27 Home Remedies For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

updated: 06/18/2019

Carpal tunnel syndrome is described by James Paget in the Mid-18th Century. It is the most common peripheral neuropathy. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), describe carpal tunnel syndrome as the “most popular and widely known of the entrapment neuropathies in which the human body's peripheral nerves are compressed or traumatized”. Approximately 3% of adults in the United States experience this syndrome. Also in the United States, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most work-related injuries, with over 2 million doctor visits annually.

Most patients complain that their fingers are aching, numbness appears after a wrist injury or rheumatic pain. This syndrome can occur in the middle or late pregnancy of many pregnant women. Many local and systemic agents are involved in the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. These agents can cause extrinsic nerve compression, such as trauma, or from the inside, such as active synovitis secondary to systemic diseases such as rheumatism.

I know that the reason you are reading this article of 15 Natural Home Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain is to learn how to treat this problem at home, but before that, you must understand some basic information about this disease so you can deal with it the right way.

What Is Carpal Tunnel?

The carpal tunnel is made up of wrist and horizontal ligament on the wrist.

Eight carpal tunnel bones are Boat, X.Little, X. tower, X. beans, X. Thang, X. So, X. Well, X. These carpal tunnel bones are arranged in two rows, each row has four bones. These bones are attached to a bone buried by the forearm bone.

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The nerves and tendons of the hand go through the carpal tunnel [1] [2].

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve is pinched by nerve damage or ligaments or both. The median nerve runs from your forearm, through the carpal tunnel and into your hand. The median nerves provide sensation to the palms of your hands and fingers except the little finger.

When the median nerve is pinched or stimulated in the narrow area of the carpal tunnel, you may get carpal tunnel syndrome. Breaking your wrist causes the wrist of the wrist to be narrowed. This causes the median nerve to become irritated, leading to carpal tunnel syndrome, and can cause swelling and rheumatoid arthritis. The minor patient feels numb as if he had a needle in his hand. Worse, it is very painful at the hands. Sometimes they feel their arms are burning. Their arms are hurt and ached. Their hands are weak and numb.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most work-related injuries and it is one of the manifestations of office sickness. This disease is common in people who regularly use the muscles and tendons of the fingers, hands, arms, shoulders. This syndrome has painful disorders in the wrists and hands, although not fatal but affects the quality of life, especially for the right hand.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common type of repetitive stress injury. Continuous, repetitive wrist motion may irritate the ligaments and tendons encased in the tunnel, causing these structures to swell, squeezing the median nerve. Tingling and numbness in the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and half of the ring finger ensues. The individual’s hand will feel as if it has “gone to sleep.” The pain and discomfort of CTS is so severe that it often wakes people in the night. It can even eventually make it hard to grasp small objects. Without treatment, CTS may eventually manifest as permanent weakness, loss of sensation, or even thumb and finger paralysis.

What Are Common Causes Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure on the median nerve.

There are almost no single causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome appears to be due to a combination of a number of factors, even the worsening of this carpal tunnel syndrome.

When compression forces are prolonged, tendons and ligaments may swell. This narrows the small tubing at the wrist. Due to a perpendicular peripheral nerve that has been compressed, the carpal tunnel syndrome appears.These compressive forces may be due to repetitive movements, wrong postures, or work, and the hands are constantly in a fixed position for a long time.

In addition, some pathologies (arthritis, diabetes, gout, axillary fractures, etc.) and factors such as stress, hormonal changes in women can increase the risk of this syndrome. Then, the medial nerve in the palm of your hand goes through the tunnel of your wrist, lying in the direction of the nine tendons of your fingers. These tendons are in viscous sacs, called synovial capsules. The tendon is inflamed and swollen up the central nerve root. The median nerve is severely pinched by tendons such as swollen ropes that cause disease.

Any of the above can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Even simple homemade activities like hand-drying clothes several times can lead to this syndrome. So far, the most significant cause of the increase in the number of people with carpal tunnel syndrome is the use of computers. It is becoming a top concern in the developed world, where people of all ages spend a lot of time typing on the keyboard and clicking.

