22 Tips How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath Fast Naturally At Home

Updated: 11/19/2019

Onion breath is a very common condition that everyone seems to have. It can make you feel ashamed. It's easy to walk around with a smell of onions until a brave friend tells you that your breath is foul. For that reason, many people lose their confidence in communication.

There are countless causes of this condition. Determining the exact cause of your condition can greatly assist in the treatment. The information below will help you do that. In particular, we also offer tips to help you get rid of this condition quickly. Therefore, do not skip anything below.

What Is Onion Breath?

Onion breath is a condition associated with bacteria that form in the mouth when plaque and tartar are not cleaned after eating, especially eating onion. In the mouth of each person, there are many types of bacteria and odors produced by the breakdown of protein into amino acids. This is a direct cause of onion breath. When you eat onion or foods containing the onions, it is difficult to remove the smell of onion. Even if you brush your teeth very carefully, the smell of onion in your mouth can not go away completely. This makes you do not want to eat onions. But onions offer many health benefits such as preventing diabetes and cancer, and boosting the immune system. There is no denying the benefits of health, so you should add onion to the dish. Applying the tips to eliminate onion breath is something you need to do right after that [1].

If not removed quickly, onion breath can cause bad breath. This also causes many types of bacteria to form in the mouth. This bacteria attack the crown or other organs around the teeth such as the gums and periodontals, which can cause the gum to swell and form pus-filled pockets beneath the gums. The pus pockets around the root cause the smell. This is a phenomenon of some basic oral diseases such as gingivitis, periodontal inflammation, and periodontitis. Initially the condition does not show clearly so the patient can disregard, as the periodontal part of the infection is severe, the gums gradually separated from the teeth. Besides, the breath becomes very unpleasant odor and the root canal bleeding becomes quite bad.

What Are Common Causes Of Onion Breath?

Not only causing onion breath, onions also cause body odor. Breath is affected by the smell of the food we eat every day. Experts said onions contain high levels of sulfuric acid, which when passed through the stomach will become sulfur. This causes your breath to smell bad after you eat the dish containing the onion. However, if your condition lasts for a long time you cannot control it, the onion is not the main culprit of this condition. Here are some of the causes of this condition:

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  • Poor Oral Hygiene

Due to the humidity in the oral cavity is favorable for bacteria to grow. Bacteria are the main cause of halitosis symptoms. Poor dental hygiene will allow bacteria to thrive and penetrate deep into the gums causing dental diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, stomatitis and persistent onion breath. The tongue is where the debris of food is easily retained, which causes the bacteria to break down the protein, causing an unpleasant odor. In addition, for those who use dentures, dentures are improperly installed will also cause long lasting onion breath.

  • Dry Mouth

Dry mouth develops from a variety of causes, including not drinking enough water daily, side effects of some drugs, smoking, drinking or breathing by mouth for a long time. Dry mouth leads to insufficient amount of saliva secreted to clean teeth. Then, the dead cells on the tongue, teeth, and gums are not cleaned. They will decompose and create bad odors.

  • Food Stuck In The Mouth

The small food is often trapped in the teeth, especially the onion. Over time, they will also be destroyed by bacteria, causing unpleasant odors. Spicy foods like garlic also cause bad smell after you eat them.

  • Some Other Diseases

Some diseases related to the respiratory system and digestive system can also make your onion breath difficult to be eliminated such as lung cancer, fungal infections, tonsillitis, stomach pain, hepatitis and diabetes.

What Are Common Symptoms Of Onion Breath?

Here are common symptoms of this condition:

  • Sensitive Breath

Sensitive breath is the most prominent symptom of onion breath. Garlic is a familiar spice with very specific scent. For that reason, after eating foods that contain garlic, your breath will smell garlic. The fact is that you can recognize this by yourself or by others.

In some cases, you may have difficulty recognizing your breath onion. This situation will make people talk to you feel uncomfortable and make them do not want to contact you. The simplest way is to put a little bit of saliva on your wrist, then shake your wrist and wait about 5 seconds. Now, smell your wrist. With this way, you can determine your problem.

  • Problem Of Mouth

If your condition is not treated promptly, it will become worse. Then, your mouth will face some conditions such as mouth is bitter, the tongue is coated with a white layer, saliva becomes thick, and breath is foul.

  • Difficulty Speaking And Difficulty Swallowing

If your onion breath condition is caused by dry mouth, you will face some symptoms such as difficulty speaking and difficulty swallowing. When you talk or swallow, you can feel pain and dryness.

You may experience other symptoms not mentioned. If you have any questions about the signs of the disease, please consult your doctor.

