bags in the treatment of dental diseases. To cure tooth infection by using this way, you simply do some steps below:

  • Place the tea bag in hot water
  • Let it cool at a room temperature
  • Place the tea bag on the infected tooth for few hours or overnight.
  • Wash your mouth with a warm salt-water solution
  • Repeat the process for a couple of weeks
9. Olive Oil

home remedies for tooth infection

We often know about olive oil as functions to smooth hair or whiten skin. However, not many people know about the treatment of abscessed tooth using olive oil combined with clove oil. Its effect will surprise you because olive oil contains oleocanthal, tyrosol … good anti-inflammatory properly while clove oil has analgesic effect. Please follow the instructions below to remove the tooth infection immediately:

  • Prepare 50ml olive oil and 100ml clove oil
  • Mix 2 types of oil together with a ratio of 1 teaspoon olive oil and 2 teaspoon of clove oil
  • Stir until homogenous mixture is obtained.
  • Use cotton ball soaked into the paste to apply your tooth
  • Leave for 5 minutes. The aching will be dismissed
  • Repeat the process for 3-4 times a day whenever the recurring pain happens, it will make you feel much better.
10. Home Remedies For Tooth Infection – Piper Lolot

Piper lolot, one of natural home remedies for tooth infection, is not only a regular spice but also an extremely effective remedy for curing tooth infection. This kind of vegetable contains essential oil named benzylacetate, which is very antibacterial, reduces inflammation and inflammation, and effectively reduces toothache pain [6].

However, if done improperly, the effect you get will be almost minor. Hereunder I provide you two best ways to treat tooth infection:

Method 1: Leaves Of Piper Lolot

  • Wash 5 piper lolot leaves through and through
  • Extract leaves to get piper lolot juice
  • Put this piper lolot juice into a bowl
  • Add a tablespoon of salt to the bowl
  • Mix them well together
  • Filter the paste to get pure juice
  • Gargle several times a day, each time from 4-5 minutes.

Method 2: Root Of Piper Lolot

  • Pound 5 clean piper lolot leaves
  • Add a little salt while grinding
  • Extract the paste to get enough one tablespoon of piper lolot juice
  • Use a cotton ball soaked with the juice
  • Apply on the infected tooth
  • Repeat the process 3 to 4 times per day to see the result
11. Turmeric

Turmeric is often referred to as a “herbal medicine” to help women become more beautiful or cure some diseases of the digestive tract, bones … However, curing tooth infection with turmeric is not well known and regularly applied. Having analgesic effect and the ability to inhibit bacteria, turmeric can be applied asto reduce tooth ache  and tooth infection at home quickly. This method uses pure natural turmeric. Fortunately, turmeric is very benign and does not bring any side effects. Science has shown that the main ingredient of turmeric is curcumin, which a high antimicrobial and antiseptic and can be comparable to many antibiotics. Curcumin is a widely used in medicines that can kill and prevent cavities. To make use of turmeric as one of effective home remedies for tooth infection, you can follow the following method:

  • Turmeric powder mixes with a little water into a mixture
  • Apply the composite on infected tooth
  • Leave until aching pain is relieved
  • Rinse mouth with water

Method 2:

  • Take fresh turmeric.
  • Peel off turmeric skin and wash clearly with water.
  • Chop turmeric into small slices
  • Soak with alcohol for about a week, and then use it
  • Use this mixture gargle 2-3 times a day to relieve toothache

Method 3:

Apply dried turmeric powder directly to the tooth decay. Remember to carry out whenever the toothache recurs

12. Salt

Salt has many uses, one of which is the effective antiseptic inflammation, so you can treat abscessed teeth at home with a simple, easy-to-use salt solution.

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Method 1: Gargle With Salt Water:

  • Mix a little salt (do not too much) with warm water
  • Gargle for 2 minutes and remove
  • In addition to dismissing tooth decay, gargling with salt water daily will help keep the teeth healthy and clean, removing bacteria that exist on the tooth surface.

Method 2: Salt With Ginger

Salt and ginger have the ability to inhibit many types of bacteria so we should combine both when treating tooth infection. How to do:

  • Crush ginger to make a paste
  • Add a little salt into the paste
  • Put this mixture into a cloth.
  • Squeeze to collect fresh juice
  • Apply this ginger salt juice evenly all over the infected tooth
  • Leave it for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse off with warm water.
  • Repeat treatment twice a week for better results
13. Home Remedies For Tooth Infection – Terminalia Catappa

home remedies for tooth infection

Using terminalia catappa is a folk remedy that has been passed down from ancient times in the protection of teeth, gums. Just rinse your mouth with terminalia catappa every day, so you never have to worry about any dental problems. How to do:

  • Take 10 green leaves
  • Wash the leaf through and through
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon salt and 300ml of filtered water
  • Blend the mixture for 5 minutes
  • For the first day, gargle with lime juice with the frequency of 4h per time
  • Remember to rinse your mouth well so that the juice can contact all areas of the tooth.
  • For the following days, after brushing your teeth in the evening, take a sip of juice, keep it in your mouth for 5-10 minutes and then go to sleep. You should not rinse your mouth with white water but leave it so and clean your mouth the next morning.
14. Keep Oral Hygiene

People should remember brushing and rinsing teeth every day after each meal and before going to sleep to eliminate the plaque on the tooth surface. Additionally, dental floss should be used after each meal to clean the food and plaque that can cause decay. Rinse mouth with water after eating sweets or drinking soft drinks. In fact, brushing your teeth is not effective enough; hence making use of dental floss is of significant importance in removing bacteria that grow between teeth.

15. Removing Tartar

Simply understand, it can be said that tartar is a brownish or reddish brown plaque sticking on teeth, losing aesthetics and affecting oral health. Tartar is formed by food debris combined with calcium carbonate and phosphate, which form plaque on the surface of teeth, crowns and gums. In addition, the deposition of serum is the primary cause of tartar formation. Hence, cleaning the plaque on the teeth will stop the growth of bacteria

16. Enhance The Resistance Of Dental Tissues

Take advantage of as different forms such as fluoride tablets, fluoridated salt, fluoridated drinking water.

17. Home Remedies For Tooth Infection – Change Eating Habits

Boost eating foods have reservoir of fiber, vitamins and calcium, especially vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a very important role in protecting the body from illness. People who are adequately supplied with vitamin C will have a healthier immune system than those without or lack vitamin C. Tooth infection is caused by bacteria. Hence, increasing vitamin C from vegetables, fruits and vegetables is indispensable for everyone. Bear in mind limiting sweets, sugar before going to bed such as: lollipops, hard candy and stay away from soft foods with high stickiness such as gum, raisins, dried fruit etc. because such kind of foods can create favorable environment for bacteria grow strongly and actively, producing high levels of harmful acids.

Everyone should pay attention to oral health regularly with the aim of detecting and treating decay in time, consequently having appropriate dental treatment to prevent tooth decay occurring. It is necessary to come to the dentist every 6 months to detect and receive timely treatment for any dental problems. When it comes to home remedies for tooth infection, this is basic step you need to follow.

Thank you for taking your time reading above-mentioned home remedies for tooth infection. Among those methods, you can choose the most suitable way for yourself to experience how fully effective they are. In case you want to contribute any comments about our article of “21 Home Remedies For Tooth Infection, Toothache and Swelling”, introduced in Home Remedies Category, you can feel free to give us your point of view. We always try our best to reply your response as soon as possible. Thank you!

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