What Are Symptoms Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome could include the following:

  • One or more fingers are hot, numb, paresis or pain.
  • Feeling confused, sometimes accompanied by frequent dropped objects.
  • Painful (in place of nerve passing).
  • Feeling the hands are blistered or hard to move.
  • Temperature changes (such as frequent cold / hot hands).
  • Frequent sweating in the hands, sensitive to temperature changes (especially cold) and skin pigmentation change on the affected hand (these symptoms are due to compression of the optic nerve).

Initial symptoms usually appear in one or both hands at night. It’s time the wrist in a relaxed state. Patients may also have a variety of symptoms during their daily activities. People with carpal tunnel syndrome may feel the need to “shake” their hands or wrist. As the illness gets worse, the person may feel numbness throughout the day.

Who Is At Risk Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Some occupational groups and jobs that are at high risk for carpal tunnel syndrome include those who work on the job that often involve grasping or folding their wrists, computer users, people who usually contact with vibrating machinery.

The disease is more common in people over the age of 35. The proportion of women who suffer from the disease is three times more likely than men to develop menopause, especially menopause, pregnancy, and oral contraceptives.

Similarly, gaining weight too quickly during pregnancy also increases the development of this syndrome. This can happen when carrying multiple pregnancies.

People with this disease can be the cause of carpal tunnel injuries such as fractures or chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, kidney failure, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, etc.

When To See A Doctor?

Consult your doctor if you still have persistent symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome which interfere with your daily activities as well as sleep patterns. If symptoms and pain diminish but then recur after weeks or months then you should seek medical help. If after you apply the measures below but do not see any effect or effect in a short time then you should go to the hospital again.

You should also seek medical attention if you experience numbness or tenderness in this area, irrespective of very little exercise, or the muscles in that area are becoming ever weaker.

Find treatment immediately if the symptoms get worse or the area feels cold, becomes pale or green.

Your doctor will ask you questions about your health. This may be questions about arthritis, thyroid disease, etc. He will ask you if you have strong activity recently, use wrists with high frequency, or have a wrist injury. He may also ask you if you have frequent wrist injuries in the evening, to the point where you cannot sleep. Your doctor will want to know about your daily routine to see if your wrist condition is causing you wrist pain as well as the cause for your wrist pain.

During the exam, the doctor will examine the sensation, strength, and appearance of your neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. He may recommend tests, such as blood tests or neurological exams.

There, you have discovered some information about carpal tunnel syndrome. To overcome this condition many people have come to see a doctor. This takes a lot of money and time.You can prevent this syndrome or overcome it if your condition is not so bad. Meanwhile with the home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome, you can do it by yourself.

If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, it is time for you to find out what the best home remedies for it are. Take a look at TrueRemedies.com!

Top 15 Home Remedies For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

1. Rest

The first and also the simplest home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome is taking a rest. Whether you’re typing, playing guitar, or using a hand drill, try setting a timer beforehand for 15 minutes. When it goes off, stop what you’re doing and wiggle your fingers. Stretch your hands and move your wrists to improve blood flow to these areas.As your condition improves, you can start over everyday activities gradually. Orthopedic surgeon Shari Liberman, MD says, “Changes at the office that might help relieve symptoms include switching to an ergonomic keyboard or mouse, changing the position of keyboard and mouse to allow the wrists to be a neutral position, or using a padded rest for the wrist. At home, patients could take breaks from repetitive tasks to stretch and move their hands and wrists” [3].

2. Exercises

home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome exercises to strengthen the wrist will help to prevent future injuries. After periods of immobilization, the muscles may have weakened considerably, leaving you prone to future injuries [4] [5].

Strong wrist muscles will also help to ensure that you can support your wrist properly during daily activities, such as typing or using machinery, which can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome's reoccurrence.

If you do not have much time, do at least one of the exercises below regularly. Of course, the combined exercise of these exercises will certainly be much better.