Who Is At High Risk Of This Condition?
how to get rid of onion breath - who is at high risk of this condition

As we said above, anyone can experience onion breath. However, people who regularly eat garlic or garlic-containing food but do not clean their teeth carefully are at high risk for this condition. In addition, people with certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and stomach are also frequently faced with onion breath. This is a situation they are hard to avoid.But you can control this disease by minimizing risk factors. Please see your doctor for more information.

When To See A Doctor?

Onion breath is not life threatening and you can completely eliminate it by some simple tips. However, if you still cannot get out of this condition after a period of self-treatment, you should see a doctor for a direct examination or counseling. You may have some complications of onion condition. Besides, if you have any questions, please consult your doctor. Each person's condition is different, so please consult your doctor to select the most suitable option.

Here's the information you need to know about onion breath. As we mentioned above, it should be removed as soon as possible. As a result, you can get rid of it quickly and not worry about the complications of this condition. It is time to find out tips on how to get rid of onion breath fast naturally at home. Take a look at TrueRemedies.com!

Top 12 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath Fast Naturally At Home

1. Use Portable Toothbrush

This is the first treatment in this list of tips on how to get rid of onion breath fast. After eating garlic, getting onion breath is unavoidable. Therefore, always bring a toothbrush and small toothpaste. If you do not have toothpaste, you should also know that brushing your teeth with water can also reduce the smell of bacteria that build up after eating. Mobile brushes are available at most grocery stores or pharmacies, so you can easily buy them. It's a good idea to bring a one-use brush so they will not get dirty and help keep your teeth clean as each one is used only once.

Bringing portable toothbrushes is a temporary measure. To prevent as well as support the process of removing the onion breath to the root, you need to know how to brush your teeth properly. Brushing teeth is one of the most effective ways to keep your breath fresh. You should brush your teeth at least 2 times a day for at least 2 minutes each and ensure that all areas of the mouth, especially the root, are cleaned. When brushing your teeth, brush your tongue, because bacteria often focus on the tongue, causing your breath to smell. Brush the upper, lower and both sides of the tongue. You should use a brush with soft bristles and replace the brushes every 3 or 4 months. Besides, you should also brush your teeth immediately after meals or after an hour (to prevent the risk of enamel damage).

2. How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath – Use Dental Floss

Among tips on how to get rid of onion breath fast, using the dental floss is one of the most effective. Flossing to remove plaque on the teeth is another important step to removing the onion breath condition. This is a complement to brushing and you can easily find a suitable place to floss like inside the toilet. Many dental floss are mint, so they help to fresh your breath. Dentists recommend that everyone should floss after every meal to ensure that food is not jammed between teeth. If this seems too time consuming, you should floss your teeth at least once a day to combat onion breath – preferably before bedtime.

Dental floss removes plaque in the tooth that even the brush cannot do. As you know, if excess food is not cleaned from the teeth, they will decay and cause unpleasant odors. Dental floss can remove food debris, especially garlic foods, trapped between the teeth. So, please use dental floss at least once a day. When using dental floss, please focus on the root of your teeth. Garlic-based foods are very attractive and healthy, so consider taking a dental floss for convenience whenever possible.

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3. Use Mouthwash

Using mouthwash is one of little – known tips on how to get rid of onion breath fast. Let’s use Listerine or another antiseptic mouthwash to get rid of onion breath fast. Listerine is packed in a small bottle so you can easily put it in your back pocket or bag. Use mouthwash to rinse your mouth for 20 seconds and then spit out. Mouthwashes have an anti-bacterial effect, while creating fresh breath. Remember to choose the type of product that has the strength to fight gingivitis and / or plaque.

4. How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath – Consume More Healthy Fat

how to get rid of onion breath - consume more healthy fat

Make sure that you add more healthy fat to your daily diet. Healthy fats present in the things like virgin, organic coconut oil. Coconut oil has specific kinds of fatty acids named medium-chain fatty acids, such as capric acid, lauric acid, and caprylic acid. These have antimicrobial properties in nature. In case you have a gallbladder or liver condition, consult your doctor first prior to consuming more saturated fats like coconut oil.

5. Chew Sugar- Free Gum

This is another must-try treatment in this list of tips on how to get rid of onion breath fast. Chewing free sugar gum can stimulate the production of saliva, thus preventing dry mouth. Dry mouth usually leads to onion breath because the bacteria cannot drift cleanly from the mouth. Chewing gum also removes the leftovers from the teeth. Although free sugar gum is good, it is not a substitute for oral hygiene, so do not forget to brush your teeth or use dental floss before eating [2].

