Welcome to our FAQ!

Here you will find out everything you need to know about our site as well as finding out why our customers continue to choose us as their number one provider.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to the entire country territories.

How long does it take to receive my order?

When you buy from our site, your book will be delivered instantly. You won’t need to pay any postage costs or anything of the sort so you know you can trust in us to provide you with a hassle-free, stress-free shopping experience.

How Can You Sell Your Books For So Cheap?

This is a question that our customers ask us quite a lot. The main reason why we can sell books and guides so cheap is because we don’t really have any overheads. Think about it, when you buy from your local bookstore, you need to pay for the cost to get the book transported from the warehouse to the store, the publishing costs, editing costs, the paper and even the ink. Every aspect of the process adds up the total cost, but with our site, you don’t have to pay for any of that. The reason for this is because our books are downloadable so you only pay the cost of the book and not any of the additional expenses. On top of all of this, the books we have are constantly on a deal or discount so you know you can trust in us for just about anything you need.

Am I Getting What I Pay For?

A lot of customers worry that, because our books are so cheap, that there’s a catch. This is not the case at all and we promise you’ll get exactly what you pay for every single time you buy from us. We always make sure that our books and guides come with a cover image and some detailed information, so you’ll never need to worry about getting what you pay for or whether or not the book is even genuine. This is something we pride ourselves on as a company and we are always more than happy to talk with you about what we can do for you.

Where Can I Access My Books?

You should find your book in your email address or on our website under your account. If you are having any problems then we are here to help.

Do I Need The Internet?

Yes. You would need an internet connection to buy our books because it is all done over a digital connection but a lot of places offer free WiFi and you could even use your phone data to read your books on the go!

What’s an EBook?

An EBook is a digital book that is normally in a PDF format. In order to read this format, all you need is a free reader and this will probably be on your computer or your phone already. It is really that easy and you could get started in a couple of seconds.

Is There a Time Limit on How Long I Can Keep The Book For?

Not at all. When you buy the book from our site, it is yours to keep for as long as you want. You can read it as many times as you want as well. It’s just like a physical book but without all the added bulk.