Method 1: The Spider

In regard to home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome through practicing exercises, the highly recommended option is the spider.

The way to do is very simple:

  • In the prepared position, you touch your hands together like you are praying.
  • Then pull your hands apart, but you still have to hold your fingers together like spider legs
  • Return to the original movement

You can repeat this action multiple times. It is good for carpal tunnel syndrome because it helps to nourish adipose tissue and nerves when you get carpal tunnel syndrome.

Method 2: The Shake

The next exercise of home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome is “The shake. This method is very simple. It is done just like washing your hands and wring your wrists to help your hands dry quickly. This method is very simple right? If you have to work too much without much time to practice, this method is the best choice for you. It does not waste your time. Handwashing is something you often do, so you just need to add this wristwatch, your carpal tunnel treatment can be improved.

Method 3: Stretch Armstrong

This exercise is the deepest stretch of the set.

To do this exercise is very easy:

  • Keep your right arm straight in front, wrist open, palms down.
  • Use the left hand to pull your right hand as far away from your body as possible, helping the muscles expand, while gently shaking the right fingers.
  • You do this movement for about 20 seconds, then move hands and perform the same

If you do not have much time, try to do this every hour. It is best to work from two to three hours per hour. After a long time implementing this method, you will see your wrists more flexible, and your carpal tunnel is also significantly improved. Keep in mind that daily activities, especially stretching like the above, are very good activities, not only for the muscles and joints, but also for the heart.

Method 4: Wrist Bend

This is one of the simplest exercise ofhome remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome.

The way to do is very simple:

  • Place your elbows on the table with your hands up
  • Bend your wrist forward in a right angle. You notice it should be done lightly.
  • Put your wrist straight
  • Bend your back wrist gently

You should repeat this action a few times to get the best result.

Method 5: Wrist Lift

Another simplest exercise ofhome remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome is it.

The way to do is very simple:

  • Put a hand on the table, palm face.
  • Bend the fingers up
  • Place the other hand through the hinge at 90º and push downward, while lifting the lower hand.

You should repeat this method a few times to get the best result.

Method 6. Wrist Flex

The way to do is very simple:

  • Place one hand straight ahead with your palm down while flexing your wrists down. You need to be aware that the movements have to be done gently.
  • Use your left hand to press your hand outward towards the body and hold it for a moment
  • Let your wrists be straight
  • Bend your right hand stretch back lightly and use your left hand to pull your fingers back.

You should repeat this method a few times to get the best result.

Method 7:  Finger Bend

The way to do is very simple:

  • To straighten your fingers
  • Bend the joints between your fingers downward over the upper palm and hold for a while. You need to be aware that the movements have to be done gently.

You should repeat this method a few times to get the best result.

Method 8: Wrist Stretch With Weight

Another exercise of home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome is wrist stretch with weight.

Follow these steps:

  • Keep a lightweight object in hand,
  • Pull your hand forward, palms face down
  • Bend your wrist in the direction of entering your person. It should be done slowly to avoid injury to the wrist.
  • Back to the original movement.

You should do this a few times to get the best effect. Once you get used to this exercise, you can gradually increase the weight of things you use to practice. Note that while increasing the weight of things but still need to ensure that they are not too heavy because it can cause your wrist hurt.

Method 9: Hand Squeeze

This is the simplest exercise ofhome remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome.

You just need to do like this:

  • You can squeeze a rubber ball or soft object, and then hold for a few seconds
  • Then let your hands rest comfortably
  • Continuing to do again

You should do this a few times to get the best effect.Note that the object should fit into your hand, avoiding objects that are too large or too heavy.

Method 10: Warm-Up Stretches


  • Rotate your wrist up, down, and from side to side. Repeat 4 times.
  • Stretch your fingers far apart, relax them, then stretch them again. Repeat 4 times.
  • Stretch your thumb by pulling it back gently, holding it, and then releasing it. Repeat 4 times.