You can chew gum naturally produced from spicy mint and other herbs to overwhelm onion breath and eliminate leftovers in your mouth because of the effect of gum will promote after 5 minutes. Gum contains xylitol is also a choice that you should keep in mind because it can effectively and quickly prevent onion breath. Xylitol has both the ability to prevent cavities and to replace minerals that reverse tooth enamel destruction.

6. How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath – Pepper And Basil

The next treatment in this list of tips on how to get rid of onion breath fast is using pepper and basil. Pepper and basil are the spices commonly used in cooking. Using them to remove onion breath is one of the very safe and effective ways. Pepper has anti-inflammatory effect, while basil reduces the growth of many bacteria. The combination of these two spices can overwhelm, reduce unpleasant smell in the oral cavity.

To apply this tip, please follow these steps below:

  • Grind the pepper and basil leaves
  • After brushing, apply this mixture to the teeth
  • After 20 minutes, remove them and rinse your mouth with water

Please apply this tip once every day to get the best results. It also helps your condition decay significantly improved.

7. How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath – Gargle With Salt Water

This is the next one in this list of tips on how to get rid of onion breath fast. Salt has the ability to kill bacteria very well. With high fluorine content, salt will help remove harmful bacteria in the oral cavity, prevent tooth decay and inflammation. Gargling with salt water not only removes unpleasant odors but also protects teeth. Therefore, every day, let’s rinse your mouth with warm salt water 2 – 3 times. Gargling with warm salt water is the simplest way to protect your oral health and remove onion breath. It is very effective in improving bad breath and preventing tooth decay and root canal bleeding.

8. Lemon

This is one of the little-known tips on how to get rid of onion breath fast. Lemon is known as one of the “miracle” fruit has many uses in medicine and life. Not only is it a healthy alternative to sodas, this acidic solution has a strong effect on getting rid of onion breath. As one of the main causes of bad breath is dry mouth (a condition that usually occurs in the morning), lemon juice helps to moisten the mouth and eliminate most of the onion breath condition. Not only that, high acidity in lemon prevents the growth of bacteria on the tongue and gums. To remove the onion breath, simply mix one tablespoon of lemon juice into a glass of water to rinse your mouth. Because it's so simple, fast and convenient, you can apply it every time you feel the onion breath is coming back to you.

9. How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath – Use Apple Cider Vinegar

This sounds strange when it comes to tips on how to get rid of onion breath fast, but it works. Apple cider vinegar should be a great way to help you get rid of bad breath. Not only that, apple cider vinegar is also good for digestion. Make a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it before eating. Besides, you can drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar after every meal or gargle with the mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Certainly the garlic smell will quickly disappear after you do these things.

10. Chew On Herbs Such As Mint, Parsley Or Basil

They do not clean the mouth but will resist the unpleasant odor because of its strong aroma. This method has only short-term effects so it cannot be considered as a long-term solution. However, in many situations, especially in emergency situations, it can be your savior. You should also pay attention to the debris caused by herbs in the mouth. Rinse your mouth with water after applying this tip.

The most recommended herb is parsley which is alkaline in nature. Parsley is high in chlorophyll which can neutralize the onion breath while acting as a deodorizer as well as anti-mutagen. The anti-mutagen is a substance interfering with mutagen actions of a substance. Fact is, mutagen is a biological or chemical or mutation change within the substance. In case that you chewed on parsley without getting any results, you can consider dipping it into vinegar first. Or, you can boil parsley sprigs plus with cloves, then cool down and strain it before using it as a mouthwash [3].

Also, you can go for mint which is loaded with chlorophyll, helping to freshen your breath and remove the onion smell. Moreover, it possesses mild antiseptic properties which eliminate bad breath due to bacteria. Just simply add 1 tablespoon of finely crushed mint leaves to a cup of hot water. After covering and letting it steep for about 10 minutes, strain and add some honey. Have this tea a few times per day till you get good results. Alternatively, you could also crush some fresh mint leaves, then chew them. It works well right after eating raw onions.

Besides, you can also chew some nuts. Nuts have a very strong aroma and rough surface, so they can remove plaque from the teeth, tongue and gums. Nuts also capable of overwhelming the onion smell very well. Aniseed, which has a bitter scent, is a nut that you should use.

11. How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath – Use Waterpik

how to get rid of onion breath - use waterpik

This is another must-try treatment in this list of tips on how to get rid of onion breath fast. This device is often used instead of dental floss. It can spray water jet with high pressure to clean the plaque trapped in the teeth, in addition to being used to wash the tongue. It's a pretty small device so you can carry it anywhere you want.

The way to use it is very simple: on the toilet, pour water into the water tank of the device and start spraying. If you have mouthwashes, you can pour more into the water tank of the device to enhance the effect of eliminating onion breath.

12. Use Baking Soda

Among tips on how to get rid of onion breath fast, using baking soda is one of the most effective. Rub your teeth with baking soda at least once a week to neutralize the bacteria that make the onion breath worse. Baking soda neutralizes the accumulated acids in the back of the teeth and beneath the tongue. It also removes plaque and kills off bacteria in the oral cavity. For that reason, the use of baking soda to prevent or eliminate onion breath is something you should do.

The way to do it is very simple. All you need to do is:

Method 1: Only Baking Soda

  • Use baking soda as a toothpaste to brush your teeth as usual
  • Do this process after you brush your teeth
  • Only do it 2-3 times a week to get the best results

Method 2: Baking soda and salt

Similar to baking soda, salt possesses a compound with the ability of neutralizing pH level and antimicrobial properties [4] [5]. By combining baking soda and salt, you will have a gargling solution.

  • Put 1 teaspoon each of baking soda and salt in a glass of lukewarm water
  • Gargle your mouth with this mixture for 1 minute each times
  • Repeat this routine for 3 times per week for good results

Method 3: Baking soda and apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a pH neutralizing agent. It is mildly acidic and will not ruin your gums and teeth if used diluted.

  • Put 1 teaspoon each of apple cider vinegar and baking soda in a cup of water
  • Use this mixture to rinse your mouth for several seconds
  • Spit it out and rinse your mouth with water
  • Do this procedure twice or thrice per week

Method 4: Baking soda and honey

Baking soda can help you regain the balance of pH level in your stomach, which might be one of causes of onion breath. The imbalance is often because of an infection. Honey, on the other hand, can soothe your digestive lining which might be inflamed because of infections. Also, it possesses anti-inflammatory compounds and antimicrobial properties [6].

  • Mix 1 teaspoon each of baking soda powder and honey together
  • Put them in a glass of warm water
  • Drink this solution
  • Repeat this routine daily for several days until you get good results

Method 5: Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective antimicrobial agent used often to relieve bacteria from oral cavities [7]. The bacteria that cause foul odor could be eradicated easily by using this treatment.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide
  • Add them to ½ cup of water
  • Use this solution to rinse your mouth
  • Repeat this routine every alternate day for about 1 week

Method 6: Baking soda and lemon

Lemon juice has an acid with bactericidal property that can eradicate odor-causing bacteria within your mouth [8]. Also, this juice can bring to you fresh breath.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with the juice of a lemon
  • Add them to a half of cup of water and mix well
  • Take 2 tablespoons of this mixture to swish around your mouth for a few minutes
  • Rinse your mouth off with water after that
  • Do this method 1-2 times per day for good results


Baking soda will not cause any harm to your body if consumed in the small doses. But, if you take it excessively, it is not good at all.

13. How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath – Mustard

Mustard seeds are significantly strong in nature, so it could cure onion breath. They are often used to prepare some dishes. If you want to know how to get rid of onion breath, you can take advantage of mustard in various forms. Make use of some mustard seeds to prepare the paste, then rinse your mouth with this paste. Then, rinse your mouth off with water.

14. Use A Tongue Scraper

People often neglect to brush their tongue as well as the roof of their mouths. In fact, the back of your tongue is a perfect place for bacteria to hide. You might notice a white film building on your tongue. Thus, using a tongue scraper will help you remove dead skin cells plus with tiny particles of the foods. Keep scraping till there is not any residue left on that scraper.

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15. How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath – Drink Milk

Drinking a glass of milk after having garlic-heavy meals might decrease the concentration of compounds within your mouth (like sulfur) and result in onion odor.

According to researches, it was shown that full-fat milk is much better at decreasing odor than the fat-free milk.

16. Cardamom

Cardamom has been commonly used in India after meals because it acts as an aromatic freshener and deodorizer thanks to its fragrance [9].

Cardamom seeds have a high aromatic, warm flavor which adds a sweet, unique, floral flavor to any drink and food. It is why cardamom is used widely as the natural breath freshener and digestive aid. This seed is high in powerful phytonutrients and manganese, which is a trace mineral helping the human body form connective tissue, sex hormones. You can use cardamom to get rid of onion breath at home. According to a study conducted by the Department of Microbiology at Kurukshetra University in India, the antimicrobial effects of cardamom extracts on bacteria in mouth were great. In details, it can fight against oral pathogenic bacteria such as Candida albicans and Streptococcus mutans [10]. Additionally, in cardamom oil, the main active component is cineole which has antiseptic properties known for eliminating bad breath-causing bacteria. Thus, if you are wondering how to get rid of onion breathe, look no further.