Method 11: Prayer Stretch

Follow these steps:

  • Start with your palms together in front of your chest just below your chin.
  • Slowly lower your hands toward your waistline, keeping your hands close to your stomach and your palms together, until you feel a mild to moderate stretch under your forearms.
  • Hold for at least 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat 2 to 4 times.

Method 12: Wrist Flexor Stretch


  • Gently bend the wrist the so the fingers point upwards.
  • Start again with the elbow bent and apply some pressure with the other hand to feel a stretch on the underneath or inside of the arm.
  • Progress this exercise gradually over time to perform it with the arm straight.
  • Hold for 10-20 seconds and repeat twice

Method 13: Wrist Extensor Stretch

It is another effective exercise ofhome remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • Keep your right hand straight in front, palm down
  • Use your left hand to pull your right hand toward your body by using your left hand to hold the fingers of your right hand and pull.
  • Hold this position for 15 to 20 seconds, then return to its original position.
  • Continue to change hands and do the same.

You can also use a wall to create pressure if your left hand cannot do this.

Make this action often to get the best result.

3. An Ointment Containing Arnica

Ointment containing arnica has a very good anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, Ointment containing arnica is also known for its analgesic effects.

The way to do is very easy. All you need to do are: apply ointment containing arnica to your wrist. Then gently massage your wrist until you feel the soft wrist. You can implement this method twice a day for best results. It is best to do this method every morning after waking up and at night before bed. Do this until your wrist is no longer painful [6].

4. Pineapple

home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome

Pineapple fruit contains a proteolytic (protein-dissolving) enzyme, bromelain, which is often recommended for carpal tunnel syndrome. As a supplement, bromelain is usually derived from the stem of the plant, and is a mixture of several proteases that enhance muscle relaxation, inhibit blood platelet aggregation, so it can relieve pain from inflammation in your wrist, and it can also help heal wounds on your wrists.

Along with reducing the pain, it may help you heal faster. The only thing you need to do is eating pineapple regularly to add more bromelain to reduce the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome.

You can also take advantage of bromelain extract in the form of supplements. Naturopathic physicians suggest taking 250 to 1,500 mg of pure bromelain daily, between meals, to treat inflammatory conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome

5. Turmeric Root (Curcuma Longa)

Turmeric is a mainstay in Ayurvedic herbal medicine, where it is widely used to benefit the musculoskeletal system. Curcumin, the pigment that gives this herb its characteristic yellow color, is an anti-inflammatory agent comparable to cortisone and phenylbutazone, the standard anti-inflammatory drugs. Curcumin is nonsteroidal, so it has none of the unwanted side effects of steroid anti-inflammatories.

6. Ginger

Among home remedies for home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome, using ginger is one of the most effective ways. Ginger (Zingiberofficinale) works well, too. Slice the fresh roots lengthwise in thin, flat strips. Wrap the wrist with the strips, cover with a bandage, and leave overnight [7].

7. Curcumin

Curcumin also treats pain directly—it depletes substance P, the pain receptor neurotransmitter, in the nerve endings. Research shows that curcumin and related compounds suppress pain through a mechanism similar to several drugs (COX-1 and COX-2 inhibitors) that reduce the levels of an enzyme that causes joint inflammation. For acute wrist inflammation, the dose can be as high as 1 ounce (4 tablespoons) per day. Stir the powder into water and swallow, or make it into a paste with honey or a bite of oatmeal. Standardized extract is also available. The dose is 1,500 mg of total curcumin content per day.

8. Vitamin B6

Eating foods high in vitamin B6 can help to promote a healthy nervous system. Good sources are sunflower and sesame seeds, dark green vegetables (such as broccoli garlic), hazelnuts, lean meat (such as pork and lamb), avocados, oily and white fish, (such as salmon and cod)

You should check with your midwife or doctor before taking a vitamin B supplement, so you know how much to take [8].

9. Flaxseed Oil

home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome

According to data collected during recent research, the fatty acids this seed contains actively help reduce inflammation [9].