Chew on a cardamom pod as a whole or simply peel the pod before chewing on the seeds inside.

Anytime you want to get rid of onion breath, pop a cardamom pod into the mouth.

17. How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath – Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is considered a potent remedy to trap the chemicals as well as toxins in the human body. It can flush out harmful things out of the body. Activated charcoal absorbs the impurities within your mouth and kills off harmful bacteria. What is more, it is great for teeth whitening [11]

What you have to do is:

  • Brush your teeth with ½ teaspoon of activated charcoal
  • Then, rinse your mouth carefully to eliminate charcoal
  • Repeat this routine for 2-3 times per week till your problem goes away
18. Epsom Salt

how to get rid of onion breath - epsom salt

If you want to remove toxins, consider using Epsom salt. It is the most remarkable ingredient with natural antibacterial properties that could fight off oral bacteria and eradicate mouth odor [12].

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt with a glass of tepid water
  • Gargle your mouth with this solution
  • Do this routine daily and every alternate day afterwards

Note: Avoid consuming Epsom salt too much because it is a laxative. Also, avoid consuming magnesium sulfate in case you have kidney disease.

19. How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath – Eucalyptus Oil

Among tips on how to get rid of onion breath, eucalyptus oil exerts the bactericidal effect on various kinds of bacteria, not to mention the properties of analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. These help to lessen the swelling and pain in your mouth [13].

  • Put 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil in a cup of water
  • Gargle with this solution, followed by plain water
  • Repeat this routine twice per day to get positive results
20. Ginger

This is another tip on how to get rid of onion breath thanks to its multiple health benefits that should earn it a common spot in your daily routine. The strong flavor of ginger can eliminate your bad breath significantly. You can either chew on ginger pieces directly or blend it with lemon water or try to make ginger tea to harness its benefits. Do this after having meals to keep onion breath at bay.

21. How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath – Grapefruit Seed Extract

The extract of this citrus fruit can deodorize your mouth and eradicate bacteria which may grow in there [14].

What you need to do is:

  • Add 1-2 drops of grapefruit seed extract and put them onto your toothbrush
  • Rub it gently over your teeth
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly with plain water
  • Repeat this routine daily within a week to get good results
22. Cinnamon

This is a superfood with powerful antibacterial properties, helping to disinfect as well as cleanse your mouth [15] [16]. Simply chew a stick of cinnamon, stir it in the tea to reap its benefits. They are all delicious, making cinnamon one of great homemade tips on how to get rid of onion breath.

Or, you can follow this recipe:

  • Mix ½ tablespoon of cinnamon powder with 1-2 tablespoons of honey
  • In a container, pour the juice of 2 fresh lemons into, follow by the mixture of cinnamon powder and honey
  • Shake well and use 1-2 tablespoons of this mixture to rinse your own mouth after brushing teeth
  • Rinse your mouth off with normal water
  • Store the left cinnamon mouthwash in an airtight container for the next uses
  • Repeat this routine daily for a week

Lemon can balance the pH level in your mouth thanks to bactericidal effect. Thus, it is high recommended using this recipe for onion breath relief.

How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath – Some Attention

In addition to applying these tips on how to get rid of onion breath, to assist in the prevention or removal of onion breath, it is important to note the following:

  • Please check your teeth regularly to maintain oral health. This is a prerequisite to keep your breath fresh. Dentists and dental health professionals will clean your teeth, gums and mouth. The dentist will diagnose in time if your breath is unpleasant because it is caused by a serious problem rather than just food or poor oral hygiene habits.
  • Drink a lot of water. Dry mouth is one of the causes of onion breath and bad odor. Water is a liquid that can removes excess food – a favorite of harmful bacteria. Water also stimulates saliva production, cleanses the mouth and removes unpleasant odorants in the food.
  • Do not rinse your mouth with coffee, sodas or alcohol, as they not only do not prevent unpleasant odors but in some cases, they also cause the onion breath to become worse.
  • Eat more fiber foods. Fresh foods rich in fiber can overwhelm or reduce the smell of onion. Therefore, after eating onions or foods containing onions, eat plenty of fiber-rich foods.

The above-mentioned tips on how to get rid of onion breath naturally without gum are claimed to be able to reduce the symptoms of heavy or prolonged periods. Choose some of them and alternate them in your treating to see how effective they are. If you have any contributing ideas about our article of “Top 22 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath Fast Naturally At Home” introduced in How To Category, do not hesitate to drop your words below this post. We will answer as soon as we could.

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