Just add a tablespoon of flaxseed oil to your dish every day. This will not only make the food taste better, but also good for your wrist. You should apply this measure every day to achieve the best effect. Flaxseed oil is extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids. That is why flaxseed oil can reduce inflammation. The best way is to add flaxseed oil to the food. This will help you to get better omega-3. If you like, you can add it to your squeezed orange juice or add it to your salad dressing.

10. Elemental Magnesium

The other way of home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome is to try elemental magnesium.

Magnesium is effective for nerve function, but also helps the muscles relax. The fact that you regularly eat magnesium-rich foods, such as rice, wheat, oats, squash, watermelon, almonds, cashew nuts, is great for carpal tunnel syndrome.

The most easily absorbed forms are magnesium glycinate, magnesium orotate, magnesium gluconate, and magnesium lactate. The only side effect may be that you will have loose bowel movements. However, you do not need to worry too much about this. To overcome this side effect, you only need to reduce the dose.

11. Cold Compress

Cold compress has the effect of increasing the excitability of the muscle fibers, causing vasoconstriction, reduced blood flow in the lesions leading to decreased edema and pain. Cold compress reduces muscle spasms to improve circulation

Apply ice for 15 minutes each time, making 3-4 times a day to relieve wrist pain. Then use a warming pad to cover the injury for 1 hour, 4 to 5 nights a week until the symptoms diminish.

You should note that squeezing the ice pack slightly over the injury area. Pressure will support cooling, but you must insert a soft cloth between the ice pack and the skin to prevent colds. Do not apply continuously for more than 15 minutes as it slows blood flow, affecting the healing process.

After a cold shower, use a hot water heater or heating pad to stimulate blood circulation, helping to speed up the healing process. Do not overheat for more than an hour because the pain in your wrist can deteriorate.

You can also take a hot bath or hot water on your injured wrist to relax your muscles here, increasing blood flow.

12. Hypericum Leaf

Another way of home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome is spending hypericum leaf. An infusion using St. John´s Wort: Boil 3 hypericum leaves, or St. John´s Wort, for 10 minutes in a cup of water. Drink it when cool. If you have a cup per day, you will notice that the pain lessens and the tingling that usually occurs in the wrist and hand gets better. St. John´s Wort also has a calming effect, and helps to break the viscous cycle of psychosomatic effect that pain can cause over time.

13. Wear Splints On Your Wrists

This is another must-try home treatment in this list of home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome. Despite wrist pain, you still need to work. There are times when you can not leave your injury at leisure for work, school or other obligations. Or perhaps when you go to bed, controlling your wrist is very difficult, you usually bend your wrist, which causes your wrist cuff syndrome to become more and more severe. If so, then you should wear wrist splints to fix the trauma, so you can do the basic work as usual.

If carpal tunnel syndrome causes the nerve to be inserted, you should wear wrist splints on your wrists or elbows, also called wristbands, to avoid unnecessary movement. The purpose of this is to keep the wrist pain from being fixed, preventing pressure on the nerves.

You can buy wrist splints at most pharmacies and remember to follow the directions. If you have any questions or concerns, you should seek medical advice.

14. Stay Warm

This remedy is one of little – known of home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s very simple.Keeping your hands warm can help with pain and stiffness. Consider wearing fingerless gloves or keeping hand warmers nearby.

15. Elevate Your Hands And Wrists Whenever Possible

This is the last way of 15 natural home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome. This home remedy is particularly effective if your carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pregnancy, fractures, or other issues with fluid retention.

The above-mentioned natural home remedies are claimed to be able to reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. For people who have carpal tunnel syndrome, early treatment is very necessary. Like any syndrome, overcoming or curingcarpal tunnel syndrome can be time consuming. These home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome require your persistence, but the results you get will surprise you. Choose some of them and alternate them in your treating to see how effective they are. If you have any contributing ideas about our article of “Top 27 Natural Home Remedies For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” introduced in Home Remedies Category, do not hesitate to drop your words below this post. We will answer as soon as we could.

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